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With 5G just around the corner, Cloud is the way to go. Data is everywhere and everyone is generating it. From enterprises to individuals everyone is reliant on data. It simply doesn’t make sense to haul that much data around and what if you happen to lose it. It makes sense to back up your data or store it online altogether. Cloud is no longer the playground of big corporations. Even the smallest of startups will need to store data, how else is it going to improve its services if not by analyzing its data.

Individuals need data just as much as private companies. Having all your data in one place is an advantage few can do without. Even mobile apps come with some form of cloud storage saving you valuable space in your phone. Dropbox is one of the best cloud storage services out there. What helped Dropbox get ahead of its rivals was its file syncing capabilities and its file sharing option. While many of its competitors have aped its file sharing features, none have managed to improve on it or make it better.

Dropbox also lets you invite others to share your content either through email or via a link. This isn’t to say that Dropbox is perfect; it has its detractors among privacy advocates who worry that its privacy protections are flimsy. Also, it offers a mere 2 GB of data for free. Thereafter you have to avail its 9.99 dollar plan to get access to about a terabyte worth of cloud storage. There are plenty of Dropbox alternatives out there that have done plenty to allay privacy concerns and offer cheaper cloud storage. Let’s check them out.

Best DropBox alternatives

Here are the best DropBox alternatives.


A Dropbox alternative based out of Canada which has stronger privacy protections. Also you get 5 GB worth of cloud storage when you sign up. It’s paid plans are on the cheaper side as well. For 4 dollars a month you get 500 GB worth of data and for $8 you get about 2000 GB data. For business owners $8 dollars will fetch you 2000 GB worth of space while $5 will get you 1000 GB of data upto two people. For every friend you recommend Sync to you get a gigabyte of data free. And get this there’s no limit on referrals. You can set passwords on links. This feature is available to both paid and un paid customers. Sync also makes no compromises when it comes to security.



Another great Dropbox alternative. It offers 10 GB of free data compared to Drop Box’s 2. For $4.99 a month you get 500 GB of storage, for $3.99 a month which adds up to $48 a year you get 500 GB.  For a onetime payment of $175, you get a lifetime plan with 500 GB of storage or you can keep on paying $4.86 a month for 3 years worth of use.

For $9.99 a month you get 2 TB worth of storage compared to Dropbox’s  1 TB. For $7.99 a month which adds up to $95.88 a year you get 2 TB yearly. And for $9.72 a month or a onetime payment of $350, you get a lifetime worth of 2 TB storage. There is also a custom plan that lets you decide how much cloud storage space you need. You can backup your dropbox storage from your web interface. It also has a built in audio and video player for media files. You can also back up your social media accounts here.



A Dropbox alternative for those with slightly deeper pockets. It has no free storage to offer; moreover, its plans are a bit on the expensive side. What it does let you do is customize your syncing capabilities. You can select which files to backup and when. Now coming to its plans, for $6 a month or $69 a year you get 150 GB worth of cloud storage. For $ 11 a month or $115 a year you get 400 GB.  For $14 a month or $149 annually you get 2 TB. For $29 a month or $320 a year will bring you 5 TB of cloud storage.



Another great Dropbox alternative. It offers you up to 5 GB of free cloud storage.  For $52.12 you get 2 TB, for business owners $74.62 will get you 250 GB, $149.62 will provide 500 GB, $374.62 will provide 1.25 TB. It has both sync and back up capabilities.



Microsoft’s very own Dropbox alternative. It offers 5 GB of free storage. For $1.99 a month you get 50 GB, there is no yearly plan for this one. For $6.99 a month adding up to $69.99 a year you get 1 TB.  If you like sharing then for $9.99 a month or $99.99 a year you get 6 TB that you can share among six users. Let us not forget that Microsoft is a leader in the cloud computing business, right after Amazon, plus since many of us use some variation of Microsoft Office which lets you save your files in One Drive. One Drive is a very real alternative to DropBox.

Google Drive

google drive

Have you tried this Dropbox alternative? It offers 15 GB worth of cloud storage. For $1.99 a month you can push it up to 100. $9.99 a month will get you 1 TB, for $19.99 a month and you will have 2 TB. For $99.99 a month you get 20 TB. There are more eye-popping plans but why bother, Google’s prices make a better case for themselves than we ever could. But Google’s privacy practices are a bit dodgy. For one it will scan your content while uploading to hit you with targeted advertising.

Amazon Drive

amazon drive

One of the best Dropbox alternatives out there. Given Amazon’s dominance in the cloud computing arena, we are surprised this one isn’t more of a hit. For $1.09 a month you get 100 GB. This adds up to 12 dollars a year. Then for $5 a month or $60 a year you get 1 TB. This is followed by 2 TB for $10 a month,$15 for 3 TB, $20 for 4 TB, $25 for 5 TB, $30 for 6 TB, $35 for 7 TB, $ 40 for 8 TB, $45 for 9 TB, $50 for 10 TB, $100 for 20 TB, $150 for 30 TB. None of its rivals even come close to matching its prices. It has sync and backup capabilities both.

Honestly Amazons prices sealed the deal for us, that and its signature customer service makes Amazon a no brainer for a Dropbox alternative. Although Google’s prices are competitive too especially in the lower range.

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