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I found it on ebay was a phrase I heard continuously while growing up on American sitcoms. E Bay was THE site for online shopping and it still manages to pull some decent traffic. Yet it never really took off, not like Amazon or AliBaba. Infact its success was a herald of things to come. And these things were the rise of ecommerce giants like Amazon. eBay had all the time in the world to become the next Amazon and for a while it looked like it would. It made all the right moves from its acquisitions of payment platform PayPal to expanding its merchandise. But it was unwilling to branch out from selling used items that too in an auction format.

But what eBay lacked was a vision. It couldn’t foresee a world where people would do all their holiday shopping from one place. That people would prefer to buy their gadgets online was unthinkable to eBay. Or maybe they did think it but were unwilling to go as far. After all, it took Amazon thirteen years to turn a profit. Would eBay have foregone profits for 13 years? Unlikely. Amazon played the long game, eBay, however, was unwilling to even get into the playing field. So with that, we bring to you a list of eBay alternatives everything from mainstream to niche platforms.

Best eBay alternatives

Here are the best eBay alternatives



This one needs no introduction. It gives nightmares to small business owners while bringing smiles to its customers worldwide. What seperates Amazon from its rivals, if you can indeed call them that, they are more like grasping copycats, is that its number one priority is the customer. According to rumors Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s founder keeps an empty seat in all meetings. That seat is meant for the customer so that no one forgets who they are actually serving. Need we say more.



An online platform for those who make handmade items, craft supplies. After all most of these craftsmen are looking to supplement their income and they prefer quality over quantity. For such people, Etsy is a great platform with 30.6 million buyers and 1.8 million sellers.An eBay alternative for thos who are good with their hands.



Japan the land of Samurai and Anime, at least that’s how I think of it has its very own version of Amazon. It lays claim to 90% of all Japanese Internet users. While Amazon focuses on the customer Rakuten seeks to add to your shopping experience as a whole. In a country obsessed with personal service Rakuten brings those ideals online. The sellers get to customize their selling space with templates, icons etc, so that the buyer knows who he is buying from. This is an Amazon alternative with a personal touch. It recently acquired Kobo the Canadian ebook company to make its foray into the ebook market.



The online retailing giant you have never heard of. It focuses primarily on electronic items and has a dedicated following of gamers and electronics enthusiasts. It is an eBay alternative for self professed Geeks.



If Amazon focuses on the buyer then Bonzana focuses on the seller. With free listings, lower fees and round the clock customer support. Bonzana is the eBay alternative for the harried seller.



It is extremely easy to use with no listing fees for sellers and a 3% cap on all final value fees. Compare this with eBay’s 10% and suddenly most sellers cannot wait to make the jump from eBay to eBid. Though you might have some trouble finding buyers due its lacklusture traffic. And the case can be mae that despite eBay’s sky high cut of your profits, the amount you stand to make on eBay could still be higher than what you would make on eBid. This one is an up and coming eBay alternative.



It sells vintage items only. So if you are a serious collector looking to expand your collection head over to Ruby Lane. Plus there is no commission on your sales. Sweet right? This is an eBay alternative for old souls.



An online platform that sells across the board. It’s products are listed on Google shopping and you can even import your eBay products on this site. An eBay alternative for those looking to try out something new.



Just because it is listed on the 9th place is in no way indicative of its standing. AliBaba is where all Chinese get their online shopping done. Think about that for a minute. A country of billion peoples all shopping from the same place. No business owner big or small can afford to be left out of AliBaba. It is an online platform, payment gateway and hedge fund all rolled into one. This is no mere eBay alternative.



India is where the next e-commerce battle is going to be, and odds are it has already started. Flipkart was acquired by US shopping giant Walmart for an eye-popping 16 billion. Still a small price to pay for a country with more than 1 billion people with more and more joining the internet every day. It is only a matter of time before they head over to an online e-commerce space. The question who is it going to be Amazon, Flipkart or someone else? Keep an eye on this eBay alternative.

So which eBay alternative did you like best? If eBay is your destination for auctioning stuff, we recommend that you check out eBid. But for buying things that are not niche you had best stick with Amazon.

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