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How to Change Facebook Username?

Usernames are not mandatory on Facebook but you can have one to get more connected to your people. The Facebook usernames are just like the hashtag names in Instagram. They are exactly not the display names but they are the primary base name for any account. A username in Facebook enables you to have a Facebook email ID associated with it. It also allows you to have a Facebook web link address for your account followed up by your name. In this article we will get to know about how to change Facebook username.

Facebook allows users to make a username of their choice. This username should be unique and cannot be matched with other users on Facebook. For Facebook to serve you better and closer make sure that your username is pretty simple and clear. Like, make sure there are more characters than any others like numbers etc. An username does not have to be exactly your original name but can include your nick names as well. A short and straight username can reach your audience better and help them recognize you more easily.

Change Facebook Username

Although you either have or do not have a Facebook username, it is always worth to have one. As mentioned above you can link up a Facebook email ID with your username and also have your own web link. For example if your Facebook name is johnwells, you can have your username as Johnny368. Now your Facebook mail would be [email protected] Similarly, your web link address would be etc. So this is how facebook sets up your Email address and Web link using your Username.

Note: If you do not wish to use an Username, Facebook automatically sets up a default web link address for you.

Just like Facebook you can setup usernames and change them on Instagram and Snapchat. These are the most likely apps in relation to Facebook. If you wish to change your Instagram and Snapchat account’s usernames/profile names you can refer to the links below.

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You can change your Facebook username either through the desktop or through your Facebook mobile application. Scroll down below to explore these methods.

Changing Facebook Username

You can change your Facebook username through the desktop version by logging in into the Facebook homepage. Follow the below illustrated steps to know more about changing the Facebook username through the online version.

Facebook Username

  1. Open Facebook site and login

    Go to the official Facebook website and login into your account using your Account details. Visit the Facebook website to log in into facebook

  2. Click on the down arrow icon

    Besides the gear(settings)icon you will find the down arrow icon. Click on that icon to explore different setting options in Facebook. Tap on the icon to explore Facebook settings

  3. Tap on Settings

    Click on the Settings option listed to explore Facebook settings.Tap on settings to explore facebook settings

  4. Go to General Settings

    In the settings menu, navigate to the general settings from the list of different settings available on the left pane of the window.Go to the Facebook general Settings

  5. Click on Username

    You will find the name section and under that you will also find the Username section. Tap on the username section and click on edit on the right corner besides the user name option. Enter the username of your choice. If it is not available try another username. Tap on the username and click on Edit

  6. Enter password and Save changes

    Once your username is available enter your Facebook password. Click on save changes to change your username and save the settings. Enter new username and password and tap on save changes


There are a lot of questions going around on web in regard to Facebook. Thereby, we’ve handpicked for your some top 3 FAQ’s that can clear up your mind in relation to Facebook. Scroll down below to know more.

How many times can I change my Facebook username?

Please note that Facebook allows to change your username only once. If you have changed it earlier you will not be able to change it again.

How do I change my Facebook password

1) Click in the top right corner of any Facebook page and select Settings.
2) Tap on Security and Login.
3) Click Edit next to Change Password.
4) Enter your current password and new password.
5) Click Save Changes.

How can I increase my privacy on Facebook

Click the downward arrow on the far right and scroll down to Settings. Look down the left of the page and click the Privacy¬†option. To avoid posting things to your timeline you don’t want certain people to see, head to the Your activity Section, click Edit next to Who can see your future posts?
Privacy Settings tool: To use this tool, Click at the top right of Facebook and select Settings. In the left column, click Privacy. Look for the setting Limit the audience for posts you’ve shared with friends of friends or Public? and click Limit Past Posts to the far right.

To conclude: Thereby, through this article we’ve learnt how to change the Facebook username by exploring some few simple settings. Comment your views below in the comment section and do share the content. For some more of interesting tech and news articles visit and delve into some amazing stuff. Cheers!

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