Adsense Alternatives 2020 – Best Platforms to make Money via Advertising

Google makes most of its money through advertisements. Surprised? Whats more Google and Facebook control over 60% of online advertising market in the United States. That’s 60% of a 130 billion dollar industry that is still ripe for growth. Us is till the world’s biggest advertising market, followed by China. So what makes Google such a hit with advertisers? Well the answer is simple; it is people like you and me and millions like us that make Google the industry titan it is. The logic of advertising is simple, the more time people spend on a particular platform, and the more advertisers are willing to shell out to advertise on said platform. After all you want your ads reaching the maximum number of people.

Adsense is a big part of Google’s ad strategy. It delivers ads to Google websites, the web publishers are then paid based on clicks per ad or ad impressions. Clicks per ad is self explanatory every time a user clicks on said ad, Google pays the publisher a certain amount of money where as in ad impressions you get paid every time the ad is viewed. This is the bread and butter of most content creators such as bloggers, publishers etc. But Google isn’t the only platform out there, there are viable alternatives to Adsense.

Best Adsense alternatives

Here are the best Adsense alternatives

Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

Amazon is fighting Google tooth and nail for those ad dollars. Every time a customer is redirected to Amazon through your website and ends up making a purchase, you get a tiny commission; the commission depends upon the size of the sale. Even if they end up buying something different from what they came looking for initially won’t hold up your commission. Watch out for this Adsense alternative.


An international network that doesn’t turn away any clients. It is 100% free. All you have to do is sign up, you will then get a JavaScript code that you have to paste on your website, and you are done. That’s it. It’s that simple. yLLix will do the rest. The ads posted may be banner ads, pop-ups, redirect ad tags etc. A great Adsense alternative.


With a network of over 350000 publishers all ready to vouch for them and 4 billion strategically targeted ads per month, Chitika is a no brainer for those looking to switch from Adsense. You must try this Adsense alternative atleast once.

Pop Cash

It refers to itself as the pop-under network. It makes no bones about the fact that pop-ups though extremely annoying to the average internet user boast high conversion rates. Advertisements are triggered when the user clicks anywhere on a website. Not all traffic will be directed to your website, however. Your traffic rate depends on a number of factors such as traffic quality, end-user location, and advertiser demand. Pop cash is compatible with most major payment gateways such as PayPal. Another awesome Adsense alternative.


It boasts smart ads that target user intent. It does this by analyzing your website’s content and delivering relevant ads. Far from distracting users infolinks ads claim to boost engagement. It’s ads come in video and audio format so that ensuring the presence of a wide variety of ads. This will make sure that every customer will see at least one or more ad that appeals to him. A viable Adsense alternative.


It is a digital advertising company that provides that provides ads on a performance basis. Its fraud detection ensures that no unsavory ads find their way into your website. Choose your profit plan to maximize your profitability through conversions. You also get access to statistics so that you can map your performance in real time. An excellent Adsense alternative.


Its revenue stream is highly lucrative, it pays you 30 to 40 percent more than its competitors. It is always tweaking its ad offerings to keep with the customers evolving tastes. It also lets you make money through ad recommendations. We are impressed with this Adsense alternative.


It aims to find the right audience for every brand or product no matter how nascent. It believes that technology should play a dominant role in assigning ads to the customer so that marketing executive can focus on their more creative outlets. It also provides detailed reports on customer engagement and ad conversions. An Adsense alternative for the little guy.

It mainly serves the Yahoo Bing network. With its contextual ad network, customers are hit with relevant ads that drive up consumer engagement. It’s native ads offer ads tailored to blend into your web page. No advertiser in his right mind will ignore this Adsense alternative.

So there’s our list of best Adsense alternatives. Well have you decide to switch to a different ad provider? If you have then we would recommend as its ad market is sizable and its products are second to none.


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