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How to format Windows without USB/CD? (Step by Step)

Windows can be formatted by either using an USB/CD or without even using them. You can format your windows if your hard disk is corrupt or you want to erase files on your disk. In this article, we will get to know the different steps to format your Windows without using a USB/CD.

Formatting Windows: There are different versions of windows and we will go through all the processes linked up with those versions on formatting without using USB/CD. The different versions we’ll be going to look through in this article are namely, Windows 10, 8 and 7.

Let us explore the methods associated with each version on formatting them without using a USB/CD.

Formatting Windows 10 without using USB/CD

In the below lines we will go through some easy and reliable steps to format your Windows 10 without using a USB/CD.

Formatting Windows 10

  1. Go to update and security settings

    Click on the start menu in windows 10 and go to Update and security in the settings menu. Go to update and security in settings to format Windows 10

  2. Go to Recovery in Update and Security

    Select the recovery settings option in the Update and security setting menu. Go to recovery to format Windows

  3. Click “Get started” under the Reset this PC

    Hit get started to format your windows

  4. Click “Remove Everything”

    Select remove everything to remove all your files, apps and data. Make sure you back up your files in case if you don’t want to miss them. You can also select keep files. Click on remove everything to format Windows 10

  5. Click Remove files and clean the drive

    Select the remove files and clean the drive option to format your PC. This will remove all the files on your PC and thereby sets you with complete format.
    Select remove files and clean up drive to format windows

  6. Click the Reset button

    Select the Reset button in the Ready to Reset this PC menu. This will reset your entire PC by removing all the files i.e, it will format your PC. Click on Reset to format windows pc

Hence your Windows 10 has been formatted without any use of external drive or CD. So, those are the above steps you can rely on to format Windows 10 PC.

Formatting Windows 8 without using USB/CD

Here are a few simple steps to format your Windows 8 without using a USB/CD.

1)Go to Change PC settings
Go to settings and select the Change PC settings in your Windows 8.

2) Select General and then select Remove everything and reinstall windows
Go to general settings and then select Refresh your PC without affecting files option in the general settings.

3) Click on Get started option
Hit the Get started option in the Remove everything and reinstall windows option.

4) Hit Fully clean the drive option
Select the fully clean the drive option to format your drive.

5) Click Reset
Click the reset option to clean your drive completely and format your Windows.

Hence, your Windows 8 format PC process is complete without using any external drives such as USB or a CD. Restart your PC and explore the new formatted Windows version.

Formatting Windows 7 without using USB/CD

In windows 7 version you can actually restore your system to a earlier point of time. The windows versions are now having this restore and recovery options so that you don’t have to format if your system is under any threat or has been crashed. If you don’t want to use this recovery option and want to format your drive anyway then, here are a few simple steps to format your Windows 7 without using USB/CD.

1)Go to System and security
In the start menu, click on Control panel and then go to System security menu in the Control panel.

2) Go to Administrative tools
In the system and security option you’ll find an option named Administrative tools. Click on the option and open it.

3) Click on Computer management
Go to Computer management in the administrative tools menu.

4) Go to disk management
Click on the disk management in the computer tools menu.

5) Click format on the disk you want to format
Click on the format option after selecting the drive you would like to format.

6) Click on “OK”
Label all the requirements like name, file system and allocation unit and then click on ok to format.

7) Watch through
Watch through the formatting process and then check the status of the drive of which you have formatted. It displays that the drive is healthy.

Hence, your required drive in the Windows 7 is formatted successfully without using any USB/CD. There is also not a need to reinstall your windows to format your PC.

To conclude: The above mentioned are a few basic and reliable steps you can follow to format your windows without using any USB/CD. For more of some content visit and explore wide tech stuff. Comment your views below and share the article. Cheers!

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