FireBase Alternatives 2020 – Best App Development Platforms

There’s an app for that is no longer a snappy one line you hear in movies, it’s a near universal truth. The proliferation of mobile phones has led to a deluge in app development. There’s an app to wake you up in the morning, there’s an app to help you sleep at night. There’s even an app that warns you in case your are spending too much time on apps. Since apps have so much of our attention, advertisers started wondering why not put ads on apps. Even more money started pouring into apps which led to even more apps being developed. It’s a vicious cycle.

But do you know how apps get made? Creating apps is a not only a tricky process but also an expensive one. These apps also have their lifespans. Apps are like clothes, some quickly go out of style. Remember Hipstmatic the precursor to instagram? There’s two parts to any app-the first is called the client side-this consists of UI or user interface. Then there is the backend infrastructure home to the logic and database layers. Most apps rely on services like API’s deployment of the backend, user and data management, file storage, push notifications, social media integration to function.  You need a service that provides you all of the above if you want to hit the ground running for developing your app.

If your app development apparatus doesn’t provide for the above then here is a list of all the things you need to do: Setup servers and database from scratch, build APIs, push notifications, iOS service integration, Android service integration and on and on. You see you cannot make a mistake while choosing your app development platform.

Best Firebase alternative

Here are the best Firebase alternatives


Firebase Alternative Sashido

A great Firebase alternative. It lets you migrate your app from Parse server, an app development platform that went bust. It is also based on Parse source code. It allows for database browsing, cloud coding, and background jobs, push notifications and much more. Prices start at $4.95 for the American and European region and $14.95 for Asia and Australia.

Push notifications are used for delivering app engagement services to your clients. Upcoming app sales, reminders, recent news pertinent to the app all come under the umbrella of push notifications.


Firebase Alternative Kumulos

It calls itself an app management platform more specifically a mobile app performance management platform. With Kumolos you get push notifications, crash reporting and diagnostics, Baas or backend as a service, it takes care of everything on the server end of things, send your clients daily, weekly or monthly metrics reports etc. Kumolos has three sets of plans for prospective clients. The startup plan is for independent developers who are just getting their services off the ground. Then there is the enterprise plan and the agency plan. Another great Firebase alternative.


Firebase Alternative Backendless

It provides MBaaS, hosting, API Engine Generator and Marketplace. For backendless cloud, prices start from $0 to $99. As the price increases, so do the real-time connections, API calls per month, data tables, geo points, geofences, file storage, objects in the cache. You can host your apps in its extremely reliable and powerful storage. Store static files and generate dynamic content with a few clicks.  With API Generator deploy your very own code, generate client SDK and rest API along with versatile app management and user analytics. Check out this Firebase alternative.

Both APIs and SDKs allow for your program to interact with and control resources by another software. That software may be a web service or an OS service.  An API facilitates engagement between software programs. API stands for Application Programming Interface. SDK stands for Software Development Kit. These are tools used to develop software applications. They comprise of tools, libraries, documentation, sample codes etc.


Firebase ALternative AWS

It comes as o surprise that Amazon has its very own app development platform. Through AWS creating, configuring and deploying apps becomes quite easy. With AWS you pay for what you use, there are no monthly fees or contracts. It allows for multi platform support, CDN, Device Testing.

User Analytics and engagement is handled by Amazon Pinpoint.  It lets you run engagement campaigns across multiple platforms, get a feel for user behavior and segment and target users. A top notch Firebase alternative.

These Firebase alternatives can handle any kind of app development. There are some app development platforms that focus on a particular niche say games. Such developers include PlayFab, Heroic Labs, Kinvi, Ki.

So here is our list of Firebase alternatives. Bear in mind that app creation is no easy task and demands considerable effort and time. It’s a field that will keep on your toes. You have to constantly innovate. The minute an app takes off, 10 copies spring up out of nowhere. Thousands of apps don’t even see the light of day. Keeping the cut throat nature of the app development world in mind, we recommend you go with Amazon- it’s prices are extremely competitive and its services are top notch.


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