11 Best Streaming Apps for Android 2019


Streaming Apps for Android: With the development of internet services, the typical storing of media on external devices has become lesser. Therefore Streaming has become profound globally. People these days prefer watching media online instead of downloading them on their devices. Therefore, there are a lot of streaming apps available in the market.

Android is the best platform to watch movies for free as there are a lot of free movie android streaming apps available for the platform and doesn’t restrict as iOS does. There are different streaming apps available for Android and if you have been looking for them, well you have come to the right place. Below you will find a list of best streaming apps for Android in 2019.

Best Streaming Apps for Android 2019

Movies and TV shows are the biggest part of our entertainment. Whether it’s binge-watching a TV series or back to back movies, both have a great role to play. Therefore, here is a list of free android streaming apps in 2019 that you can install for watching movies, TV shows, Anime or music videos.

There are different varieties of streaming apps like Live TV streaming apps for Android or TV Show Apps for Android while some might also be for music, short videos, and more. Check out the list below for free android streaming apps.

Terrarium TV

terrarium TV

Terrarium TV APK is a free movie streaming app, that provides a large number of movies and TV shows. All the content found here is for free. It includes movies from old-age to the latest one. It lets you take the movies offline. In short, you can download them on your device and watch them whenever you want to.

Popcorn Time

popcorn time

Popcorn Time APK is a media streaming app to watch movies and TV series for free, unlike other movie streaming services. It has a huge library of movies and TV series. It uses the BitTorrent Protocol and therefore all the movies found here are for free.

Tubi TV

tubi TV Streaming Apps for Android

Tubi TV for Android is a streaming app that provides thousands of blockbuster movies and TV series for free. Tubi TV APK is 100% legal with unlimited streaming. It requires no credit cards or subscription. You can choose what you want to watch, and whenever you want to watch it, with lesser ads than regular TV.

Live NetTV

live nettv

Live NetTV for Android is a streaming app that provides 800+ channels in more than five categories. The categories include Sports, Entertainment, News, Movies, Documentary, Cooking, Music, Kids and Religious. All the content found here is for free like all the other apps mentioned above. This app is one of the best apps for Live TV streaming on Android.


tea tv Streaming Apps for Android

TeaTV is just like other free movie streaming apps. TeaTV APK is a media streaming app to watch movies and TV series for free. There are hundreds of apps available in the market, but TeaTV outshines most of them. Because it not only just let users stream the movies, but also let them take movies or TV shows offline and download them to watch them later on their devices. TeaTV Apk for Android is one great option as a movie streaming on your device.


snap tube Streaming Apps for Android

Snaptube is a downloader that lets you download videos fromYouTube for free. But also, you can stream videos or movies as well. If you like a video while watching and want to store it on your device, then you can simply download the videos on your device. Now it is up to you how many times you would want to watch the videos or store it or share it with your friends. You should note that the downloaded videos should be used only for personal use. The app is quite simple to use. You can simply browse for the artist or name of the video and your video will appear along with other related videos. As mentioned already, you can download them on your device.



Vidmate is another video downloader but is not limited to YouTube. It lets you download videos from most of the popular websites. Also, if you want to download videos from other sites, you can easily download them and watch them on your device for free and without the internet. Also, you can watch them directly from the app and if you liked a video, you can download them and store them on your device.



On this list of free movie streaming apps, Tubemate is also included as it not only serves as a video downloader but also lets you watch videos in the app. You can stream any video from the app or download them on your device and watch them when the internet connection is not available. This saves you a lot of space and money as it is a free android streaming app.



Showbox is one of the most popular movie-streaming apps for Android. It has a wide variety of movies, from old to the latest, all sorts of movies are available here. Also, to add to its features, it also has a lot of TV series from different regions to offer. Therefore, it is one of the best streaming apps on Android that you should download.



Viewster is a streaming app for Android which gives you access to hundreds of movies and TV shows, movies, documentaries, Anime and more. All the movies found here are for free and are 100% legal. Therefore, you can download the app without worry about copyright infringement. You will get all sorts of genres here. Anime, Sci-fi- Horror, Thriller, movies for Kids, and more. This app brings something for everyone from movies to TV Shows.



This app is for Anime lovers. This app hosts thousands of Anime movies and series. But the subs here are found in Spanish which may not be suitable for other viewers not speaking that language. The app has sorted all the genre in different categories, therefore, making easy for the users to search, explore the favorite Anime.

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