6 Better Gmail Alternatives for Email services of 2019

Send mails, multimedias, store and sync data, and more securely with the great options of email services. Here is a list of 6 Better Gmail Alternatives for Email services of 2019

Gmail Alternatives: Gmail has been the free and topmost email service host since long. Although there have been many free email hosting services they have been put under the pump by Gmail. The main reason is the flexibility and the user appreciation gained by the service. You can sort out all of your emails under one roof. Overall, its features have dug people into it making it the most featured mailing service. Also, some of them swear by Gmail as their email services. And why wouldn’t they, it has a user-friendly interface and is free-to-use. Gmail has a lot of advantages like the easy sign-in, online storage, spam filtering, integration with Google Hangouts, two-step verification for passwords. You can also learn how to change Gmail passwords easily.

Here you can also learn about Google Hangouts Alternatives if you have been looking for them for better client engagement.

Surely there are some loops in regard to the privacy of the Gmail service and that’s why people are opting for alternatives. We will get into the detailed look of that. Why are people looking for the best alternatives for Gmail even though they have the best email hosting platforms in their hands? In case if you don’t know, we are here to clarify. Gmail though is the best emailing platform in the globe, has failed to cope with the privacy issues. Like, your emails are not end-end encrypted. Also, in 2017 Google faced allegations about the privacy issues. Those were argued as Google has been giving access to third-party applications for more detailed advertising through your emails. However, the issue was resolved but the main clause is that Google bots can still scan emails to detect spam and viruses, enable email searches, and use the auto-reply feature. So, let us not waste time and step into some of the best alternatives on the web for Gmail.

9 Best Gmail Alternatives

Here are some top alternatives one could look up for Gmail. Go through them below and make sure that you select which one to pick out wisely.

a) Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail: Gmail alternative

As far as most of you know that Yahoo Mail is the best alternative for the giant Gmail. Yahoo has launched its emailing service back in 1997 providing four plans. Three are for personal uses which include Basic, Plus and Ad-Free; and the other for business purposes. This Email client also helps to customize the looks and feels of your portal. Multitasking is apparently the best features of Yahoo! Mail. The main advantage of this emailing service is that you can talk to your friends while using the emailing services because Yahoo’s instant messaging service is also involved in your inbox. Also, Yahoo has a long cloud storage space facility around 1000GB which is safe and secure.


  • The Yahoomail provides you with ample storage space
  • Availability of bigger file attachment size and personalization
  • Tabs for Multitasking, seamless integration with contacts, Calendar, Flickr and more

Official Website:

b) AOL Mail

Aol Mail
Aol mail

Another great and efficient alternative for the Gmail services is the AOL Mail. AOL Mail operates in flexibility where it allows users to add their other email accounts in order to perform efficient and timely tasks. Also, the other main advantage of this emailing service is that it adds files to outgoing mails faster and reliable than the other emailing hosts. The unlimited inbox space is a cool get-on and also you can customize your inbox accordingly.


  • Allows chat on Instant Messenger
  • Lets you organize mail into folders
  • Also, you can control spams and viruses

Official Website:



Hushmail is an instant mailing service that works on all platforms and operating systems with the help of IMAP, POP, or mobile website. In the Hushmail, you are given a free 25GB storage option with ad-free and end to end encrypted emailing service. You can also access Hushmail from anywhere using a web browser or by setting up your account on Hushmail for iPhone or on your personal smartphone. Thereby, Hushmail definitely makes into the list for top alternatives of Gmail emailing service.


  • Protect the contents of the email, ensuring its security, privacy, and authenticity
  • Access your Hushmail account from the web or Hushmail for iPhone app
  • Send and receive emails with any regular email service, while you can encrypt your emails for extra protection

Official Website:

Zoho Mail

Zoho: Gmail Alternative

Zoho is one of the best ad-free and email hosting service which works on your own domain. You can get storage up to 5GB and host one domain in the free plan. Also, the main advantage of Zoho is that it can work on any device and also supports IMAP and POP services. You can also fetch other email accounts in Zoho Mail. You can add images and documents up to 20MB to messages you post, and you can preview attachments without downloading them. Zoho free email service has unlimited inbox storage, so you won’t need to remove any messages. Hence, this is the best alternative for the Gmail email service.


  • It is Ad-free with userfriendly interface
  • Comes with smooth sync with notes, docs, calendar, links, and more
  • Perfect integration with Zoho CRM and support for business users

Official Website:

iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail, from Apple, is a free email service from Apple which comes with abundant storage, IMAP access, and an excellent operative web application. The iCloud Mail account helps you to send, receive, and organize email. As you set up your devices for iCloud Mail, you can also access your iCloud Mail account using the Mail app on your iOS device or Mac computer, or using Microsoft Outlook on a Windows computer regardless of the device you use the changes are updated everywhere.


  • Syncs data across all Apple devices
  • Supported in Windows computers
  • Ad-free

Official Website:


Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook

Offered by Microsoft, Outlook is one of those special alternatives for Gmail. Having more than 400 million users, Outlook hosts incoming and outgoing email services for users. Not only the emailing service but also Outlook has a great social integration. The other main features of Outlook are a Simple interface, Creation Of Custom Email, Priority Messages, In-Built Calendar, and great lookup. Also, there are no targeted ads as such as in Gmail. So, Outlook claims to be the best alternative for Gmail.


  • Suggests event locations and meeting rooms
  • Shows organization directory details
  • Bill pay reminders

Official Website:

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