DigitalOcean Alternatives 2020 – Best Cloud Hosting Services with Droplets

If you are in the cloud computing business, chances are you know what Digital Ocean is. Everyone knows of Amazon web Services commands a whopping 34% of all cloud market share followed by Google, Microsoft and IBM who command 11%, 8% and 6% respectively. But what is cloud computing anyways? Cloud computing allows you to have a virtual cluster of computers at your disposal. They will have all the qualities of a real life computer such as RAM memory, hard disk storage, operating systems. They even come with pre loaded application software’s such as web servers, data bases etc.

You can access this virtual computer via a browser, and do all the things you would on a real computer. Handy isn’t it? Now coming to Digitalocean it refers to a cloud CPU as a droplet and prices start for as low as $5. $5 will get you a 1 GB Ram and 25 GB SSD space. The prices go up from here, offering more in terms of RAM and SSD space.

But the cloud computing market is still in its nascent stages and is poised for robust growth. With cloud computing workers across different cities, countries and even continents can collaborate in real time. Offices will be online, work will get done on servers. Everyone from budding apps, to computers are providing virtual space. The contest has just begun and its anyone’s guess as to who will come out on top.

At the same time, both Amazon and Digital Ocean cater to different customers. Digital Ocean is for the smart, scrappy up and comer looking to make his mark. It offers what no one starting his enterprise can resist cheap prices. Amazon though offers a lot more options and is comparatively expensive. So today for our list of Digital Ocean alternatives we bring you to cloud computing providers who are also seeking to cater to up and comers.

Best DigitalOcean alternatives

Here are the best DigitalOcean alternatives


Digital Ocean Alternative Vultr

It’s VULTR and not Vulture. You want to get the name right otherwise you will end up in Knockturn alley instead of Diagon Alley.

Vultr boasts Intel cores(nothing less than the latest generation), OS combinations(from Windows to Ubuntu pick any one), API(Application Program Interface), not to mention an array of helpful features like Restart, Reboot, Reinstall, Change OS, view console etc. All of this at dirt poor prices starting $0.04 an hour.

You can also rent entire servers to yourself for an hour, a day, a year, a lifetime. Vulture is located in 16 locations and is constantly optimizing its routing and peering arrangements to lower latency and drive up performance.

An API is an access point for an app to access a database. Everyone from social media companies to governments is looking to share data and make it public. API’s are a big part of making that possible. A solid Digitalocean alternative.

A Dedicated Hosting Server is one where an entire server belongs to one party. You don’t have to share the server with anyone else. This allows for freedom in picking your own operating system and hardware.


Digital Ocean Alternative A2 Hosting

A web hosting service for everyone, from the up and coming blogger to the powerful local business taking its first step in targeting an ever audience by going online.  You get everything from shared hosting to dedicated hosting. The dedicated servers go for $100 monthly while the shared hosting comes at 4 dollars monthly. Talk about cheap. You can speed up your sites by hosting your content on SSds. Secure your site and visitors with SSL certificates and host your data on global servers. And the customer support is top notch you can reach them via phone, email, chat. This is one Digitalocean alternative you can’t pass over.

SSL Certificate is a small data file that digitally binds a cryptographic key with an organizations detail. When activated it allows for secure connections between web servers and browsers. They are used to secure everything from payment transactions to data transfers and logins.


Digital Ocean Alternative Cloudways

Let Cloudways take care of your hosting needs so you can give your work your undivided attention. With Cloudways you get managed backup and security, not to mention 24*7 customer support and a Cloudways bot at your beck and call. Setting up your website has never been this easy, you can now have your website going online in minutes. With Cloudways you can build your business to scale. A Digitalocean alternative worth checking out.

Host 1 Plus

Digital Ocean Alternative Host 1 Plus

Now called Heficed. It facilitates network engineering services and provides infrastructure. It is primarily an IP service provider and even calls itself an IP address management company. Its goals are ambitious, to say the least. It seeks to change the way business entities deploy IP’s by provisioning them to physical and virtual servers. A Digitalocean alternative on the rise.


Digital Ocean Alternative Dreamhost

It has everything from shared hosting at $2.59 a month to dedicated hosting at $149 per month. You can create your very own website for as little as $4.95. Its cloud hosting will cost you $0.0075 an hour and you get fast servers, SSD storage, and fast networking facilitated by open API’s. Its control panel is easy to use and you get round the clock customer support. Have a look at this DigitalOcean alternative.

Host Gator Cloud

Digital Ocean Alternative Hostgator

It has 3 offerings for you The Hatchling Cloud, the Baby Cloud and the Business Cloud. Well which one are you a hatchling or a baby? Hatchlings get a single domain, 2 GB memory, 2 core CPU and free SSL certificates all for $4.95 an hour. Babys get unlimited domains, 4 GB memory, 4 core CPU and free SSL certificates at $6.57 a month.

With low-density servers, premium hardware and multiple caching layers you get up to 2 times faster loading time. With Hostgator, you can build your businesses to scale. With a single click, you can build up your resources. Its analytics tool will provide you with useful insights like page download speed, uptime, global reach etc. A Digitalocean alternative doubling as a web design tool.


Digital Ocean Alternative Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion provides you need to make your dream website for free including templates, fonts and such. Plus you get domain names and SSL certificates for free. If you already have a website you can migrate it to inmotion free of charge. Word Press hosting will cost you $4.99 a month and business hosting comes at $3.49 a month. There is 24*7 customer support as well. Another great Digitalocean alternative.

So here ends our list of DigitalOcean alternatives. You need to be careful while picking your web host after all this is one host whose domain you are unlikely to leave anytime soon. See what we did there? SO pick one that is cheap, provides good service and is built to scale. Our recommendation: A2Hosting.


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