How to change Windows 8 password: Windows 8 is a set of personal computing operating systems produced by Microsoft. Windows 8 is known for its major updates and changes. The main change was the UI interface to improve its user experience on tablets. Windows 8 first manufactured on August 1, 2012 which later came into general availability on October 26, 2012. Windows 8 is also a part of the Windows NT family of the windows operating systems. In this post we will come across the different methods to change Windows 8 password.

The version of Windows 8 received some mixed critical reception. Although the touch screen capability, performance enhancements and security improvements are widely appreciated, but it also received some critical imparts. The new interface received some wide critical views as it was very difficult to get used to the new look and quoted difficult to learn. This problem appeared to be more when used with mouse and keyboard and seemed to be good while using it with touch. Windows 8.1 was later released as an improved version of windows 8. It was directly given into the update section in the windows store. Windows 8.1 incorporated some improvements from the critics and carried some significant developments.

How to Change Windows 8 Password

Windows 8 has come with a new style of setting up passwords. It provides a new way to link your account to the Microsoft account and also the password patterns can be changed. The password patterns include the pin and picture locks. You can set up a pin or a picture password if you are bored of using the same text passwords.

Having a new way of setting up passwords can rather complicate in the process of changing or resetting your password too. The reason is it involves some more security steps to get access to change your password.

You can change password through either your Microsoft account or through normal local account.

Changing password through Local Domain

You can change your Windows 8 password through local domain i.e, by simply accessing through your windows account settings.

How to change windows password through local domain

  1. Click on “Settings”

    Swipe in from the right side of the screen or if using a mouse slide to the right side of the desktop and then click on Settings Click the settings icon ont the right side of the menu

  2. Then click on “Change PC settings”

    After clicking on the settings page, click on the change PC settingsClick on the change PC settings

  3. Now select “Accounts” under the Change PC settings and click on “Sign-In”

    Select the accounts sections under the change PC settings tool. This redirects you to the different sign in options available. Under the change pc settings click on sign in to explore sign in options

  4. Enter the passwords

    You’ll find the three sections namely old password, new password and re enter new password. Under the old password enter your current password. Enter the new password in the new password section and re enter the same in the re enter new password section. After entering the passwords, click on next icon below. Enter the passwords

  5. Tap on “Finish”

    If your passwords match and your process is clean you will see the finish icon at the bottom. Click on finish icon and thereby your process is complete.Tap on finish to finish your process

Hence, your password change has been done successfully. Now if you’re looking for change in password through Microsoft account you can directly log into the Microsoft site and change your password.

You can set your password as a PIN or a Picture in window 8. Here are a few steps on how you can change it to a pin or a picture.

Change your password to Pin

Use the below stated steps to change your password to pin.

  1. Click on the add pin under change password menu.
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft account in order to change your pin.
  3. Now enter a new pin and follow it with the same to verify and click next.
  4. Your password has now changed to your pin.

Change your password to a picture

Similar to the pin, you can change your password to a picture. Here are a few steps to change your password to a picture.

  1. Within the sign-in options click on Add under the picture.
  2. Enter your Microsoft account password to change your password to a picture.
  3. Add a picture of your choice from your files.
  4. Now click on choose the picture to select the respective picture and if you don’t choose another one.
  5. Now after selecting the picture draw three gestures of your choice and you can even drag the picture to your scale.
  6. After drawing the gestures successfully the page will take you to a congratulations page where your picture password is set successfully.

Thereby your picture password is set successfully. Remember your gestures, position and shape of the picture because everything counts when you enter into the picture unlock.

So, above are the ways to set your Windows 8 password. Explore the Morphigo.com to find out some other cool ways about Windows passwords, tools and much more information. Comment your views below in the comment section and share the info if you would love to.

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