Top 10 Best VPN Service Providers


VPN’s are becoming the norm these days. There used to be a time when a VPN service were employed by those lurking in the fringes, but no longer. With internet neutrality becoming a thing of the past and governments the world over imposing more and more restrictions on the internet. More and more people are coming to terms with the idea that a good VPN is crucial to having an enjoyable internet experience.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best VPN services out there. Take account of the fact that there is no such thing as a great free VPN service. A free VPN will ALWAYS offer substandard service. ALWAYS. So when it comes to VPNs, don’t be hesitant to shell out some cash.

Best VPN Service Providers

Here are the 10 best VPN service providers that you are likely to find.

Tunnel Bear

tunnel bear

By far one of the best VPN service providers out there. It has many features which includeP

Vigilant Mode

If your connection gets interrupted then TunnelBear will block all traffic till connection is restored.

Closest Tunnel

Lets you hop the globe, with you deciding where you want your connection to start.

Always On

You can set Tunnel Bear to tunnel as soon as you start your computer.

No Logging

TunnelBear does not keep any logs pertaining to your online activity.


You will get nothing short of lightning fast speed with Tunnel Bear.

Safe WiFi Protection

Keep your mind at peace while you browse via unknown WiFi.


Staff are always at hand to answer any questions you might have.

Worldwide Network

Connect to the fastest servers in 20+ countries on TunnelBear’s virtual private network.

Encrypt your connection, everywhere

Strong Encryption that will keep you safe from hackers.

TunnelBear uses strong AES 256-bit encryption, its the best there is.


A great VPN service. Ghostbear Lets you defeat VPN blocking with GhostBear.Yep, there is a thing called VPN blocking. Make your encrypted VPN data less detectable to governments, businesses, and ISPs.

Multiple Devices

Add up to 5 devices to cover your whole device network and be secure across all of them.


proton vpn


Hats off to this VPN service. Its secure VPN sends your internet traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel, so your passwords and confidential data stay safe, even over public or untrusted Internet connections.


Keep your browsing history private. As a Swiss VPN provider, with Switzerland having some of the strongest privacy laws in the world, it does not log user activity or share data with third parties.

VPN Proxy Master

vpn proxy master

A standout among VPN service providers. Meant for iOS, Android and MacBook systems only, you can unblock any website, browse anonymously and much more. With 80 million users worldwide it is bound to be doing something right.


betternet vpn

Please take the time to try this VPN service. It comes in two iterations one free and one premium. In the free version, it claims to make money from app and video recommendations. In its premium version, it will offer you a reliable, speedy connection thanks in no small part to the fact that it owns all its hardware and software. It’s relative ease of use that separates it from the herd.

Avira Phantom VPN

avira phantop vpn

We are still drooling over this VPN service. In its PRO offering, you get unlimited data volume, encrypted traffic, private surfing, access to geo-restricted sites, DNS Leak prevention, Failsafe, and Tech support. In its free version, it caps data volume at 500 MB. With Avira, your internet becomes unhackable, untraceable and uncensored.

Savage VPN

savage vpn

We are in awe of this VPN service. A free VPN service targeted towards mobile phones. Its website even claims it will let you access all those sites blocked in your schools. It works with WIFI, 3G, 4G. It offers stable, fast connections with unlimited bandwidth. It doesn’t put a drag on your battery life nor does it keep logs.


surf easy

An inspired VPN service. It has over 1000 servers in 28 different countries. It will put a stop to all those advertisers tracking you online. It also lets you torrent without having to bare your IP address and location. Unlike most VPN’s with SurfEasy privacy doesn’t come at the cost of speed.



Is it possible to crush on a VPN service. Trust me we aren’t exagerating. Governments all over the world have been known to put restrictions on content and corporations are notorious for selling your private data for a quick buck. But with Windscribe you can access content confined to specific regions, safeguard your personal information and let no one get wind of your browsing activities. See what I did there.

Hotspot Shield

hotspot shield

A remarkable VPN service. It doubles as a corporate as well as a private VPN. A corporate VPN lets employees access private servers at their workplace from remote locations. Thus maintaining the sanctity of their servers.

Hotspot Shield masks you IP address, lets you get around censorship blocks, masks your location, encrypts your data and protects you from hackers and cyber security threats.



A novel approach to VPN service. It lets you use multiple internet connections simultaneously thus pooling their speeds together. Do you get the name now? This novel method is referred to as Channel bonding and even if one of your connections falter, you have many others as backup.

Our list of the best VPN Service Provider ends here. There is one VPN provider who is conspicuous by its absence and that’s Opera Mini Browser. Opera comes with its own VPN where you can shift your connection to Asia, Europe etc giving you access to geo-restricted content. We suggest you try Opera first before switching to these heavy hitters.

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