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How to create Windows 7 bootable USB?

A bootable USB is a cool way to re-install your operating system. Bootable USB’s are also termed as Live USB’s. Using a bootable USB is very efficient in the terms of saving time and easy installation. In this article, we’ll get to know on how to create a Windows 7 bootable USB.

To boot your Windows 7 through a USB, all you need to have is a USB with a minimum amount of 4/6GB space freely available. To create a bootable USB you need to have your Windows ISO file. An ISO file is a file that contains all the files of windows installation in it. An ISO file is basically what you get when you download the Windows operating system directly through Microsoft. To create a bootable USB thereby we need to have an ISO file, an USB flash drive and an ISO to USB burner software.

Creating a bootable USB for Windows 7

Go through the below steps to create a bootable USB for windows 7.

Bootable USB for Windows 7

  1. Insert the USB drive

    Firstly, insert your USB drive which is already formatted and is having a minimum space of 4-6GB left. Insert the USB drive to create a bootable USB

  2. Open the Windows ISO/USB tool

    Open the ISO/USB software tool to convert the ISO image file into the USB file. It makes a copy of the ISO file onto the USB. Convert ISO to USB to create a bootable USB

  3. Select the Windows ISO file

    After opening the tool, click on browse to browse the Windows ISO file. Browse and select the ISO file to convert and create a bootable USB

  4. Choose the Media type

    After selecting the ISO file from the system, select the media type through which you want to use the ISO file. Choose the media type to create a bootable USB

  5. Select the USB

    Select the USB type and then select the USB connected and copy the files onto it.

  6. Install windows

    Now once your files have been copied, Re-install the windows by using the USB flash drive. Creating the bootable USB

  7. Restart PC

    You can reinstall your pc using windows 7 by just changing the boot order through the BIOS menu.

Hence the bootable USB is created and you can directly install windows from the USB. Such a device is termed as bootable USB or Live USB’s.

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Booting Windows 7 through USB

To boot Windows 7 through a USB, here are a series of steps you need to follow

1)Restart your system

Enter the windows key and shut down your system. After shutting down restart it by hitting the power button. 

2) Enter the BIOS key

Immediately when the system starts to process the turn on, randomly start hitting the BIOS key for the BIOS menu to get accessed. 


When the BIOS page appears, go the boot order menu using the keys and press enter. Select the USB option in the BOOT ORDER menu. You’ll need to move the USB booting option to the top of the list as depicted in the picture below by using suitable keys. Generally, you can use the + key. This may vary.

4) Save and Exit the BIOS

After you bring the USB drive option to the top of the list, ensure that you’ve saved the changes and exit from the BIOS menu. Press the confirm key when prompted.

5) Select the boot device

The system may restart once you have saved your changes. Restart your system if it does not show any options of your booting devices. You need to restart the device with the USB device plugged in. Press the boot key and you’ll find some booting options. Select the appropriate USB booting device and press the return key. Thereby, your booting process is complete.

Note: Do not remove your USB flash drive through the entire booting process otherwise, the system will consider the other booting options available and will complete the process through them.

Thereby, you’ve got your system to be booted through a USB device.

To conclude: The above quoted are the few steps on how to create a bootable USB for Windows 7. For some more of tech articles visit Comment your views below and share the article if you would love to. Cheers!

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