How to Defrag Windows 7 ?

It is worth once in a while to defrag your computer. Defragging is the process where your system files are optimized. This optimization leads to more quick and efficient performance of the system. In this article we’ll get to know deeply how to Defrag the Windows 7 operating system.

Defragging is a process that generally takes place in the hard disk storage. When we use up large amount of space in the hard disk the system generally takes a little bit of time in accessing files. What people generally do is that they store folders into folders and thereby making the system look fuzzier. The fuzzy look not only gives us some headache in searching and accessing files but also to the system. This process is generally termed as Fragmentation. Fragmentation thereby increases the disk head movement which in turn increases the file seek time. The only alternative for this kind of a problem is to rearrange or reorganize files and free back the space into contiguous areas. This is termed as the Defragmentation.

Defragging Windows 7

How to Defrag Windows 7: In general, the defragmenting process takes place automatically by the system. As there are large amount of files carrying more space, the systems defrags them automatically to access the files quicker. Defragmentation thereby improves the system’s reliability and efficiency.

Even though the system sometimes automatically carries the defragging process, one can manually defrag the system by using the Disk defragmenter. The process is generally quick and easy to access. The defragging can also be setup into a timely encounter process. You can schedule the time you want your system to take up the process of Defragging.

Windows 7 Defragmenter

Let’s get into a few steps where you can follow to complete your Defragging process. Windows 7 defragging process is very quick and easy to access. This is because of the reason that you can actually defrag multiple drives in parallel. In the previous windows versions only one drive defragmentation at a time is possible. If you have a hard disk, system drive and also a USB drive to undergo the process of defragging, it is very easily possible, i.e, all at a time.

Here are a few steps you need to follow to Defrag your Windows 7 system

Defragging Windows 7 System

Enter Disk Defragementer in StartGo to start and enter Disk Defragmenter in the search box. You can also go to Start>Programs>Accessories>System tools>Defragmeneter 

Disk Defragementer

Click on Defragment DiskOpen the Disk defragmenter and then you will get to see the different disks available for defragmentation. Select your disk and then click on the Defragment disk option to startt the Defragment process.

Tick the Drives

Therefore the disk defragmentation is complete. Now your system runs in full optimization and you can notice it if you have carried out the defragging process for the first time.

Manual Defragmentation process

You can also defrag each disk manually. This implies that you can select each disk of which you want to manually defrag and carry out the defragmentation process. Here are the few steps to follow to manually defrag your Windows 7.

1)Open My computer and select the drive
Open my computer and select the drive which you want to defrag. Right click on it and go the drive properties.

Select The Disk

2) Go to tools

In the properties section go to tools and you will find the “Defragment now” option. Click on the Defragment disk option to start your defragmentation process. Hence you disk will undergo the process of defragmentation.

Start Defragement

Therefore you have manually defragged your disk. After the completion of the process you can find your system in a good optimized condition.

Timed Defrag process in Windows 7

You can schedule the time of defrag in your Windows 7. If you don’t want to do it manually everytime you can use this option. Scheduling when to defrag your windows 7 is also the best way to do as we often forget things. Once you allot a time for the system to defrag it carries out its process without any prompt.

Here are a few steps to schedule your Windows 7 defrag.

1)Click on Configure Schedule

Open the disk defragmenter tool and then click on Configure schedule option listed on the right side.

Schedule Defragement

2) Select the schedule

Tick mark the check box stating run a schedule and then select the frequency, day and time of your choice to defrag your windows 7. Also, select the disks you would like to defrag and then click on “OK”.

Select the Time

3) Tick the drives

Tick the drives you would want to include in the defrag schedule and then click on “OK”.

Tick the Drives

After clicking on OK close your Disk defragmenter tool. The system will automatically process the defragmentation process.

To conclude: Therefore the above are some methods to defrag your Windows 7 using manual, automatic and scheduled options in the Disk Defragmenter tool. Visit to delve into some relevant tech stuff. Comment your views below in regard to this article and share the content. Cheers!


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