Android Alternatives 2019 – Best Operating Systems for Mobiles


Android is maybe the most prominent operating systems after Windows accessible for processing systems. Actually, both Android and iOS comprises the operating systems of over 95% of cell phones. The present versatile market is generally shared by the Android operating system. Be that as it may, there are numerous weaknesses particularly with respect to the security because of which numerous clients maintain a strategic distance from Android.

Best Android Alternatives

Here are the best Android alternatives



iOS is the best alternative to Android. For those who don’t care for an Android phone, the best alternative for them is the Apple iPhone. The majority of the applications which are released internationally are made compatible with either Android or iOS clients. Apple discharges new forms of iOS consistently and with every single discharge, the organization presents some new highlights. The iOS operating system is exclusive to Apple and it is found exclusively in Apple gadgets like iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. A great Android alternative.

As indicated by reports, there are more than 400 million gadgets active which have the iOS installed. iOS offers one of a kind features which are not found in some other portable operating systems. With the introduction of iOS7, Apple has given an improved multitasking feature empowering all the applications to perform background updates. The iOS operating system is viewed as the most costly OS in the cell phone market.

Windows Phone

windows phone

Windows is without a doubt the market chief in giving operating systems to Desktop and workstations. Microsoft structured the Windows operating system is the third most famous OS for the smartphones and furthermore to contend with Google’s portable OS however it stayed as a flop ‘best Android alternative’. Windows Operating phones have all the improved features as accessible in Android and iOS with clients getting Microsoft worked office suite and web traveler preinstalled in the phones.

This aids in synchronizing with the work area information. Aside from advancing the MS Office suite and 1E, Windows likewise gives broad help for its items like the Bing internet searcher, Bing Maps and Skype. Windows Phone is likewise popular for its multitasking tasks. An awesome Android alternative.

FireFox OS

Firefox OS

Firefox OS is HTML5 portable operating system which is for the most part like Google program based work area. Mozilla assembled FireFox operating system on HTML 5 and subsequently, the applications in the operating system are accessible as Web applications which barely possesses any space in the phone’s equipment. This is maybe the reason, the organization asserts that the operating system is most appropriate for little phones which has execution issues.

Update: Firefox OS advancement has ceased and it’s the end for them. This one is no longer an Android alternative.

Tizen OS

Tizen OS

Tizen can be a decent alternative to Android in business sectors where Google administrations are to a great extent blocked like China. Tizen has a comparative interface than that of Google’s Android stage; notwithstanding, Tizen has been intended to help non-Google administrations. The notoriety of this OS in China has made smartphone makers overhaul their items to join Tizen OS. The choice to put resources into Tizen has been taken after Samsung looked for readiness to diminish its reliance on Android. A terrific Android alternative.

Jolla Sailfish OS

Jolla Sailfish OS

Jolla Sailfish resembles the resurrection of MeeGo which was a Linux based operating system created by a gathering of ex Nokia workers. It is a result of Finland is still in the advancement arrange. This operating system should give a spotless interface and underline signals for leading multitasking. The operating system can be convenient for individuals who are searching for alternatives for Android and iOS. A great pick for an Android alternative.

So here is our list of Android alternatives. iOS is the only viable choice there is, but the cost of iPhones might be a deterrent for some.

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