Adobe PhotoShop Alternatives 2019 – 10 Best Photo Editing Tools

Adobe Photoshop has become synonymous with photo editing, whether you are an amateur enthusiast looking to impress your friends and family or a professional photographer editing his next photoshoot, odds are you have used Adobe Photoshop. It is probably the best photo editing software out there. But it has its drawbacks as well- For a powerful photo editing software it is rather clunky, it takes too long to load. It is also a drag on your systems resources. It is also not free. It’s pricing arrangements border on predatory. Also you need credit cards or a paypal account to avail their services from certain countries. Here are the top Adobe Photoshop alternatives that include both free and premium photo editing tools.

One would think that Adobe given its clout would try to address these problems. Not every budding photographer in developing countries is going to have a credit card much less a pay pal account. Surely a company looking to break into new markets will take all these considerations into account. But no Adobe marches on, treating its customers as expendable. Whether there is a reckoning for Adobe in the future remains to be seen but we have for you some alternatives to Adobe Photoshop that are nimble, easy and reasonably priced if not completely free.

Best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

Here are the best Adobe Photoshop alternatives:



A viable alternative to Adobe photoshop. It lets you customize your interface. You can change widget colors, alter widget spacing’s, tinker with icon sizes etc. This way you develop a comfort level with your tool kit. Gimp also lets you preview your work in full screen. Gimp also lets you enhance your photos. Its corrective mode lets you mend perspective distortions. You can also get rid of barrel distortion and vignetting. You can also touch up your photos with its digital retouching feature.



A really great pick for the Adobe photoshop alternatives. It is an open sourced vector graphics editor. Inkspace claims to take your design ideas from their conception to a fully finished product. It employs vector design which is the preferred method for logos, illustrations, and art owing to its scalability. In inkspace you will find valuable tutorials that will guide you through the designing process.



We really like this Adobe photoshop alternative. Krita aims to be affordable for all artists. It is also open sourced. Its’s interface is minimalistic and actively strives to get out of your way. You can also customize it to your liking. Cursed with a shaky hand? Don’t worry Krita has 3 different ways to smooth and stabilize your brush strokes. You can even customize your brushes to performs specific tasks such as color smudge, shape engine and particle engine. You can also import brushes and textures from fellow artists.

Xara Xtreme

xara xtreme

A great Adobe photoshop alternative. Another great graphics tool for Linux programs with a minimalist interface and a bevy of useful tools. It is simple to use and create wide-ranging sets of graphics. It also has plenty of materials, tutorials, tips to help a budding designer.

Choco Flop

choco flop

This Adobe photoshop alternative needs no introduction. An image editing software for MAC users. It uses Apples Core Image technology to edit photos and perform designing operations. You can rotate and scale your layers without compromising picture quality. You have access to dozens of filters; play with layers with industry standard blending modes. You also have retouching tools at your disposal. You can save your work in dozens of formats.



A solid Adobe photoshop alternative. Another handy image editing software for MAC users. Here you get to organize your layers by assigning specific colors to them.  You can filter and search for layers that you want. It also has machine learning that automatically assigns names to your layers. You can create your own crop ratios. You can also divide designs into individual images.



Have you tried this Adobe photoshop alternative yet. An online photo editor where you can fix poor lighting, digital noises, fuzziness quickly. While its photo editing tools are simple to use, they are also known to pack a punch. You can also switch seamlessly between its mobile app and web platform.

Canva Photo Editor

canava photo editor

It’s a great pick for an Adobe photoshop Alternatives. A photo editor that supports multiple languages is easy to use. You can filter your images, adjust your brightness, crop, resize and rotate images. With Canva less is always more.



It’s a strong Adobe photoshop alternatives. A photo editor and a graphic designer all in one. It has all the basic photo editing features and its filter tools are nothing to scoff at. With its graphic design features, you can create twitter covers, youtube channel art, youtube thumbnails, facebook covers, Pinterest posts, logo maker, book cover, business card, menu maker, event programs, and ticket programs. How is that for a versatile graphic designer?



You won’t find a better Adobe photoshop alternatives. Its features include numerous effects and filters, layers and mask images. You have access to over 3000 graphics, 200 fonts, hundreds of textures and more than 2400 customizable templates. You can also touch up images by removing wrinkles, covering up blemishes etc.

So here are all the best Adobe Photoshop Alternatives. We would recommend Krita since it aims to create an equal space for all artists, plus its features are pretty sweet.

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