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How to change language in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome simply known as Chrome is a cross linked platform developed by Google especially for the purpose of browsing. The chrome browser is the main component of Chrome OS where it serves as the platform for Chrome applications. Google chrome supports access to various languages. You can change your default language to many other various languages available in Google Chrome. In this article, we will get to learn about how to change language in Google Chrome.

Although Google chrome provides access to various languages you cannot change the language in your Apple/Android phone as chrome in this case uses the device’s default language. The websites you browse through chrome are developed in their own language. You cannot change the content language in the websites but Chrome helps you with some translation tools into your required language. You can change your Google Chrome language whenever you want by just simply accessing the Chrome settings.

Changing Google Chrome language

As mentioned in the above context, Google Chrome can be accessed in various different languages. Although the by default language is English in most of the cases, this can be changed to your local language. Thereby Chrome makes browsing life easier for people who are more cheerful to their local languages. Fortunately, Chrome has this feature making it go more into people who are free to access only their home language. We will now get into the step by step process of changing the default Chrome language.

Steps to Change Google Chrome language

To change your Google Chrome language there are a few series of steps you nee to follow. Explore them below.

Changing Google Chrome language

  1. Open Google Chrome

    Go to the Start menu or on your desktop double click Google Chrome to open the Google Chrome browser. Open Google Chrome

  2. Click the more options icon

    On the top right corner you will find the option icon available. Click on that icon to explore the different options and settings in Google Chrome. Open the options icon in Google Chrome

  3. Go to Settings

    In the options tab, you will find the settings option listed. Click on that to explore the different settings options available. Open Settings to change Google Chrome language

  4. Click on Advanced

    Scroll down the settings options to the bottom. You will find the Advanced option listed. Click on that to explore additional options in Chrome. Click on Advanced settings to change chrome language

  5. Go to languages

    You will find the language option listed under the Languages option. Click on that to explore the different languages available. Select languages to change language

  6. Add languages

    You will find the add languages tool available after clicking on the languages bar. Click on Add languages to add your desired language. Click on Add languages to add and change language

  7. Check mark languages

    You will find some n number of languages through which you can access the Google Chrome. Select a language of your choice and make sure that you tick mark the language listed. Click on add to add that language. Check the languages to add your desired language and change

  8. Set the language as default

    Now after adding that language you can find that language listed below the languages options. Click on the options icon of that language and change that language to default in the options. You can set it to default by selecting the display Google Chrome in this language option listed. Select Display language option to change Google Chrome language to your desired one

  9. Click on Relaunch

    Now click on the relaunch option listed to launch your Google Chrome in the desired language you have opted. Select relaunch to display the google chrome language in your language selected


Although all languages can be set as the default languages in a click in Google chrome. Here is a point to be noted.

Some languages such as English cannot be set as the default languages. Instead, you need to set the English(US)/English(UK)/English(Canadian) to make it as a default language.

To conclude: Hence your Google Chrome default language has been changed using the Chrome settings. Comment your views below in comment section and do share the content. Explore the different articles available in and delve into some amazing tech articles and reviews on net.

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