FL Studio Alternatives 2019 – Best Music Production Tools

FL Studio lets you create awesome music with an interactive interface. Its underlying philosophy being musicians should focus on music and not learn new software. Yet most audio editing tools keep on getting more complex. But there are a few FL Studio alternatives that can get the job done without wanting you to tear your hair out.

Best FL Studio alternatives

FL Studio is a great app for music lovers but there won’t be any harm to keep an alternative as it might come handy at any time.

LMMS (Linux MultiMedia Studios)


In case you’re searching for a free and easy to use FL alternative, well this could be only the one you’ve been waiting for. The cross-platform digital audio workstation is incredible for integrating and mixing together snazzy sounds alongside organizing samples and creating some foot-tapping tunes. There are instant instrument and impact plugins alongside fun samples and presets to benefit of here.

Additionally tossed into the mix is a FX mixer with 64 FX channels, a tune editor, a Beat+Bassline editor and an easy to use Piano Roll for altering songs effortlessly. Also, it accompanies a basic and present day UI and even gives you a chance to import MIDI and Hydrogen venture documents. The program additionally proffers PC controlled and client characterized track-based automation sources. This one is accessible for Windows, OpenBSD and GNU/Linux frameworks.



Here is another audio editor and recorder that rides into the fray with a $0 sticker price. The open-source programs like FL Studio empower you to alter, mix and record sounds only the manner in which you need. This spreads altering documents that come in various configurations, for example, AIFF, Ogg Vorbis, MP3, and Wav. With this one in your corner, you can likewise record unrecorded music, change the pitch and speed of the recording bit and even create an innovative pitch by combining an assortment of tunes.

The program allows for import and export of various file formats and even gives you a chance to change all your vintage records and tapes that you simply didn’t have the heart to discard, into the digital or CDs. What’s more, this product is likewise a cross-platform FL Studio alternative that conforms to Windows, GNU/Linux, and Mac OS X PCs.

Traverso DAW

traverso daw

Need to catch the sweet sounds of your neighborhood band or even a solitary voice without having to rely on something excessively intricate? All things considered, attempt this one on for size. The audio recording and editing software counts experts as a significant portion of its clientele, just as novices who prefer doing their recordings at home itself. Wielding a spotless, simple to-learn interface, it professes to be completely scalable and even accompanies an Album Mixer that enables you to mix your selection of tunes with huge amounts of effects.

Also, when you’re finished making your artful culmination, you can consistently record your tunes onto a CD to flaunt at your next big group event. Including a streamlined audio motor, it additionally brings with it a better project dialogue and the capacity to fold the track or sheet. Ultimately, the program plays well with Mac OS X, Windows and Linux frameworks. Not a bad FL Studio alternative.

 Avid Pro Tools

avid pro tools

This product like FL Studio enters into our list with a self proclaimed claim of being ‘the new standard for audio generation.’ The most recent rendition of the digital audio workstation enters the virtual territory bringing along new features, for example, powerful audio and video engines alongside extended metering, 64-bit design and direct HD video work processes.

You’ll likewise locate a valuable offline bounce characteristic for speeding up the final mix or stem delivery and a low-latency input cushion for effectively checking record inputs directly on local systems. Released only a couple of months back, this Mac OS X and Windows compatible programming will cost you just shy of $700 for the full version and a starting cost of $299 for updates. We love this FL Studio alternative.


reaper music editor

For one thing, the full form of the name goes like this ‘Rapid Environment for Audio Production, Engineering, and Recording.’ With this one set up, you can easily record MIDI and audio bits from different sources of info together just as you can splice your recordings any way you want. The convenient program even throws in handy MIDI and audio handling effects and even plays well with those coming from third party sources.

Everything comes bundled with knobs for snap points, fades, per-take FX and volume so you don’t need to flip between various devices. A couple of its other highlights are as follows Free Item Positioning, complex branching undoes system and local VST plugin bridging and firewalling. You can get limited and full business licenses at $60 and $225. You cant go wrong with this FL Studio alternative.

Ableton Live

ableton live

The last entry in our list of FL studio alternatives is a nifty pick especially for professionals. It enters with a Session View sketchpad where you can play around with any number of audio bits and MIDI loops. The product likewise gives an entire slew of various sounds, kits, loops and instruments to make sweet sounds.

This lineup incorporates 390 drum kits, 5 synths, and 3 samplers and 25 packs that include in excess of 3000 sounds like acoustic instruments, synthesizers, and diverse mixes. You’ll likewise discover 4000 loops which contain MIDI and audio designs filled to the brim with plenty of components like the 60’s spirit and electronica. The most recent 9 version comes in 3 enhances in particular, Intro, Standard and Suite which are valued at $99, $449 and $749, separately. A standout FL Studio alternative.

So here is our list of FL Studio alternatives. Honestly we like Ableton Live the most amongst all the FL Studio alternatives.

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