GitHub Alternatives 2019 – Best Code Repository Platforms

Github a software repository with 28 million users and 57 million repositories is heaven for open source advocates. Open source is when a software’s source code is open to all, so that everyone may discern what they are signing up for when they begin using said software. After all in an era where invasion of privacy is both rampant and legal and companies like facebook are advocating for it with unrestrained glee.

Open sourced softwares and programs are the last hope of privacy advocates. Since an open sourced code is there for all to see, consumers can evaluate its utility, trustworthiness. This will allay their concerns about an unknown piece of programming and they can dive in knowing what to expect. If only Facebook and Google would open their softwares to public scrutiny, they would go belly up in a week. If people only knew the full extent to which Facebook and Google exploit their customers, so loud and damming would be the outrage that it will likely usher in a new era for the digital age.

But you must be wondering why we are telling you all this? Well, Github was recently acquired by Microsoft. It’s the equivalent of giving weapons of mass destruction to a terrorist, you know no good can come of it. Microsoft’s disdain for open source software is well known. It is only a matter of time before Github becomes the very monster it was supposed to keep at bay. So for all you open source advocates out there, we have compiled a list of the best Github alternatives.

Best GitHub alternatives

Here are the best Github alternatives



A Github alternative that will remind you of Github both in terms of interface and feel. The software provides useful features such as code reviews (where any dedicated user can put up reviews of any piece of code), time tracking, issue tracking, integrated project wiki, continuous integration, automated testing, and code delivery.

You can get this open sourced software on your server so you can use it any time you need.



BitBucket is another popular Github alternative. It offers limitless private and public repositories for five members free of charge. It has an array of useful features like code search, BitBucket pipelines, pull requests, smart mirroring, issue tracking, flexible deployment models, IP whitelisting and branch permissions so you can protect your work.

 Something else you need to know about this Github alternative is that it lets you push the file using any Git client or command line.



It boasts over 3.7 million registered users. Here you are free to choose from Git, Subversion or Mercurial as your control system. You can import entire repositories to current projects. All in all a great Github alternative.



With exclusive features, inviting interface and ease of use, this Github alternative is soon catching on. The free version will accommodate up to 20 users. Since it was created on Electron, it is compatible on Windows, MAC or Linux. It’s Omit button lets you skip redundancies that are common in all programs. It can be integrated with multiple services like GitHub, GitLab etc.



With this Github alternative you get features like bug tracking, code reviews, Ubuntu package building, and hosting, mail listing, language translations, answer tracking and FAQs. No Github alternative is better suited for Ubuntu Projects.

SO here is our list of Github alternatives. It is no easy task to replace Github but after some consideration we would recommend you go with GitLab.

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