How to Change PUBG Username?

Coming across many multiplayer games in this era but still couldn’t find a game that can beat up the craze that PUBG has brought into the minds of people. PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Grounds) is an online multiplayer game launched in 2017. Although it was first released only for the Microsoft Windows via Steam’s early access, it was later released to the XBOX as well. After a while, it was released onto the Android and IOS mobile platforms. You will be allowed to create your own Username in the PUBG game. In this article we will get to know about how to change PUBG username.

In the PUBG game, you can change your username but with some limitations applied. You can only change your username in this game if you have an applicable name card available with you. Every user gets a name card at the start. You can use this name card to change your PUBG username. If you have used up your name card and still want to change your username then, there is nothing you can do about it. You need to wait until you get your new name card. You will be awarded with a new name card once you complete the 10 levels in a season at the maximum.

Change PUBG Username

Bored of using the same username in the PUBG game for over a long period of time. Use your name card to change your PUBG username. Even though you have used up your name card you can go to the store and spend some bucks to get a new name card. You can also complete level 10 of your season to avail the PUBG name card.

PUBG can be accessed through various gaming platforms. Initially it was only made available for the Microsoft Windows version. Later, it was launched into the Android and IOS mobile platforms. Now PUBG can also accessed through the Playstations. XBOX has been the major hit for playing PUBG. XBOX was the main platform linked up with PUBG. This is because of the reason that XBOX actually belongs to the Microsoft. Now if you’re wondering on how to change your XBOX game tag, visit the link illustrated below. Also, if you are ever tired of using the XBOX gaming version, you can delve into some top gaming laptops which can fulfill the XBOX platform. Refer the link below to check out the best gaming laptops of 2019.

Steps to Change PUBG Username

If you have a name card or if you are intending to buy a name card using some bucks; here are a few steps you can follow to change your PUBG username using your name card. As we have mentioned above, you can also change your PUBG username if you are using your name card for the first time for free. Follow the below illustrated steps to change your PUBG username.

PUBG Username

Open the PUBG applicationOpen the PUBG mobile application in your mobile. 

Pubg Application

Go to InventoryAt the bottom of your screen you will find the inventory option listed. Go to the Inventory menu. 

Pubg Application

Click on the BOX iconIn the inventory page you will find a series of icons. Click on the BOX icon to explore the different coupons and cards you have got. 

Pubg Application

Click on the NAME CARDSelect the name card available in your BOX and click on USE. 

Pubg Appplication

Change NAMEAfter clicking on use you will be redirected to the Username settings. Enter the desired user name of your choice and proceed further by saving your changes. Hence you have successfully changed your PUBG username.

Change Appearance in PUBG

Similar to the username change in PUBG, you can also change your appearance in PUBG. Follow the below illustrated simple steps to change your appearance in PUBG.

  1. Ensure that you have 3000 BP.
  2. Head over to the Main Menu and select Inventory.
  3. As soon as you’ll open inventory, a reset appearance option will appear right next to your player.
  4. This will provide you with all the options necessary for an appearance change.
  5. Make your changes and pay the dues.

This does not involve any confusion when compared with the PUBG name change. The process is pretty simple and straight forward.


There are many FAQ’s in regard to the PUBG gaming application. We have handpicked for you some top 3 trending FAQ’s inorder for you to note them down. Scroll below and get into the details.

Can I play PUBG on PC if I have bought it on XBOX?

When you buy an Xbox Play Anywhere digital game through the Xbox Store or the Windows Store, it’s yours to play on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC at no additional cost. Then, simply log into your Xbox Live/Microsoft account and your Xbox play.

Is PUBG mobile cross platform

So, the answer to is PUBG cross platform on mobile is a resounding yes. However, the answer to the same question of is PUBG cross platform but for console and PC is not as clear-cut. Unfortunately, XBOX One and PC players play completely separately from one-another.

Can PUBG mobile and XBOX play together?

While there is cross-platform play between mobile devices, it does not extend to other versions of the game. This means that PC and mobile players cannot jump into matches together, with the same also true for games between Xbox One and mobile players.

To conclude: Hence, in this article we have learnt about how to change PUBG username. Comment your views below in the comment section and do share the content. Visit and delve into some amazing tech articles and content available on web. Cheers!


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