10 Best Dating Apps in India 2019 for Free Dates Online


Best Dating Apps in India: Finding love is never easy. Life is not a romantic comedy where the heartsick girl stumbles across her soulmate in a bus or bar. Meet cutes rarely happen in real life. Finding your better half can be a herculean task in todays times, made all the more difficult by meddling relatives, over enthusiastic friends. There is constant pressure to settle down, have kids etc. So, chill down and use this list of 10 Best Dating Apps in India to get free dates with beautiful people across your town.

It is crucial that we meet likeminded people who share our values, have similar goals etc. Fortunately for us, technology aims to make finding love a little easier. Markets are flooded with dating apps hoping to capitalize on your quest to find “THE ONE”. Today we will help you sort through such apps to find the best ones for your needs.

The 10 Best Datings Apps in India 2019

Here are the the best dating apps in India to help you on your way to finding true love or just a free date.


Tinder: Best dating apps in india

It is The online dating app in India. It claims to have up to 20 billion matches to date and matches about 26 million people daily. How many apps can claim such staggering numbers? We do have one nagging question though-How many of those matches turn into love? Nevertheless, Tinder is more than a dating app, it’s a cultural revolution. Its swiping left and swiping right features have become synonymous with rejection and desirability.

With Tinder you can also link your social media handles to your profile. You can even add your spotify playlist to your profile. After all liking the same music is a great way to break the ice. However there are only so many profiles you can swipe right to, until you spring for its premium offerings that is. With Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold you can ratchet up unlimited likes, chat with eligible singles all over the world. With Tinder Gold you can even see who likes you back. It is available in both Android and IOS.



A great online and one of the best dating apps in India. Happn takes the idea of chance encounters to a whole new level. Has your heart skipped a beat when you noticed someone across the street? You wished nothing more than to go strike a conversation with them. But alas the magic moment passes and they are gone. And you spend your whole day wondering What if? Well now you don’t have to wonder anymore. If you have a Happn account and your anonymous crush has a Happn account and your paths have crossed. Then Happn intimates you immediately. What a novel idea to help you find true love? Imagine if star crossed lovers had this app, how easy would their lives have been. It might be too late for them but not for you. Just think of the possibilities if the whole world was on Happn.



An inspired online dating app. Who says love is for straight people only? Everyone should have a shot at finding love regardless of their sexual orientation. Grindr is a dating app for the LBGTQ community. Whether you are gay, lesbian, trans or queer you are celebrated on Grindr. Regardless of where you land on the sexual spectrum, you will find a place for yourself on Grindr. Finding love for straight people is easy but finding love for such a diverse group of individuals with such varying tastes. Grindr should be applauded for bringing the LGBTQ community into the mainstream. After all, what’s more, mainstream than finding potential partners on the internet.



We love this online dating app. Another dating app for people of all sexual orientations. You can set your location and distance meaning how far from your current location would you like to cast your net and how far you are willing to travel to go meet them. You can send messages, stickers, even gifts to people who catch your eye.


bumble find your honey

A great choice for an online dating app. It challenges societal norms by letting women take the first step. If they come across someone they like it is upto them to initiate a conversation. Many people talk the talk but Bumble walks the walk. Bumble clearly aims to start a movement or at least initiate a meaningful, healthy dialogue with its app offerings.



You won’t find a better online dating app that’s safe and secure. A dating app for women and queer people. Her makes no apologies about what it is is and what it is offering. Not only does it match you with potential partners, it also has IN app communities and even hosts events. It has an army of moderators working to ensure a safe, stable environment.



A solid choice for the best dating apps in India. It aims to go beyond the superficial after all liking someone based on their physical appearance is the easiest thing in the world. But would you have meaningful connections with such people? Doubtful. OkCupid asks you relevant, pertinent questions to get a real sense of who you truly are and then matches you with like-minded people. The odds of you finding “The One” on OkCupid are significantly greater.



Have you heard of this online dating app? It lets you meet singles nearby.Not only that it also alerts you to nearby local events in case you are worried about potential first locations. It has no limits on swiping and has very reliable date planners. It even hosts mixers for finding potential partners.

Truly Madly

trulymadly unsingle

Finally a dating app for Indians. Truly Madly is a great hangout space for millennials with an emphasis on compatibility and verification. Its algorithm promises high levels of compatibility while in terms of verification it demands government ID proofs, facebook accounts. It even verifies your salary slips and office documents. There is no cat fishing going on here we can promise you that. It lets users create a video profile which lets you get a real sense of a person. All in all a great online dating app.

Coffee meets Bagel

coffee meets bagel: quality dating made easy

A stellar online dating app and one of the best dating apps in India for cute couples. We are already in love with this app. Talk about having a catchy name. But there’s more to this app than just its name. Every noon you get curated quality matches from its algorithm. Now you have something to look forward to at lunch. Here you have to make an in-depth profile that aims to bring out the real you. You even get personalized ice breakers if you want to jump right into the important stuff.

Which is the best Dating App of India?

So there you have it a list of the best dating apps in India 2019. All of them dedicated to the single purpose of finding “THE ONE”. Between all these apps we are confident that you will find who you are looking for. After all when it comes to love you should never settle. We would recommend Tinder since it is synonymous with online dating with great features.

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