The Best Data Cables of 2020

Best Data Cables: A data cable is an integral part of a computer. These cables provide a connection between various hardware components. This enables a computer to communicate with its multiple parts. A data cable also enables a computer to communicate with additional computers.

A data cable is, essentially, any type of media capable of carrying a binary electrical communication signal. Binary data is a series of ones and zeros sent as an electrical signal between two locations.

Best Data Cables

There are a few data cables that might look all durable and well working. but not every cable works fine. Here is an example of being data cables of 2020.

Smart and Cool Gen4- Best Data Cables

Smart and Cool Gen4

Product Name: Smart and Cool Gen4 | Price: Rs. 5,399 /- |

Smart and Cool Gen4 Specifications:

Item Weight: 22.7 g | Length: 5ft | Weight: 22.7 Grams | Color: Black | Maximum charging current: 2.1A |

The Smart and Cool Gen4 is compatible with phones and tablets with Micro-USB and i-Product interface. The cable is more functional and convenient than regular cable and has an easy snap-on with a single hand and no eye-sight assistant necessary. It is ideal for replacing your existing charging cable, especially when it is not easy to access. It has a fast charging capability with both i-product tips. Both sides of the cable support Max 2.1A fast charging and data syncing. It has a Micro-USB connector, one side supports fast charging, and the other side supports charging and data sync.


  • Detachable micro USB Pins


  • Cable too long
  • Available only for iOS devices

Bottom LineThe cable comes with magnetic tips which is very handy when you can’t find the actual spot and keep on changing it for a few times.

NetDot Gen3 USB2.0 Magnetic Data Cable

NetDot Gen3

| Product Name: NetDot Gen3 USB 2.0 Magnetic Cable| Price: Rs. 1,659 |

NetDot Gen 3 USB 2.0 Magnetic Cable Specifications:

Item Weight: 49.9 g | Product Dimensions: 149.9 x 0.3 x 0.3 cm | Length: 5 Feet | Weight: 49.9 Grams | Color: Silver |

NetDot Gen 3 USB 2.0 Magnetic Cable Review:

The cable has a super strong magnet that supports USB2.0 fast charging for iPhone & Android. Both sides support charging while only One side supports sync for Android Device. The LED light turns on when power is on. It is a great solution to prevent shredded charging cables, tripping over cord resulting in smashed phones, pointless fiddling to plug in the cable in the dark and more. While it is out of charging, the magnetic connector can be used as Anti-dust plug. Perfectly compatible with iPhone and most of Android with Micro USB port.


  • Detachable micro USB pins
  • Fast charging


  • Nips get stuck on the device
  • Cannot be interchanged with Gen2

Bottom Line: The cable help you save a lot of time you spend on getting irritated when you can’t plug in the standard charger right.

Monoprice Nylon Braided Data Cable

Monoprice Nylon Braided

| Product Name: Monoprice Nylon Braided | Price: Rs. 3,059 |

Monoprice Nylon Braided Specifications:

Item Weight: 18.1 g | Product Dimensions: 10.7 x 11.2 x 1.1 cm | Length: 1.5ft | Weight: 18.1 Grams | Color: Black |

Monoprice Nylon Braided Review:

The Monoprice is Apple MFi Certified, which means that this cable has been thoroughly tested and is guaranteed to be 100% compatible with your Apple iOS devices with Lightning connector. The cable comes with braided nylon jacket helps protect the cable from nicks, cuts, and tangles. The superior internal structural design is capped by aluminum connector heads, resulting in a cable that is much more durable than ordinary cables with molded PVC connectors. The cable consists of 24k Gold Plated Connectors. The generous 50m thick gold plating ensures smooth, corrosion-free connections every time.


  • Long cable


  • The cable tangles

Bottom LineMonoprice comes with a long cable which solves your problem of short charger. But you also have to tackle the tangling problem

Jian Han Braided Micro USB- Best Data cables

Jian Han Braided Micro USB

Product Name: Jian Han Braided Micro USB | Price: Rs. 6261 /- |

Jian Han Braided Micro USB Specifications:

Brand: JianHan | Item Weight: 90.7 g | Product Dimensions: 14.2 x 8.6 x 3.6 cm | Compatible Devices: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, Samsung Galaxy S7, Samsung, Motorola |

Jian Han Braided Micro USB Review:

The magnetic tips are one way to make it simple plugging in Micro USB cables. But JianHan stepped up the game as it decided to take another route. The Micro USB and USB-A end of this cable are both made to be reversible. The unique design lets you plug it in without worrying about whether it’s upside down.


  • Reversible Nips


  • Expensive

Bottom Line: This cable is slightly different from the magnetic ones as it doesn’t use the magnetic tips but use the reversible technique where you can plug in your device without having to worry about its wrong position.

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