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How to format Windows 8 using USB/CD?

Formatting Windows 8 drives is a very easy method to go through. All you need is a bit of patience in following the steps. You can format any drive connected to your device but you cannot format the drive with the Windows 8 files in it. This is the article which will explain the different steps on how to format your Windows 8 using USB/CD.

If you want to format the drive with the Windows 8 files in it, firstly, you need to copy your files properly into some other device. This allows to access your files even though you have formatted your disk. Secondly, as you cannot format your drive with windows files in it, you’ll need to either start an operating system installation so that the drive is formatted. This can be done by using the Windows 8 installation CD or any USB drive with the Windows 8 installation files in it.

Formatting Windows 8 using USB/CD

To format Windows 8 drives, thereby we need to have the Windows 8 installation USB/CD with windows 8 installation files in it. Here are a series of simple and efficient steps to follow if you want to Format your Windows 8 system.

Formatting Windows 8 using USB/CD

  1. Back up your Data

    Firstly you need to back up your data as formatting the Windows 8 drive would completely delete your drives. You can back up your data by these two methods. Click on Windows>Settings>Updates and Security>Back up>Back up using file history>Add a drive>Back up now. You can also connect an external hard disk/drive to transfer your files onto it.
    Back up your files and format your Windows 8

  2. Insert your Windows 8 CD/USB

    Now, insert your Windows 8 CD/USB in which the windows 8 installation files are present. Thereby, you can start the Windows 8 format process. Insert the Windows 8 installation disc to format your Windows 8

  3. Restart your computer

    After inserting the installation driver of your choice, restart your computer. Restart your system so that you can format your Windows 8 PC

  4. Open Windows 8 BIOS menu

    Now while the system is undergoing restart process, Click on the BIOS toggle keys allotted to your system. This will open the BIOS menu in Windows 8 in which you can format and reinstall your Windows 8. Open your BIOS setup to format your windows 8 system

  5. Click on BOOT menu in BIOS

    Go to BOOT menu in the BIOS. You will find options to change the booting order by the Windows. Change the order to your priority either CD/USB. The option within the first place will undergo the Windows 8 booting thereby allowing you to Install/format windows 8. Reset the order of booting process to format your windows 8

  6. Save and Exit

    After rearranging the booting order for Windows 8 do not forget to save and exit. If you don’t save the process you’ll have to go through the process again. You’ll now be exited from the BIOS. Save and exit your process to start the formatting process in windows 8

  7. Install windows

    You’ll be prompted to press any key to boot from the USB/CD. Press any key and you’ll enter the Windows Installation menu. Enter your product key. This is a 25 character key which is provided to you by Windows via email when purchased or you can either find it on your Installation disc.Install windows 8 to format your Windows 8 PC

  8. Type of Installation

    Select the type of Installation you would like to go with. As we need to format the windows 8, select the Custom install. Select the custom Installation as we need to format the Windows 8

  9. Click Drive options(Advanced)

    After clicking on the custom installation, you’ll find your drives. Select a drive which you want to format and then click on drive options(advanced). Go to drive options(advanced) after selecting the drive you want to format in Windows 8

  10. Click Format

    Click on the format option in the advanced drive options. This will format your drive. This will format the drive using the NTFS file system, which is the file system used by the Windows operating system. Click on format to format your windows 8 drive

  11. Click on Next

    Proceed with the Windows Installation by clicking on next. Therefore this will complete your Windows 8 installation process after formatting the required disk. Click on next to format drive and reinstall windows 8 on your system

Therefore the Windows 8 formatting using USB/CD is complete. You need to boot with the USB in place of CD to format and reinstall your Windows 8. The process is the same for both.

To conclude

The above are the few simple steps to format your Windows 8 using USB/CD. For more of interesting and amazing tech articles and reviews visit Comment your views below and share the content. Cheers!

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