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How to Change Outlook password?

Microsoft introduced a system application which can handle various tasks through it. The application is termed as Microsoft Outlook. Although it is mainly used an email application, it can handle numerous tasks. Outlook serves its users by managing tasks such as calendar, task and contact manager, note taking, journal and also web browsing. Once you connect to an Outlook account you need to enter your email ID and password. The password which you have created can be changed frequently to protect your data in regard to various data files. In this article, we will get to learn about the different methods on how to change your Outlook password.

Microsoft Outlook is a one place too many for users. You can access all of your data through this one application. One can get connected with different contacts through their email, organize data through the manager tools and get your things done. Microsoft outlook has the best security terms and guidelines. The security it provides is so efficient that it handles the world’s top most industries data within it. Outlook handles your confidential information very smoothly without getting in your way. Even though it has the most secure connection and data protection it is very advisable to change your password once in a while.

Change your Microsoft Outlook password

Logging into your Microsoft Outlook account needs your email ID and also your Microsoft outlook password. Entering your email id and password allows Outlook to retrieve your data. If you want to protect your single data file in outlook it is very much possible. You can create a separate password to that individual file and change it as long as you know the original password.

There are 3 ways to change your Microsoft Outlook password. They are
a) By using Outlook connected accounts
b) Outlook Data file password change
c) Accessing

We will get into the step by step process of each way of changing the Outlook password below.

A) Outlook Connected Accounts

To change your Outlook password you can access your Outlook connected accounts through Outlook and get to change your password. Here are a few steps you need to follow to do so.

Change Outlook password

  1. Click on File, Info and select Account settings in it

    Open your Microsoft Outlook application and click on the file tab available. You will get to see different options listed. In those options click on Info and then go to Account settings to access your Outlook connected accounts.
    Open file info in the Outlook page

  2. Select your Account

    In the account settings page you will get to see the different accounts linked to your Microsoft Outlook account. Select your account of which you want to change the password and then click on the options available.Open Account settings and select your account in Outlook

  3. Click on Change

    You will find some options above after selecting the account you want to change the password for. Click on the change option available to change your Outlook password. Tap on Change to change your password of Outlook

  4. Enter your password

    The change page will be opened for you and you will find different settings available for change. Under the user name you will find the password bar available. Type in your password appropriately. Enter the password to change your Outlook password

  5. Tap NEXT

    Click on NEXT for Microsoft Outlook to test your account and attempt to login with the password you have provided. You will get to see a “Congratulations” message if everything is successful.

B) Outlook Data File password change

Microsoft Outlook has this feature of setting up a password for your Data file (PST). Once you set up a password for this file you will be prompted to it whenever you try opening it when you login with your respective email. To change this password you need to have the original outlook password or the set password. You cannot retrieve or change it without the original password. Here are few steps to change your Outlook Data File password.

1)Go to File, Info and open Account Settings

Open the file tab and go to Info. Open the Account settings tab available.

Open Account settings

2) Click on the Data File tab

In the account settings page you will find a tab named Data File. Open the data file tab.

Data file tab

3) Select your File and Click on settings

Select the data file you want to change password for and then tap on the settings tab available.

Data file settings

4) Click Change password button

After selecting the settings tab, tap on the change password option to change the data file password.

Click on change password

5) Create New password

Enter your old password and create the new one by re entering it. Hence you have changed your Data File password in Outlook.

Enter new password


By accessing the Microsoft account page you can change the password for your Microsoft Outlook. You need to change the password of the Microsoft account which will change the password of all your Microsoft tools. You need to enter this password to get access to your tools. Here are a few steps on how to change your Outlook password through

1)Visit Microsoft account page

Go to the Microsoft account page by visiting page.

2) Select I forgot my password

You will find the I forgot my password option listed. Click on that and tap Next.

Tap on I forgot my password

3)Enter your Microsoft account login details

You will be asked to enter your login details of Microsoft account. Enter your details and enter the captcha to process your request.

Select Sign in source

4) Select how you want to receive your Code

Choose the way on how you want to receive your code. Enter the code received.

Select the code source and enter it

5) Enter your New password

Type in your New password and process it to change your Outlook password.

Enter new Outlook password

To conclude: Hence you have learnt how to change your Microsoft Outlook password has been changed using three different ways. Comment your views below in the comment section and do share the content. Go to to access more interesting and exciting articles and reviews regarding Tech Stuff.

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