How to Change Instagram Password?

To change your Instagram password all you need is to login to your Instagram and go through some basic settings listed. Instagram is a social media application which has grabbed the attention of every smart phone user world wide. It has been serving as a great platform for sharing pictures, short videos and also the location of your posting. In this article we will get to know the basic simple steps you need to follow to change your Instagram password.

Although Instagram has wide protection of data encryption it is always advisable to change your password regularly. Instagram is now enabled with the messaging function and several other features like Instagram video call and stuff. Hence there is a basic need to protect your data from time to time. Although Instagram has been the most popular and widely used application worldwide, it has faced many subject allegations. Those allegations were in regard to the censorship, change in interface and improper content upload approval.

Change Instagram password

There are several ways to change your Instagram password. To change your Instagram password firstly you need to sign in to your Instagram account. You can change your Instagram password either if you want to protect it more by constantly changing passwords or in case if you have forgot it.

We will go through both the cases in depth by illustrating a few simpler steps. Firstly, we will see how to change your password even though you know your Instagram password.

Change Instagram password

Login to your Instagram accountOpen the Instagram application on your device and sign in into your account. 

Instagram Screenshots

Go to your profile and explore optionsTap the people icon photo at the bottom of your screen to go to your profile. In your profile tap on the icon with three dot lists available to explore more options. 

Open SettingsIn this tab, you will find settings at the bottom of your screen. Tap on settings to open it and you will get to see different password settings. 

Instagram Screenshots

Tap on passwordIn the settings menu, you will find an option listed Passwords. Click on that to change your password.

Instagram Screenshots

Enter new passwordYou will find three tabs namely, Current password, new password and re enter password. Type in all the required fields and then hit save. This will save your current settings.

Instagram Screenshots

Hence your password has been changed in Instagram using your login details.

To conclude: Hence your password has been changed successfully using your Instagram login details. For more of some interesting and amazing tech stuff visit and delve into some great tech articles. Comment your views below and do share the content. Cheers!


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