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How to delete Windows.old?

Have you ever been annoyed or distressed during the PC upgrading process? If you have been through this kind of a problem then it is definitely due to the windows.old file. Windows.old file is a folder which automatically piles up data when you reinstall your windows without deleting the old files. It creates this Windows.old folder in the root of the Windows partition and stores the previous operating system files and data. In this article we will go through the simple steps of how we can delete the Windows.old file/folder.

Windows.old file is therefore nothing but the folder which contains your older files from the previous installation. The Windows.old can be deleted permanently but it’s quite different from deleting a normal windows file. Windows.old also acts as a back up tool for your old documents. In case if you have installed a new OS and lost your previous files, you can easily find them in the windows.old file. Don’t wait too long because the Windows will automatically delete the Windows.old folder to free up space after a month.

Removing Windows.old

Here are a simple and reliable steps you can use to remove windows.old file. Explore them below.

Removing windows.old

  1. Go to start and open disk start-up

    Open the start menu and open the disk start up tool where you would have access to your disk files. A dialog appears in the menu, where you need to select the drive in which the old files are present and then click on “OK”. Click on the drive in which old files are present and click on ok to remove windows.old

  2. Click on Clean system files

    After clicking on OK click on the clean system files option. Now choose the drive again that has the .old files on it. The system will perform a second scan of files that need to be cleaned up and will take a bit longer. the disk cleans up space of the old files and removes windows.old

  3. Finish

    Finally, a dialog will pop up with another set of check boxes. Scroll down until you find one labeled Older versions of Windows or Previous Windows installations and click OK. The disk clears the old space and there by windows.old is removed

Hence, Windows.old has been removed. In general the space it takes up is pretty much higher. As mentioned above the new windows version keeps the data for a month as a back up tool and then it itself cleans up the old files.

Thereby the above are a few simple steps you can rely on to remove the windows.old file. Windows.old does not seem to carry any junk files but the files of your own on the previous versions. If you are struggling with some spacing conditions then you can simply delete it through the above mentioned steps.

Note: The above steps are all the same to delete Windows.old in Windows 7,8 and also 10.

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How to delete Windows.old in Windows Vista

Here are a simple few steps on how to delete Windows.old file in Windows Vista.

  • Click on Start and then click on All programs.
  • Go to accessories and then to System tools.
  • Click on the Disk clean up option
  • Choose to run up as an administrator to perform the task.
  • In the Disk Cleanup Options dialog, make sure to check the Files from all users on this computer box.
  • Then in the Disk Cleanup drive Selection dialog, click on the hard disk where the the Windows.old folder is and click OK. The system will then scan the drive for unnecessary files.
  • Click on the Disk Cleanup tab and look for a checkbox that says Previous Windows installations.
  • Check it and click OK. Then click Delete Files when prompted.

This gets rid of all the space holding files on your Windows Vista operating system. Thereby you have successfully deleted all the windows.old files which are wasting a good amount of space in your system.

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How to access Individual files on windows.old

You can access your files individually in the windows.old folder within a few simple clicks. All you need is to follow the below mentioned simple steps.

  • Open the drive where the windows.old folder is located
  • Now open the windows.old folder and click on your name to access your files in windows.old
  • Your personal files will be located under C:\Windows.old\Users\your_name.

Those are the above simple steps to access your individual files stored on Windows.old. You can simply access each individual file and perform individual actions too like share, copy etc.

To conclude: In this article you have gone through some simple yet important steps on how to delete windows.old file. For more of some important content in regard to how to articles about Windows/Mac or any such other platforms visit and explore some interesting content on web. Comment your views regarding this article and share it with your friends if you find it pretty useful. Cheers for now!

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