Facebook Alternatives 2020 – Best Social Networking Sites

Is there such a thing as a Facebook Alternative? Lets you and I find out together. Facebook is ubiquitous, Facebook is larger than life. But a lot of us are tiring of facebook. The never ending privacy concerns. The rampant polarization it engenders, the false information it inadvertently helps in disseminating. It has also become a playground of stalkers, creeps and all manner of unsavory characters.

Most people don’t even like being on Facebook. They are on it because well everyone else is on it. It’s a vicious cycle. We haven’t even come to the worst part. Facebook has reams of data on you that it then sells to advertisers who bombard you with targeted personal ads. Imagine if this data fell into the wrong hands. Plus there is little in terms of regulation when it comes to Facebook because there has never been anything like Facebook. The arguments against Facebook keep on increasing while those for it lack teeth.

Best Facebook alternatives

Here are the best Facebook alternatives


Facebook Alternative Reddit

Probably the best Facebook alternative out there. TheReddit is what Facebook was supposed to be “a community”. If Facebook is you interacting with friends and acquaintances sharing prosaic details of your everyday life, then Reddit is you interacting with complete strangers about meaningful stuff. Facebook is a little like high school you are stuck with people you don’t like whereas on Reddit you get to meet your people. Facebook is a bubble, Reddit is real life. Pissed off about the latest episode of Game of Thrones, it probably has it own subreddit. Like looking at cute dogs to brighten up your day, want to share your take on current events, there are sub reddits for literally everything.


Facebook Alternative Vero

A great Facebook alternative. A social network that offers you greater control over your data. It is Instagram without its flaws. You get to pick what posts you want to share and with whom. For example, some posts you want to share with those closest to you, some with all your friends including passing acquaintances. Instagram also tends to muddle up your timeline, its algorithm doesn’t show you photos in the order that they were shared, rather it arranges photos in the order it’s algorithm thinks you will find pleasing. For some people this feature borders on intrusion.


Facebook Alternative Steem

A terrific Facebook alternative. Unlike Facebook which masquerades as a sharing platform, Steem is unapologetic about what it is. With its own form of cryptocurrency called SteemPower, it aims to upend the social media sphere. Suppose you write a blog on Steem and post takes off, you are inundated with likes and upvotes, here comes the twist, every steem upvote represents steem power and one steem power equals 3.25 dollars. So for every like you get your earn some money. The idea is a little extreme and it might not go down well with everyone.


Facebook Alternative Mastodon

We love this Facebook alternative. A community owned and ad-free platform. It thinks of itself in Star Trek terms Mastodon is a federation while all its communities are independent planets under its umbrella. A little geeky but we like it. By the way who is Captain Kirk in this arrangement? It has strong anti-abuse tools and an army of moderators that you can reach out for help. With Mastodon you write your own rules, you are the captain of your own ship. You get to decide what you want to share and with whom. Here your posts are called “toots”.


Facebook Alternative Raftr

This Facebook alternative is worth checking out. Raftr is geared towards college students and the whole campus experience. It’s logo features otters who apparently are very social creatures. A group of otters is called a “raft”. These otters eat together, sleep together while floating on their rafts. On this journey they are likely to come across other rafts, thus expanding their circle. Rafter aims to make you current on campus by bringing together various departments, athletic teams, student organizations.


Facebook Alternative Ello

A mind blowing Facebook alternative. Founded by The Creators Network, a publishing and collaboration platform that strives to connect and support a global community of artists. It plans on taking the art scene to the next age by re-imagining the current art scene. Since everything is moving to the internet even a field like art where the internet has struggled to make inroads in, Ello envisages a future where artists will gain visibility and opportunity through the internet instead of struggling to make it in the local art scene by putting their works on display in no-name studios.


Facebook Alternative Minds

A principled Facebook alternative. It is an open source and decentralized platform with a strong adherence to certain principles namely transparency, freedom, democratization, and privacy. It has all the features of a social media platform newsfeed, profiles, comments, likes and shares. Users are also rewarded for their participation through a system that is not unlike Steemit.


Facebook Alternative Diaspora

You won’t find a better Facebook alternative than Diaspora. It is a nonprofit, user-owned software. User-owned means that’s no corporation or individual can lay claim to it. It comprises of independently owned nodes called pods which interact with one another to form a network. You can classify as public or limited in which case your post is visible to people of your choosing.  You can also send private messages called conversations.


Facebook Alternative Digg

A different kind of Facebook alternative. It aims to sort through the data dump that is the internet and brings you the choicest, juiciest most relevant streams of information. It calls itself a content portal and brings you curated, editorially sound content from all over the internet. It’s more than a news feed, it’s an experience.


Facebook Alternative Quora

An awesome Facebook alternative. It is the haunt of the opinionated masquerading as the intellectually curious. In Quora, you post questions and then fellow members answer it. The quality of the answer is entirely dependent upon the knowledge of the user answering it, how much effort he is willing to put into the said answer. It is in no way a metric of popular opinion. Having said that it is not inundated with foul language or extreme individuals. Try it if you are looking for your fellow man’s opinion.

So here is the complete list of Facebook alternatives. Our recommendation would be Reddit since it has managed to grow without selling itself out. An oddity in today’s corporate culture.


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