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How to change Windows 10 password?

How to change Windows 10 password: Windows 10 is a set of personal computer operating systems produced by Microsoft as part of its Windows NT family (a processor-free, multiprocessing and multi-user) of operating systems. It is the successor to Windows 8.1.

Windows 10 is created to give updates for the supported continuance of the device. It provides two types of updates: quality updates and feature updates. Quality updates include security and non-security updates which are typically targeted to publish once a month. Feature updates incorporates quality updates as well as add new features to Windows 10 and usually given twice a year. Assuring that your device receives these updates and is kept up-to-date is vital for your device security. Windows 10 systematically checks for updates, so you don’t have to worry about your system changes getting stocked.

How to Change Windows 10 password?

Windows password is an essential feature on our computers even if there is nothing much to hide. Once in a while, it becomes necessary to change the password on your Windows password to stay on the safe side even though we have no one to hack onto our PCs.

Follow these steps to change Windows 10 password easily.

  1. Enter Start button in your Windows home screen

    Click the start button or the windows icon located on the left bottom corner of your home screen. Hit the windows icon on your home screen

  2. Click settings from the left to the list

    Click the settings icon in the start menu on after hitting the windows iconhit the settings icon in Start menu

  3. Select Accounts option

    After selecting the settings icon, hit the accounts icon in the settings options.Select the accounts option in Settings menu

  4. Hit the Sign-in option

    From the accounts section, select the sign-in option so that you can sign in into your account.Hit the sign in option in the accounts menu

  5. Click change your account password

    In the sign-in options, click on the change in the password section to change your password.Hit the change password option in sign in settings

  6. Sign-in to your Microsoft account

    Now you need to sign in to your Microsoft account in order to change your passwordSign in to your microsoft account inorder to change your password

  7. Enter the verification code sent to your mobile

    Now in order to sign into your Microsoft account you need to enter the verification code sent to your registered mobile number with Microsoft. The last two digits of your mobile number will be displayed in the mobile number section. Now you need to enter the last four digits including the displayed ones. Click on the next button to receive your code. Enter the verification code once you receive it. Enter the last four digits of your verification code

  8. Input your old and new passwords

    Now after entering your verification code and pressing next, you will be directed to a new page where you are asked to enter your old and new passwords. Enter your old password following it up with a new password. Enter a password hint also which matches your new password. Verify the new password and hit change password.Enter the current and new passwords to change your password

  9. See the message

    If you see a message that you have successfully changed your password then it means that your process of changing your password is completed successfully.You've changed your password successfully

This message pop up indicates you have changed your password successfully. To make a strong password go through the content below.

How to make a strong password?

If you want to choose a regular new password, add a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols which is highly recommended to make your password a strong one. The best types of passwords are considered to be of at least eight characters long. You can also use an alphanumeric password format to make it safer.
Windows also allow you to save your password into a pin or picture letting you sign in to your Microsoft account smartly.

Refer to some other more ways of setting up your password. You can either use a picture or a pin as your password instead of the same old character passwords. Here are simple steps to set your password as a pin or a picture.

Change your password to Pin

Use the below stated steps to change your password to pin.

  1. Click on the add pin under change password menu
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft account in order to change your pin.
  3. Now enter a new pin and follow it with the same to verify and click next.
  4. Your password has now changed to your pin.

Change your password to a picture

Similar to the pin, you can change your password to a picture. Here are a few steps to change your password to a picture.

Within the sign-in options click on Add under the picture.

  1. Enter your Microsoft account password to change your password to a picture.
  2. Add a picture of your choice from your files.
  3. Now click on choose the picture to select the respective picture and if you don’t choose another one.
  4. After selecting the picture draw three gestures of your choice and you can even drag the picture to your scale.  
  5. On drawing the gestures successfully the page will take you to a congratulations page where your picture password is set successfully.
  6. Thereby your picture password is set successfully.

Remember your gestures, position and shape of the picture because everything counts when you enter into the picture unlock.

So above are some steps regarding how to change your windows 10 password and the alternative passwords you can come up with in place of normal text passwords. For more of some important information visit

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