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How to Change Instagram Username?

Very often you can change your Instagram username. An Instagram user name is like a lifeline to your Instagram account. Using an apt username for your account attracts people and also gets you recognition of the real you. If you use a business account you need to have an username of that particular business name. If you are a lone user of it then you need to have an username through which the public can easily recognize through it. If you’ve got your Instagram user name wrong, then this is the article for you. In this article we will get to know how to change Instagram username.

Instagram allows you to setup an username using both alphabets and numbers. You cannot use periods and underscores too but that does not mean that you can put in all the characters of your choice. Instagram limits its users to use only 30 characters in their username. This is because they don’t want people to deal with their whole list of words in the place of their usernames. Limiting your username to a short and compact style adds a good essence to your Instagram account.

Change Instagram Username

If you have changed your business name or want to change your personal Instagram account username then you can do it by simply following the below steps. Your username depicts who you are on Instagram. Through your username itself people will be recognizing you. So make sure that your Instagram username is short and easily noticeable for people to know if it’s really you. Go through the steps below and get through the problem of changing your username. You can change your Instagram Username both through your Mobile and desktop.

Change Instagram Username through Mobile

If you are a regular user of the Instagram mobile application you can change your Instagram username through the mobile application itself. Scroll down below and explore the process of changing your Instagram username.

Instagram Username

  1. Open Instagram application

    Go to your device menu and open the Instagram application. Login into your Instagram account if you are not logged into it automatically. Open your Instagram application and login

  2. Tap on Profile icon

    You will find the profile icon at the bottom right corner of your screen. Tap on it. Tap on the icon to explore Instagram profile

  3. Tap on Edit your profile

    You will find the Edit your profile option just under the posts/followers description. Tap on it to edit your Instagram profileTap on edit your profile to explore username settings

  4. Select the username box

    Tap on the username box to edit your username and change it. Tap on username to change your username in Instagram

  5. Type in your new Username

    Erase your Old username and type in your new username to change your Instagram username. Hit done once you are done with the process. Hence, you have changed the Instagram Username through your mobile application successfully.
    Hit done once you enter new username to change your Username settings

Change Instagram Username through Mobile

Instagram allows you to change your username even through the desktop. All you need to do is to go the Instagram’s website and login into your account. Scroll down below and explore how to change your Instagram username through the desktop version.

1)Open Instagram website and login
Go to the Instagram official login website and login to your Instagram account if you are not logged into it automatically.

Instagram website

2) Click on your Profile icon
Tap on your profile icon on the top to explore your Instagram profile

Instagram profile icon

3) Tap on Edit Profile option
Click on the Edit profile option listed beside your posts/followers list. This will take you to your profile settings.

Instagram edit profile

4) Click on Username box and edit
Hit on the username section and edit your user name. Erase the old username and enter your new username.

Edit username

5) Enter submit
Click on the submit icon below to save your settings and change your username. Hence, you have changed your Instagram username by using the desktop version of Instagram.

Click on Submit


There are a number of FAQ’s been asked on web in regard to the Instagram application. So therefore, we’ve handpicked for you some top 3 FAQ’s running viral on web. Scroll down and explore the top FAQ’s in relation to Instagram.

How do you change your Bio on Instagram?

1) Open your profile, and click the “Edit Profile” button.
2) Click on your bio to edit.
3) Update your bio by adding any profile usernames (using “@”) or hashtags (using “#”).
4) Click “Done

How do you report on Instagram

1) To report someone’s account, go to their profile and click next to their username. Select Report user.
2) To report a post, click below the post. Then click Report inappropriate and follow the on-screen instructions.

How do I report a threat on Instagram

Reporting harassment or bullying on Instagram. If an account is established with the intent of bullying or harassing another person or if a photo or comment is intended to bully or harass someone, please report it. You can also learn what to do if you think someone is pretending to be you or someone else on Instagram.

To conclude: Therefore, in this article we have learnt how to change your Instagram username using the mobile application and also through the desktop version. Comment your views below in the comment section and do share the content. Visit and delve into some amazing and interesting tech article topics trending on web.

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