10 Google Analytics Alternatives | Best Web Analytics Tools Like Google Analytics

Measure web traffic, visits, track, categorize traffic on the basis of socioeconomics, gadgets, topography, group, and more with these web analytics tools. Here are 10 Alternatives to Google Analytics for you to choose from, for your website.

Google Analytics Alternatives: Offered as a free tool, Google Analytics is the greatest name when it comes to free web analytics. The analytics device by Google is hands down the most path-breaking platform out there in the advanced world – with a huge client share in excess of 10 million users. While having access to colossal heaps of information, a few clients may find the software fairly difficult to utilize for their websites.

Check out how to access blocked websites on your device without having to compromise your IP address.

Like some other up and coming platforms in the innovation business, Google Analytics is constantly improving. Various changes and updates on the platform compel its clients to ceaselessly keep up and re-learn how to work with it. With a steep learning curve when it comes to absorbing information, this can be a tedious and baffling task for those without proper preparation or hands-on involvement. Fortunately, there are a few Google Analytics alternatives accessible for you to use.

Here is what an ‘Analytics software’ does in simple terms:

  • Measure web traffic including visits, sessions, special guests, client entry and leave pages, and behavioral funnels.
  • Track any labeled digital event or conversion
  • Give an account of traffic after some time and continuously consequently
  • Divide web traffic into segments on the basis of socioeconomics, gadget, acquisition, topography, and group.

Best Google Analytics alternatives

In this post, we have assembled 10 top of the line options so you can save time in finding your best fit. To be qualified as a Googe Analytics alternative all recorded platforms have been known to embrace every capability there is. So, here are the Google Analytics alternatives 2019:

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics | Google Analytics Alternatives
Adove Analytics

The computerized analytics device by Adobe goes past superfluous metrics to give organizations an all-encompassing perspective on different client segments, to truly drive the main objective. Adobe Analytics gives real-time information to steer business direction based on precise client knowledge, patterns, and practices. Because of its headway in innovation, Adobe Analytics is named an innovator in web analytics by Forester in The Forrester Wave™: Web Analytics, Q4 2017. All in all a great Google Analytics alternative. The platform utilizes AI, computerized reasoning, and other present-day data analysis to convey quicker and more accurate customer insights.


  • Ad Hoc Analysis: The Analysis Workspace offers a vigorous, adaptable canvas for building custom analysis ventures. Clients can relocate any number of data tables, visualizations and components (channels, dimensions, metrics, segments, and time granularities) to a project.
  • Flow examination: Show where visitors left or went thereafter through a predefined succession of pages. Its visualization enables clients to look at segments, rework channel steps, mix and match values, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  • Advanced Segmentation: Users can find the most statistically significant contrasts among a boundless number of sections through an automated examination of each metric and dimension. Consequently, you can glean which key qualities of the segments are driving outcomes.


The platform utilizes a custom valuing plan that can average from $30,000 to $100,000 every year.

Official Website:


Heap analytics  Google Analytics Alternatives
Heap Analytics

The Heap Analytics tool is a Google analytics alternative to catch each client communication on the site through online visits, remarks, interface clicks, and other client activities. The device enables you to follow events and set up funnels to comprehend user flow and drop-off. It likewise gives visualization apparatuses to follow trends over a period of time. The device is anything but difficult to utilize even for clients with no prior technical knowledge. A terrific Google Analytics alternative.


  • Funnels: Increase conversions by looking at funnels across various client segments, gadget types, or attribution channels. Measure the adequacy of your A/B tests – naturally catch experimentation variation data, gadget type, ad campaigns, and the sky is the limit from there
  • Dynamic cohort: The tool enables you to make segments of clients by sifting for real-time behavior and verifiable activities. You can combine the actions of clients with client attributes like vertical, contract value, first touch attribution, and more to make complex personas in your examination.
  • Advanced attribution: It catches each touch to enable you to discover the channels with the most returns: Tie in touchpoints like opening email, perusing blog entries, or watching videos. Change behaviors, channels, and conversion events on the fly.


Heap utilizes a custom pricing plan. You can begin with their free plan or buy-in to the premium plan at $500+ every month.

Official Website:


Statcounter analytics  | Google Analytics Alternatives
Statcounter Analytics

This tool is real-time analytics that enables you to follow, examine and comprehend your visitors, develop your traffic and make informed decisions. The platform is overly easy to utilize and for the most part perfect for sites with little incoming traffic. The platform enables you to get your details in a jiffy with applications for iOS, Android and Windows. A standout Google Analytics alternatives and competitor.


  • Summary stats show you initially what number of site hits, sessions, guests and new guests your site has gotten. View summary details every day, week, month, quarter or year or for a particular date range or period.
  • Point by point Stats gives you a more profound explanation of your visitor’s action with features like Recent Visitor Activity, Visitor Labels, Live Visitor Map, Bounce Rate and significantly more.
  • Growth Plan converts the information gathered from your web traffic into significant bits of knowledge that assist you with incrementing your income. The cutting edge predictive analytics show how your site will perform over time. Industry rankings let you perceive how your site compares to your rivals for traffic, online networking, portable traffic, and client experience.


The platform offers both free and paid plans. The membership plan begins from $5+ per month, contingent upon the quantity of month to month guests to your site.

Official Website:


Chartbeat is a content analytics platform that brings together information from a disseminated audience and reveals and visualizes continuous bits of knowledge around reader engagement. The platform concentrates on dissecting how the public interacts with an organization’s distributed content. Clients can comprehend and assess the effectiveness of their content across different channels, platforms, and gadgets. You can’t go wrong with this Google Analytics alternatives.


Educate your publication system and invigorate your business with:

  • Dashboards: Real-time dashboard sees how your audience is associating with your content in real-time – crosswise over platforms, channels, and gadgets. The historical dashboard is empowered to instinctively evaluate content performance, KPIs, and important patterns over the long haul. Video Dashboard reveals how video content captures the viewer’s attention.
  • Optimization tools: Heads up display to recognize top-performing articles, trending stories and how far guests are looking down the page so you can adjust the client experience. Run feature tests that are optimized for reader engagement after the click.
  • Reports: Use advanced questions to customize the in-depth report that you need. Get auto-generated bits of knowledge in each report conveyed to your inbox at regular intervals.


Chartbeat’s custom pricing begins at $7000 every year.

Official Website:


Kissmetrics is an advanced business insight platform that segments a business’ clients utilizing conduct analytics. It empowers clients to think of constant and noteworthy insights that are all the more likely to engage prospective clients. Its client engagement automation expects to help organizations get, keep and develop more clients. This arrangement incorporates behavioral analytics, segmentation and email campaign automation across the board. A breathtaking Google Analytics alternative.


  • Segment: Easily characterize and track your key client segments dependent on conduct and comprehend their behavior over time. Immediately get curated information and reports about your key segments to launch new initiatives on time and accomplish your objectives.
  • Analyze: See the whole voyage on your gadgets to comprehend client practices. Ready to go reports with all the analytics and possible insights at your convenience.  
  • Automate: Target the correct client segments with conduct based, precise messaging that keep clients locked in. Measure campaign impacts beyond opens and clicks to really comprehend what drives deals.


Kissmetrics offers 3 membership plans running from $500 to $850+ every month. For yearly membership, clients can get as much as 20% off on month to month expenses.

Official Website:


woopra analytics
Woopra Analytics

The Woopra tool is a real-time client analytics service that provides solutions for marketing, product, sales, and service team. It tracks clients across devices and digital touchpoints and gives an exhaustive social profile of every client. With client information and custom reports, organizations can truly start to comprehend client conduct, measure campaign effectiveness, and streamline the whole client lifecycle. We love this Google Analytics alternative.


Track, investigate and improve each clients contact point with Woopra’s reports:

  • Journey: Combine any combination of activities or credits to envision how clients travel through your site, marketing campaigns, and product. Get to know every client’s one of a kind story and rapidly react to conduct, thereby driving engagement and increasing customer retention.
  • Pattern: Discover how key metrics evolve over time and the traits that drive performance with Trends Reports. Measure product usage by feature, membership changes by area, campaign performance by source and considerably more.
  • Maintenance: Measure to what extent clients keep on making any move or utilize any item. Know whether clients keep utilizing your application after signing up or return to make another purchase. Effectively uncover users on the cusp of leaving your app.


The platform has two membership alternatives — Small Business and Enterprise Edition. Independent venture costs run from $0 to $599.95+ every month relying upon the number of activities. The Enterprise Edition has custom evaluating relying upon your business needs.

Official Website:


mixpanel analytics

Mixpanel is an information analytics platform for organizations to assess the nature of commitment and collaborations on their web and portable channels. Highlighted in Forbes Cloud 100 and Forrester’s Digital Intelligence Wave, Mixpanel gives the insights groups need to better comprehend their clients and settle on more intelligent choices. An extraordinary Google Analytics alternative.


  • Commitment: Easily surface insights on how individuals are utilizing your products, make inquiries about your clients and convey answers in a flash.
  • Retention: Visualize how frequently your clients return and lock-in. Track and measure if the changes you made to your app lead to an uptick in client numbers
  • Funnel: Identify where individuals drop off so you can expand your conversion rates.
  • Individuals: Learn who your clients are, see what they do before or after they join, reengage them with messages and dive headfirst into customer revenue.  
  • A/B Testing: test your thought and in a split second learn the effect.
  • Messages: Turn more clients into active and faithful clients by sending them savvy and programmed messages wherever they are.


Mixpanel’s membership plans extend from $0 to $999+ every year.

Official Website:


Clicky is in-depth, real-time analytics for your sites. The platform is viewed as a standout amongst other Google Analytics alternatives because of its ease of use and execution. With high-level filtering, it takes into consideration snappy and applicable information viewing continuously, empowering clients to in a split second to glean knowledge and follow up on them. A catchy Google Analytics alternative.

clicky analytics


  • Constant reports with subtleties: Most reports contain an unusual amount of detail on every relevant part.
  • Heatmaps: View heatmaps by page, guest, or section.
  • On-site examination: See what numbers of guests are on your site and on the page you’re seeing. You can likewise dispatch heatmaps from the widget, all without having to leave your site.
  • Uptime observing: Receive alerts when your site goes disconnected so you can respond right away. Your site’s uptime is observed from 7 areas around the globe.
  • Singular guests and activities: See each individual guest and online visit/occasion.


Its estimating plans run from $0 to $19.99+ every month. You can get up to 30% off for yearly charging with Clicky.

Official Website:

Matomo (some time ago Piwik)

matomo analytics

Matomo is an open-source Google analytics alternatives platform that empowers clients to gauge web and mobile applications just as intranet gateways. This tool gives a wide range of astonishing and creative features, enabling you to get an all-round perspective on your guests. These bits of knowledge are important to help comprehend conduct, monitor objectives, and see growth in conversion rates and income. A stellar Google Analytics alternative.


Every single standard statistic report: top catchphrases and web search tools, sites, social media web sites, top page URLs, page titles, client nations, suppliers, working framework, program market share, screen resolution, desktop vs. mobile, engagement (time on site, pages per visit, repeated visits), top campaigns, custom variables, top entry/exit pages, downloaded files with some sorted into four primary analytics report classifications – Visitors, Actions, Referrers, Goals/E-commerce (30+ reports).


Matomo offers On-premises and Cloud deployment options. You can either introduce Matomo in your own server at no expense or buy in to cloud facilitated plans going from $9 to $49+ every month.

Official Website:

Amplitude Analytics

Amplitude Analytics
Amplitude Analytics

The Amplitude tool is a product analytics service that offers the apparatuses to break down client conduct, dispatch the correct features that drive business results.  It has been developing at over 30% each quarter and is currently being utilized by more than 5,000 organizations including Microsoft, PayPal,, Twitter. What’s more, Amplitude makes simpler for item groups to comprehend their advertising and business insight. A Google Analytics alternative on its way to the big leagues.


The platform is very much intended to accommodate your dire analytics need:

  • Scientific classification: Build product trust with information reliability for the concentrated analytics group
  • Query: Direct information access for custom analytics
  • Scale: Access billions of client activities for exceptionally quick bits of knowledge
  • Portfolio: Analyze commitment over different applications with one single view
  • Accounts: Accelerate item development with record level examination for B2B item experiences
  • Insight: Smart and programmed cautions for quick item checking


The platform offers both free and paid plans. Its membership pricing begins from $995/month.

Official Website:

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