Candy Crush MOD APK v1.150.0.2 – Download for Android (109.6 MB)


Candy Crush Saga is an excellent game which is based upon the genre three likely, where you have to match three sweets in a row to proceed further and further more in the game and clear off the levels. Each of the levels gets tough one after the other once you start proceeding in the game. The game is a major attraction amongst sweet lovers and not only this, the game too provides an immense adventure amongst the various different levels. At the beginning of the game, it might seem a bit boring and lazy but as the player progresses, he or she realizes that it does not get so easy. Do make sure that you enjoy its beautiful graphics and simple UI.

Candy Crush MOD APK

However, there are various Candy Crush Mod APK which are available for download kn case the player wants to finish off the game fast. You can easily Download candy crush MOD APK from the provided link in the description. You will have access to various unlimited resources and all of the level would be unlocked beforehand when you would obtain the candy crush cracked APK file.


Candy Crush MOD APK Download

The major growth of the gaming industry in the smartphone has been possible only because the limited resources are being removed day to day. Candy Crush MOD APK for Android is one of the same kinds of game which is provides to its users with all sorts of unlimited resources and stuff to help them progress in the game faster and more easily. Download Candy Crush MOD APK Latest Version easily from the provided link and you can play the game just as you wish since the Candy Crush cracked APK has got you covered. By downloading the cracked APK file, you would be agreeing to the terms and conditions of the game likewise. Candy crush saga is a free game to play, however, the extra lives and bonuses requires to purchased, but in this mod version that is not quite required since the availability of unlimited resources and lives are provided to the player beforehand.

File Info Table

App Name Candy Crush MOD APK v1.150.0.2
File Size 109.6 MB
Version Developer
Rating 5 stars
Last update 7th May 2019


  • Unlimited lives
  • Unlocked episodes
  • Owl never dies
  • 100+ moves
  • Win always
  • Score multiplier
  • Unlimited free switches
  • Unlimited lollipop booster
  • Unlimited coins and resources
  • Ability to move faster
  • Premium skins
  • No Ads Experience

Mods List:

Version 1:

  • Normal moves
  • Lives are unlimited
  • All episodes are unlocked
  • Unlimited resources and coins

Version 2:

  • Unlimited lives
  • All levels and episodes are unlocked
  • Bomb delay 80
  • 100+ moves
  • Unlimited resources and coins

Version 3:

  • 100+ moves
  • Bomb delay 80
  • Unlimited lives
  • Unlocked all episodes and levels
  • Owl never dies
  • Always win
  • Score multiplier
  • Unlimited resources and coins

Latest version (v

  • Unlimited resources and coins
  • Fast movement available.
  • Premium skins
  • No Ads experience
  • all levels unlocked
  • Unlimited lives
  • Score multiplier
  • Owl never dies

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