How to Change Keyboard settings in Android?

Android has enabled the users to set up keyboards based on their interest. The users are free to download and setup keyboards of their choice. If you have been bored of using the same keyboard since a long time, then you can change it. You need to just simply download a keyboard of your choice and set it up as your default keyboard. In this article we will get to know on how to change keyboard settings in Android.

There are several keyboards available in Android. You can get access to them through the Google Playstore application. All you have to do is to simply download that particular keyboard application and install it in your Android device. You can also search for some Apk keyboard applications on net which may not be available on the Playstore application. Some Apk applications may be harmful but you can download them at your own risk.

Change Keyboard Settings in Android

To change your keyboard settings firstly you need to install any prerequisite keyboards on your Android device. The process linked up with these settings is pretty simple. We will go through the relevant steps below on how to change your keyboard settings in Android. Also, we will go through how to change the keyboard language in Android.

Keyboard Settings in Android

Download your required Keyboard applicationGo the playstore application on your Android device and download the keyboard application of your choice.

Go to settings and tap on Language and InputIn the phone menu, go to the Settings application and then go to Language and Input settings. This will navigate you to different language settings in Android.


Tap on Current keyboardYou will find the Keyboard and input section. Under that section tap on the current keyboard option available. You will find different keyboard settings.

Current Keyboard

Click on Choose keyboardsNow, tap on Choose keyboards and select the new keyboard which you have recently installed from the Google playstore app.

Choose Keyboard

Check the Attention promptGo through the attention prompt which is induced by the system settings. Click on OK if you would wish to continue with the further process.

Attention Window

Notice the Switch from Grey to GreenOnce you choose the keyboard you will notice that the switch beside the related keyboard turns from grey to green. This means that the required keyboard has been enabled.

Tap on Current keyboardNow go back to the language and input settings section and then tap on the Current keyboard.

Select the new keyboardSelect the new keyboard which you recently installed to make it as your default keyboard on your Android device. Also, you can check whether the android has enabled this keyboard by writing a quick message to anyone of your listed contacts.

Change Keyboard Language in Android

Android is so flexible and too compatible that it enables various changes in its settings. It has been so user friendly and also has been reaching every individual because of the above reasons. You can change your input language in Android. Yes, this is possible with your Android device. All you need to do to change your keyboard language in Android is to follow the below illustrated simple steps.

To change your keyboard language in Android, firstly, you need to enable or add languages to your android mobile. You can do this by exploring Settings>Language and Input>Languages>Add a language.

Once you add a language to your android device you can switch between them whenever you would like to. Here is it how.

1)Open any texting application
Go to your menu and open any texting application of your choice which enables the keyboard to function in it.

Texting Application

2) Click on the Globe icon
Once you tap on to text you will find the keyboard enabled. In the keyboard tap on the globe icon which is available at the bottom row of the keyboard.

Global Language

3) Select your desired keyboard
Once you tap and hold onto the Globe icon a list of keyboard languages appear. You can select any one of them to switch on to those while you use the texting applications.

Desired Keyboard

So, you have successfully changed your keyboard language settings on your Android device.


We have hand picked some top 3 FAQ’s related to this article. Here are the top most FAQ’s available on net in regard to the Keyboard Settings on Android.

How do you change your Keyboard theme?

a) Open Settings on your device.
b) Select Language & input, and then select Google Keyboard from the list of keyboard options.
c) Select Theme » and then select the theme you wish to apply.

How do you change the keyboard color on Android?

a) Launch Settings in your Android phone
b) Head over to Language & Input​.
c) Now tap on Google Keyboard.
d) Then head over to “Appearance and Layouts”.
e) You will see a section named “Theme”.
f) Here, if you want to change the color back to dark, choose the theme “Material Dark”.

How do I access the Google keyboard settings?

a) Open the Google Play Store app on your phone.
b) Search for Google Keyboard.
c) Install Google Keyboard.
d) Open Settings on your smartphone.
e) Then in the Personal section tap on Language & Input.
f) In the Keyboard & Input section tap on the Current Keyboard option.
g) Then select Google Keyboard from the options.

To conclude: Hence, in this article you have learnt how to change the default keyboard settings on Android device and also how to change the keyboard language on Android device. Comment your views below in the comment section and do share the content. Visit for some more of interesting tech articles and stuff. Cheers!


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