5 Best Manga Sites to read Manga online for free

Read all of your favorite Manga for free with these free manga sites. Here's a list of best free manga sites to read Manga online.

Manga Sites: Manga is one of our favorite means of entertainment. Manga is a form of comic or graphic novels originating from Japan and created by authors in the Japanese language, adapting to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century.
The term Manga in other parts of the world is known as the comic, based in Japan, but the word itself means ‘comic’ or cartoon in the Japanese language. But you should know the difference between an Anime and Manga. The main difference would be their category where the former is a show or movie and the latter is a comic book or graphic novel. But if you look at the translated meaning, Anime means animation while Manga means comic or cartoon. But if it is hard to remember the difference, you should consider their category as one is movie/show while the other is a book.

Now that we have learned about the difference between the let us get back to what we are for- Free Manga Sites to read Manga online.

You must know that Manga has influenced the comic in other countries as well. It has found new names in countries like Algeria where it is known as “DZ-manga,” Taiwan where it is termed as “manhua,” South Korea where it is called “manhwa.”

The love for Manga is not limited to Japan or Asia only, but it has reached all over the world, and the demand for them is evergrowing.

Best Manga Sites

Manga includes all sorts of the genre like mystery, action, murder, business and commerce, detective, horror, romance, thriller and more. The craze for Manga has led to the development of online sites where readers can buy online Manga books or read them with the help of these sites. The sites mentioned below gives you the options to read Manga Books for free. Check them out to put these sites in your list for reading Manga Books on the go.


Book Walker Best Manga Sites to read Manga online for free

BOOK☆WALKER, a Japanese company, established by the publisher Kadokawa for the Japanese market in 2010 and the global version of the service provides Manga and light novels. This Manga site updates free titles every month, proffering readers a fresh set of books for every day. Also, this site partners with Japanese publishers to offer exclusive titles. Therefore, you should give a check on this site immediately. Check out its features below


The features of the BOOK☆WALKER includes

  • Free books/titles added every month
  • This site partners with Japanese publishers to offer exclusive titles
  • Get bonus content with your purchases
  • Earn coin with your purchases

Official Website: global.bookwalker

Manga Club

Manga Club Best Manga Sites to read Manga online for free
Manga Club

Manga Club also holds a huge library of Manga and is updated daily. The site provides the Manga for free, although you can purchase them as well. The best part is that these books are officially licensed and you don’t have to worry about copyright infringement. The good part about the Manga Club is that it allows readers to read up to 300 chapters for free without having to register. Manga Club is legal and that’s one of the best parts of this site. Read its features below


  • Get bonus content with your purchases
  • Read at least 300 Chapters in MANGA.CLUB for free
  • You can read a newly released book up to seven days of its release if you want to read up to 1500 Chapters, you will need a blue Ticket which can be obtained for free by with a membership

Official Website:


Zingbox Manga Best Manga Sites to read Manga online for free
Zingbox Manga

ZingBox, a free manga reader app for android where you can read manga in a clean and user-friendly interface without any annoying banner ads. While reading, you can enjoy any mode as it supports paper-rolling, page-turning, landscape and portrait mode. You can either read it online or download your favorite Manga.


  • With this app, you can find new manga with the option Discovery which recommends manga based on your reading preferences.
  • The Search option with category filters to find any manga
  • Backup as well as restore ZingBox Manga data across several Android with the help of your social media accounts.
  • Save or download manga in SD card
  • Auto-download new parts of the manga

Official Website:


Managapanda Best Manga Sites to read Manga online for free

The site, MangaPanda is also a free website for reading Manga. The interface is simple and you don’t have to do a lot of hard work searching for your favorite Manga. The advanced search option also lets you search for any book readily. This is one great option to choose from the list of Manga Sites to read Manga online for free.


  • Free titles/books added everyday
  • Manga which is translated to English
  • Advanced search options

Official Website:



NOWDO is a great option for free Manga Sites to read Manga online. Here, you can translate the books to English while the site has other languages as well. The best part of this site is that you can also publish your comic as well if you are interested. The site is userfriendly and has categories separated to search for your favorite easily. Look at its features below:


  • You can read the synopsis before adding the book in your reading list
  • While you hover over a book, you can see the number of languages the book is available in
  • As you read other’s book, you can add yours as well if you want to.

Official Website:

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