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TeaTV is a streaming application that gives users access to thousands of Movies and TV Shows. It is a great way to watch free content in good quality, but that doesn’t mean you should limit yourselves to it. There’s plenty of fish in the sea, the saying goes. Likewise, there are plenty of alternatives to TeaTv. We recommend you check them out to see what else is out there.

Best TeaTV alternative

Here are the best TeaTv alternatives out there.

1. Terrarium TV

Terrarium Tv

A great start to the TeaTv alternative race. Terrarium TV is one of the best movies and TV series streaming service out there. It lets you stream high-quality videos on your device. Terrarium TV is absolutely free and it’s having all the latest movies and TV series in its collection. You can download content from this app just like you did with TeaTV.  Most of the TeaTV features can be found in the Terrarium TV app.

2. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time

Another awesome TeaTv alternative. Popcorn Time app is a multi-platform and absolutely free media streaming service. As far as alternatives go it might be superior to the TeaTV app. It lets you both download and stream with the option of picking from thousands of available contents. You will get all of the latest movies and TV series not to mention anime in the library of the Popcorn time.  

3. Kodi

Kodi Tv

What a great TeaTv alternative. Kodi is open-source cross-platform software which not only streams movies and TV series, but also music videos, songs, etc. Its attractive features even won it an award. It is available for free and it has features and systems you cannot even imagine in a streaming application.  

4. Netflix


Is it even a TeaTv alternative? Is TeaTv even in the same league as Netflix?Netflix is a streaming service giant that has upended the way we consume Tv. It led the way in the streaming revolution. It is currently present on the internet right now. Not only does it let you stream movies and TV series, but it produces its own exclusive content. Its production budget for each year keeps on skyrocketing. Netflix is not free, however. You get free access for the first month from registering.

5. Stremio


Another solid pick for a TeaTv alternative. Stremio is an awesome media streaming service which is available for free. You get all the features that are there in the TeaTV app. Not only that, but you can also track the timeline of what you watched during a month in a calendar format. You can have add-ons for different media sources and enjoy its service there.

6. Butter Project

Butter Project

Have you heard of this TeaTv alternative yet? Butter Project is another free media streaming service and downloading software. Butter Project has all the latest movies and TV series for streaming and downloading from the app directly. You can bookmark and manage your library and make a watch list where you can add content to watch later on.   

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Amazon is no alternative to anyone. If anything TeaTv is an alternative to it. Albeit a poor one. Amazons foray in the streaming market. Unwilling to cede what promises to be the future way of consuming television. Amazon has launched its own streaming service which is completely free with the latest in movies and TV shows. It curates content by different regions, with a strong focus on regional content to lure in viewers.

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