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How to Change Apple ID password?

Apple, an American multinational company designs, develops and sells computer electronics, computer software and online services. Apple now is the highest grossing electronic manufacturing company of all time. The apple devices include Iphones, Ipods, Ipads and MAC devices. In each device, you can reset your password in case if your forget or if you want to change your Apple ID password. In this article we will get to know about how to change Apple ID password.

Apple ID password keeps you protected. There is always a need to change your Apple device’s password to make sure you are protected from the malware users and hacking crews. Frequently changing your password enables more security to your device data. Without your Apple ID password you will be unable to get access to the apple services like App store, Apple music, icloud and imessage etc. So forgetting your Apple ID password disconnects your from the entire device applications.

Changing Apple ID password

There are 3 different ways to change your Apple ID password. You can change through online by visiting the Apple web link. You can change your apple ID password through MAC and also you can change your ID through your phone. It all depends on which kind of an Apple device you’ve been using.

We will go through each method through different steps in detail.

A) To Change your Apple ID password through Online

You can change your Apple ID password through online. Here are a series of steps you need to follow to change your Apple ID password through Online process.

1)Open Apple ID website
Go to web and enter in the URL space. You will be redirected to the Apple ID site.

Apple ID website

2) Login into your Apple ID account
You can find the the login procedure format at the middle of the page. You need to enter your email and password to login into your Apple ID account. Enter the details and get logged in

Apple ID sign in

3) Scroll down to Security
Go to the security section in the page once you get logged in by scrolling down.

Apple Id security tab

4) Click Change password
Click on the Change password section available to change your password by entering the new one.

Change password

5) Enter New password
Enter your old password first and then enter your new password. Re enter your new password and make sure you satisfy all the password setting conditions.

New password

6) Click on Change password
After entering all the required fields, Click on Change password to change your Apple ID password.

Change password

Therefore, you have changed your Apple ID password through the online procedure.

B) To change your Apple ID password through MAC

You can change your Apple ID password through MAC. Below are a few series of steps you can follow to change your Apple Id password through MAC.

1)Open the Apple menu
Click on the Apple icon on the top left corner of the screen. This will open the Apple menu on your screen.

Apple Menu in MAC

2)Go to System Preferences
Click on the System preferences option available from the drop down menu.

System preferences

3) Open iCloud
In the system preferences menu, click on the iCloud option available to open iCloud.


4) Click on Account details
Open the account details available in the iCloud menu.

Account details

5) Open Security and Change password
Click on security option available to open the security window and then tap on change password. This will allow you to change your password.

Change password

6) Enter new password
Enter the new password and you will be asked to verify it through your verification source. Verify the details and you will be accessed through your new password.

Hence, you have successfully changed your Apple ID password through MAC.

C) To change your Apple ID password through Iphone

You can directly change your Apple Id password through your Iphone. Here are a few simple steps you can follow to change your Apple Id password through IPhone.

1)Open Iphone’s settings
Go to the Menu and open Iphone’s settings.

Settings Apple

2) Tap on your Apple ID
You will find Apple ID at the top of the screen. Tap on it to explore your ID settings.

Apple ID settings

3) Go to Password and security
Tap on password and security to open the password and security settings.

Password and security

4) Tap on Change password
Select the change password option listed to change your Apple ID password.

Change password

5) Enter your Iphone’s passcode
Type in your Iphone’s pass code when prompted.

Enter passcode

6) Enter your New password
You need to enter your new password twice to change your Apple ID password.

New password

7) Choose whether to stay signed in or not
After changing your password you can choose whether you want to stay signed in on to your devices or not.

Choose Stay signed in or not

Hence your Apple ID password has been changed through the Iphone device.

To conclude: Therefore you have learnt the different ways associated with changing your Apple ID’s password. Comment your views below in the comment section and do share the content. For more of some interesting and exciting tech stuff visit and delve into some amazing content. Cheers!

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