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Billdogg alternative: Billdogg is the free invoice generating service for the entrepreneur on the go. You can create an invoice and immediately send them out for payments. Your customers or clients have the option to pay via its partner payment service, Stripe. It keeps tracks of your payments and notifies you when you get paid. Oh, and it is completely free in case you were wondering.

The payment services can help you with the transfer of money and you should keep these apps like Google Pay, Paypal, Paytm and more so it comes as a handy tool for you. You can download the Google Pay App for money transfer from the link.

Generating invoice is a convenient way to keep track of your business doesn’t matter which field it is. This helps you to get payments as well as send payments, receive notifications and get reminders of all the payments that you should receive.

But some people might be put off by its minimalist features and might desire more out of its invoice service. For those people, we have compiled a list of the best alternatives to bulldog out there for generating invoices.

Best BillDogg Alternative

BillDogg is one of the great invoice generators around the web. It is free to use and creates invoices in a few seconds. Billdogg tracks your late payments and informs you when you get paid, an excellent way to get reminded of your payments on the go. The best thing is to get paid quickly by accepting card payments easily via Stripe. But if you think you need more variance of payment service like Google Pay, PayPal, etc., then you can look at these alternatives to BillDogg.


bookipi billdogg alternative

A great billdogg alternative. You can use its invoice template generator to customize your invoices. Also, you can create an estimate or invoice in no time straight from your phone. You don’t have to follow up or keep track of the payment. The app notifies you when your client opens the invoice. Once paid you can generate a receipt with a simple tap. You can easily get a clients signature on the invoice or estimate. You have the option to sign on your device or let the client sign it via their email. Bookipi supports PayPal and Stripe payments so you can get paid right from the app. Add in the payment details in settings and your customers can pay you right from the invoice email. Bookipi is the first Invoice Generator app that allowed imposing a surcharge in-app for customers.


  • An award-winning free invoice generator for small businesses and freelancers
  • Supported on all mobile and desktop operating systems
  • Available in twelve languages

Official Website: bookipi.com


manta  billdogg alternative

Another awesome billdogg alternative. It doubles as a small business marketing, pricing and listing service. You can register your business for free and get some free advertising. It is a flexible invoicing desktop app that allows you to quickly make invoices without the need of using design software like Photoshop, InDesign or Sketch. It’s aimed at people who need to generate invoices from time to time such as freelance designers, developers, photographers or writers.


  • Turn on/off the field and save as default setting
  • Custom statuses for invoices
  • Drag and drop for reordering items
  • Use SVGs for your logo
  • Custom designed and highly customizable templates.
  • It is a free online invoice generator

Official Website: github.com

Invoice Generator

free invoice generator
Invoice Generator

Billdogg alternatives don’t get any better than this. It lets you generate simple invoices with all the necessary features such as discounts, shipping, taxes with the currency of your choosing. You can then download the invoice. However, it doesn’t have additional features such as tracking and notification of invoice and payments.


  • 100 templates to choose from for receipts
  • Email the receipts immediately
  • Get payments via card or Paypal

Official Website: invoice-generator.com


Invoicely invoicee generator software

Looking for a billdogg alternative, well your search ends here. It lets you send professional and customized invoices in a matter of minutes, send receipts with a thank you message attached, keep track of your receipts, send payment reminders and accept online payments. You can tweak it to send invoices on a regular basis- daily, weekly, monthly. It also has a comprehensive analytical feature that will help you determine whether you are turning a profit or not.


  • Create professional and elegant looking estimates and invoices in any language or currency
  • Accept Online Payments with the help of payment services like Paypal, Stripe, and Wepay
  • Track time and expenses into invoices and bills

Official Website: invoicely.com



What an awesome billdogg alternative. It seeks to eliminate the cost, risk, and inefficiencies associated with paper checks by sending online payments through the Viewpost network. By connecting your bank account to your Viewpost account, you can switch to an electronic payment service, stop sharing sensitive bank account information with your customers, and make payments on the go for less than the cost of a stamp and envelope.


  • Send unlimited online invoices
  • Adding your logo art to with the online invoice templates
  • Automate the invoices sent regularly for the same amount

Official Website: viewpost.com



Truly a great billdogg alternative. You can generate invoices for unlimited products and services with the option of customizing each invoice. You can create unlimited coupons, provide Flat or Percentage discounts to your customers. It takes your payments seriously, that’s why they offer multiple payment gateways along with a Test gateway to do a test run of the billing cycle. automatically sends email reminders to those who renege on payments.


  • Automate all your recurring invoice and one-time payments and also manage it all in one dashboard
  • Automatically send emails of the plan expiration date
  • Supports multiple currencies, payment gateways, and offers numerous payment options

Official Website: pabbly.com



An awesome billdogg alternative. It is every freelancer’s dream. You can create, send and track proposals online. You can also create and e sign your very own contracts and choose from a wide variety of contract templates. It can generate invoices, send payment reminders and receipts as well as keep track of your expenses. With it, you also get an in-depth analysis of your finances.


  • Save your time with this simple contracts and invoices
  • Protect yourself from late payments
  • Get a standard and transparent process of payments
  • Store your information in the Cloud Data Storage

Official Website: hellobonsai.com

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