5 Easy ways to access blocked websites on the Internet


Easy ways to access blocked websites on the Internet: Isn’t it annoying when you have a project to complete, but the page instead of opening shows you an error message? Or maybe the page says “You are not allowed to view this page”, or “invalid authentication.”

Internet censorship is good until you are not allowed to get access to a specific website. Until, the essential sites that you have been relying on to get you through your task suddenly show you an error message.

Sometimes, internet restrictions are inevitable as it’s not in our hands to get permission from the government or our internet service provider. But if the websites are not illegal then we can make use of the internet well, can’t we?

Here are a few methods that you can try to get access to the websites that you need. But some countries are severe about internet censorship, make sure yours aren’t, and if that’s the case, you should also get prepared for the outcomes.

Easy ways to unblock websites on the Internet

Here are five easy ways to access blocked websites on the Internet.

1. Proxy website

Search the term ‘proxy websites’ on your browser. This will direct you to certain links. Open the first link that pops up. Enter the URL of the blocked website on the bar and then click on Go. The proxy website will retrieve the blocked content and you can get access to the blocked website.

This method is quite useful. The proxy websites will replace your IP with their own. So, the proxy websites send requests on behalf of your IP address instead. But on the downside, the proxy site can also get blocked either by the institution or internet provider. To avoid this, choose the least popular the proxy site as it increases your chances of gaining access to it.

2. Browser extension

Sometimes, while accessing a page or a website, you might come across a message which reads ‘content isn’t available in your area’. This happens because of the geo-restriction.

Geo-restrictions is a way that content providers use to restrict access to their services and platforms on a geographical basis. Basically, it enables them to make their websites available in specific countries.

To access geo-restricted websites like Spotify, you can use browser extensions like Zenmate or Hola. To get this extension, go to the Google store and install it. Sometimes, to use a specific extension, you have to sign in. Follow the procedures given after installing and you will be able to use it.
After installing the extension you will be able to get the access to the geo-restricted websites.

3. Virtual Private Network

Services like VPN comes handy when proxies aren’t working. VPN comes with a significant advantage over proxies. It is difficult for an Internet Service Provider to block a VPN connection, unlike proxies. Since VPNs connections are encrypted, it becomes difficult for Internet Service Providers to block a VPN connection.

But to use a VPN service, you need to pay. There are a few free \services available, but you get limited bandwidth with it. Also, they show you ads that sometimes can be irritating.

4. DNS to SmartDNS

DNS or Domain Name Server is one of the best ways to access blocked websites on the Internet. But before that, let’s understand how DNS work.
DNS is responsible for resolving the IP address from the web address you typed in the address bar. But we without knowing use DNS that our Internet Service Provider distributes to us.

Since the default DNS services are provided by the ISP, they can easily control and block the requests that you make. They can secure the website you are trying to access make it unreachable. To avoid this, you can use services like Smart DNS Proxy.

Smart DNS Proxy provides you with a different set of DNS addresses. With these addresses, you can unlock everything from websites to streaming services.
Smart DNS proxy provides you with detailed guidance of changing DNS address on various systems like Windows, MacOS, Android, and routers.

Using the Smart DNS method changes your DNS settings on the router level, which allows all your devices including smartphones, even Chromecast to access any websites without additional configuration.
And it comes as an advantage over VPN as it is faster than any of the Virtual Private Network service.

5. IP Anonymizer like TOR

Tor browser is an extensively popular browser. It acts as a web-blocker bypass tool if it is set up correctly. Tor can unblock websites at school or office while remaining anonymous.

There are various advantages of Tor. It can help you get rid of any surveillance. When VPN and proxies don’t work, Tor comes to your rescue as it is the most potent method to unblock sites.

In many cases, it is used as a gateway to dark web sites, or .onion sites, which are blocked on your usual web. But we recommend you not to get involved in illegal activities.

Apart from just unblocking websites, Tor can be used to enhance computer security. The combination of TOR and VPN provides higher protection to the computer.

Conclusion: These are some of the most effective and easy to use methods to deceive the restriction that has been put on your favorite websites. Let us know which one do you prefer to access blocked sites in your region.

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