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How to clear Cache in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome simply known as Chrome is a cross linked platform developed by Google especially for the purpose of browsing. The chrome browser is the main component of Chrome OS where it serves as the platform for Chrome applications. Whenever you browse through chrome it stores some cache data in the form of files, images etc. In this article we will get to know how to clear Cache in Google Chrome.

Cache data in any web browser is the data stored when you browse through the internet. This cache data does no harm to your device but eats up extra space on your hard disks. Cache data are just the replicates of your original data. The chrome browser stores your cache data just to retrieve your data faster the next time you browse through those topics from chrome. You can clear your cache data once in a while.

Clearing Cache in Google Chrome

You can clear your Google Chrome cache when ever you would like to. Clearing the cache data does not affect your original system files. In case if you feel like you are running out of space or noticing your browser go a bit slow then this may be due to the amount of cache data stored internally by your browser.

Steps to clear Cache in Chrome desktop browser

To clear your cache data in google chrome there are a series of few simple steps to follow. Scroll down below to explore.

Steps to clear Cache data in Google Chrome

  1. Open Google Chrome browser

    Go to Start or directly go to Google chrome browser by double clicking on the Google Chrome icon on the desktop. Clear Google Chrome Cache

  2. Click on the : option

    On the top right corner you can find a option with three dots in series. Click on that to open the Chrome menu. Google Chrome menu icon

  3. Go to more tools

    In the menu there are a several different options. Go to more tools option listed from that menu. You can find several options in that. Go to more tools to clear your cache

  4. Click Clear browsing Data

    In the more tools option you can find the Clear browsing data option. Click on that to explore the clearing options.Go to clearr browsing history to clear your cache data

  5. Go to Basic

    In the clear browsing data tab go to the Basic tab available on the top left cornerGo to basic tab to clear browsing history

  6. Select time range

    You can find the Time range option in the basic menu of clear browsing data. Select the time range to All Time to clear the everything from the beginning. Select all time to clear cache of all time in google chrome

  7. Check cached images and files

    In the basic menu after selecting the time range make sure that you check the cached images and files. Checking this will clear your Cached images and files. Check cached images and files

  8. Click Clear data

    After checking the required options you can find the Clear data option under the window. Click on it to clear your cached data and also your browsing history. Clearing cache in google chrome

Hence your cache data has been cleared in Google Chrome desktop browser.

Steps to clear Cache in Google Chrome Mobile browser

To clear your cache data in your mobile Chrome browser, here are a series of steps you can follow.

1)Open Chrome Application
Go to menu in your mobile and open the Google chrome application.

Chrome icon in Mobile

2) Go to menu
In the application go to the menu icon available in the top right corner of the browser

Menu option in Chrome Mobile

3) Click on history
In the menu options listed, you will find the history option. Click on it

4) Tap clear browsing data
You will find the clear browsing data option listed either at the top of the screen or at the bottom. Tap on clear browsing data.

Clear browsing history tab

5) Select time range and check cache files
In the clear browsing history tab, you will find time range at the top. Select the time range through which you want to clear your cache data. Also check the cache files and images.

Select time range and check cached images and files

6) Tap clear browsing data
Hit the clear browsing data option available at the bottom to clear your cache data and browsing history.

Clear browsing data

Hence you have cleared your cache files on your Mobile Chrome browser.

To conclude: Thereby you have learned the different steps on how to clear your cache data both in desktop and mobile versions of Google Chrome. Comment your views below in the comment section and do share the content. For more of some interesting and amazing tech stuff visit and explore cool content.

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