18 Best Google Forms Alternative | Forms and Poll Creation Tools like Google Forms

Create Surveys, questionaries, feedback, quizzes, and more and increase the engagement of your website with these Alternatives to Google Forms. Here's a list of sites like Google Forms.


Google Forms Alternative: Form building is the collecting of data through web forms. ‘Google forms’ allows you to collect information from users via a personalized form or quiz. The information is then collected and sent to a spreadsheet which is filled with all the answers to your forms. It is quite a handy tool but that doesn’t mean that it is the only one of its kind out there.

One of the apparent reason to choose Google Forms is it’s brand’s reliability, and inadvertently, we happen to choose Google products like Google Docs, Google Hangouts, Gmails, Chrome, and more. I am sure it is not just a few, but a considerable number of people do it. But if you are not one of them and are looking for some alternative to Google forms, then we have your back.

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Best Google Forms alternatives

Google forms is something you would always look for when you have to work on a form to create for your websites. It is obvious, and well, we can’t deny the standards, as well as the reliability of the brand. But there’s always a second option, and this article has more than just the second one for you to choose from. Here, are the best Google Forms alternatives of which some are free form builder, online form builder and also open-source alternatives to Google Forms. Check out the list below for the best alternative to Google Forms of 2019:


Hubspot Google Forms Alternatives

HubSpot’s online form builder is a standout amongst the most popular form builder apparatuses known. The device brings together the basics of form creation with cutting edge innovation to give you considerably more ability than an ordinary online form builder can – plus it’s free.

Despite the fact that it’s one of the more developed forms builder devices, you needn’t bother with any specialized skill when you utilize HubSpot’s form builder. You can rapidly make forms with the simplified form builder and convert my anonymous site guests into leads with boundless forms, fields, entries, and custom forms that are all linked to your contact database. Once a person is done filling out your form, they’re then steered to HubSpot CRM.

When they’re in your CRM framework, you can set reminders, call them, and send personalized missives their way, giving you a chance to all the more likely oversee and develop relationships with your contacts. HubSpot’s form builder likewise has data enhancement for contact profiles and unmatched integration with HubSpot’s marketing center point, making it a decent alternative for groups who need a solitary framework to deal with their forms, contacts, and marketing endeavors. A great Google Forms alternative.


  • Followup on contacts with email automation
  • Build marketing workflows, and target leads based on their interactions with your site
  • Manage customer support requests and build out a knowledge base

Official Site:


Typeform Google Forms Alternatives

This form builder brings an imaginative strategy to form building. With an intuitive design, the apparatus guides you through the form creation process one question at a time. Building surveys suddenly becomes fun and interactive. Typeform is likewise extraordinary for client studies and user research – you can make and send independent survey links. In the event that you need to take a stab at something with straightforward, direct client experience, the device is a viable choice. A terrific Google Forms alternative.


  • Add branching, forking, and conditional questions
  • Track where respondents come from, segment your audience and personalize type forms
  • Make quizzes, order forms, and shopping baskets
  • Send email notifications to respondents on submission

Official Website:

Microsoft Forms

microsoft form
Microsoft Forms

The form builder Microsoft Forms is a straightforward, simple to-utilize form maker that integrates with the Microsoft Office suite. With full customization alternatives, clients can rapidly make surveys, feedback forms, tests, and lead forms. Since Microsoft forms don’t integrate directly with an online CMS, the device probably won’t be the best choice for lead age. Be that as it may, the form builder can gather data progressively and import every one of your reactions in an Excel spreadsheet, so you can perform incredible yet basic analysis with Excel channels and pivot tables. A Google Forms alternative for Microsoft users.


  • Open, comment boxes for text
  • Multiple Choice options
  • Ratings
  • Numerical boxes

Official Website:


form craft

FormCrafts is an essential form builder apparatus that has an easy to understand interface and basic plan. The WordPress module enables you to make moderately adaptable lead capture forms, email sign up forms, surveys, and feedback accumulation forms. One of Form Crafts’ best features is that it’ll send you email notifications about your lead generation process, so you don’t have to always screen your outcomes any longer. An awesome Google Forms alternative.


  • Import and export forms
  • Send autoresponders to users who fill the form
  • Also, end email notifications to a group of recipients

Official Website:


form tools

FormTools is an adaptable form maker that centers on feedback, data, experiences, and excellent form building. The form builder instrument enables you to make most kinds of forms and tracks your outcomes on a visually engaging dashboard. FormTools likewise give you an alternative to integrate their application with an outsider supplier based on your personal preference, like Salesforce or Dropbox. We love this Google Forms alternative.


  • Create forms directly from your website
  • Create as many forms you need
  • Easily export your data for other users

Official Website:



A member of the SurveyMonkey family, Wufoo is one of the most established form apparatuses in the space. You can plan some engaging online forms with it and it’s also simple to utilize. The application additionally enables you to insert forms on your site, set up payment fields that are compatible with a number of payment processing services, and turn on programmed email notifications to alert you when somebody fills out your form. A breathtaking Google Forms alternative.


  • Build and customize forms online
  • Collect data, payments, and files
  • Connect your form data with other business tools

Official Website:

Ninja Forms

ninja forms

Ninja Forms is a ground-breaking WordPress form device that is utilized by a wide variety of individuals which includes advertisers, with varying levels of skill. The apparatus is free, integrates rapidly and effectively with various diverse devices, and it can be a big help to your marketing endeavors. Ninja Forms additionally offers boundless forms, fields, and entries. Be that as it may, now and again, the device needs clear documentation and can be hard to utilize when you need to customize your forms.  An extraordinary Google Forms alternative.


  • Drag and Drop Form Builder
  • Consists of Form Templates while it can also obtain the styling of your theme
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly
  • Unlimited Forms and Submissions with unlimited emails and Actions

Official Website:

Cognito Forms

Cognito Forms Google Forms Alternatives
Cognito Forms

In case you’re searching for a form builder with sound logic branches and strong payment fields, Cognito Forms is for you. The form apparatus likewise offers calculated fields, restrictive rationale, rehashing fields, and that’s just the beginning, making it simple and easy to make advanced forms. Cognito Forms integrates with Stripe, PayPal, and Square and offers a free form that incorporates unlimited forms with 500 sections for each month. An unbelievable Google forms alternative.


  • Consists of analytics and tracking
  • Use Excel to add entries to your forms
  • Allow users to pick up right where they left off by saving their progress on partially completed form responses

Official Website:


form stacks

FormStack is, for the most part, centered on building business and expert style forms. The instrument’s best features incorporate astute forms, built-in workflows, and consistent integrations with Google Sheets, PayPal, and MailChimp (and others through their API). One of FormStack’s increasingly complex features is an A/B testing apparatus that can compare various variants of your forms and reveal to you what performs better. The device likewise offers electronic signatures and payments, and clients can save their form drafts and return to them later. A formidable Google Forms alternative.


  • Exclusive add-on tools to help you collect information
  • Show or hide form questions based on someone’s previous answers
  • Collect online payments and donations on order forms and registrations
  • Build a form, customize the design, set up integrations, and go live in minutes

Official Website:



FormSite has all the fundamental features you requirement for churning out some snappy “prototypical” web forms. As one of the more fundamental form builders, it’s frequently utilized for basic contact or feedback forms. The device additionally has various payment plans that can suit your particular business needs. The free form offers 5 forms every month with 10 results for each form.  A mind-blowing Google Forms alternative.


  • Build web forms and online surveys, questionnaires and polls
  • Easy e-commerce and secure data collection
  • Collect payments
  • Integration with other famous sites made easy

Official Website:

Clearbit Forms

clearbit forms

Clearbit Forms gives you a chance to use savvy forms and adaptable data enrichment technology to gather explicit client information. This gives you a chance to make shorter forms with fewer fields, and, thusly, produce more joyful clients (since who doesn’t love a short survey?) With two plans intended for new companies and ventures, Clearbit can meet your advanced marketing needs.  A magnificent Google Forms alternative.


  • Find complete data on users, including emails, company name, bio, location, and more
  • Get information on individual employees in a company, using their email address or company domain.
  • Find email addresses of your users from within your inbox

Official Website:


FormKeep is a tool unlike any on this list – it’s a simple to-utilize instrument that finds a willing medium among coded and drag and drop forms. With FormKeep, you have the alternative to code your own form, style it as per your image rules, and integrate it with Zapier to deal with your submission data. A miraculous Google Forms alternative.


Official Website:

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Google Forms Alternatives
Gravity Forms

Another WordPress-powered module, Gravity Forms helps you in making amazing forms with the assistance of multi-page/multi-step forms and various efficient features. With this device, you have access to an assortment of integration options and add ons for email software, messaging platforms, payment options, and automation programming. You can likewise make advanced forms, at the same time, for the technologically challenged, they can be somewhat convoluted to set up. A remarkable Google Forms alternative.


  • Quickly build and design your WordPress forms using the visual form editor
  • Gravity Forms serves more than 30 form field inputs
  • Configure your form to show or hide fields, or even the submit button based on user selections with Conditional Logic

Official Website:


JotForm Google Forms Alternatives

This form builder is a free online form builder with an instinctive visual editorial manager, which has made form making quicker than any time in recent memory. The instrument has all the typical form building capacities just as unique fields to customize your own forms. It likewise integrates with pretty much every marketing platform. The free arrangement tops out at 5 forms, with up to 100 entries for each month.  An astounding Google Forms alternative.


  • Create Events with your Form using Google Calendar integration
  • Extend your workflow automation to your form by updating and adding your contacts to automation, a note, or deals
  • Add Custom Unique IDs to your Form Submissions

Official Website:


survey any place Google Forms Alternatives
Survey Any Place

SurveyAnyPlace has proven that surveys don’t have to be dread-inducing exercises everyone thinks them to be. With their gamification components, intuitive features, and incentives like coupon codes, you can make all your surveys and tests fun and enjoyable. By utilizing SurveyAnyPlace’s interesting way to tackle form building, you can gather leads, information, and bits of knowledge from guests. You can’t go wrong with this Google Forms alternative.


  • Choose from a wide range of question types to get the feedback you need
  • Create an incentivizing with digital scratch card or slot machine
  • Design question pools or set up a quiz timer

Official Website:

Conversational Form

Conversational Forms
Conversational Forms

An open-source platform, Conversational Form gives you a chance to transform your web form into a straightforward chatbot. By utilizing a novel and shrewd approach to accumulate data, this form builder will undoubtedly drive client commitment. In the meantime, however, because of its recent foray into the marketing space, it may be hard to become familiar with your way around the apparatus. A Google Forms alternative that won’t let you down.


  • Smart data and feedback collection
  • Provide decision support instead of blank fields
  • Exclude the CAPTCHA

Official Website:


form bakery

As one of the simplest intuitive form devices out there, FormBakery gives you a chance to assemble proficient forms in the most direct way possible. For those hoping to assemble an overly basic form in less than 5 minutes, the apparatus is an extraordinary choice. You can rapidly customize forms with your very own structures, with no coding necessary. In case you’re hoping to construct a form that is further advanced, however, FormBakery may not be the correct decision for you. A stellar Google Forms alternative.


  • Inline editing with award-winning front end editor
  • Build your pages, posts, and custom post types with Backend editor
  • WPBakery Page Builder works with any WordPress theme

Official Website:


device magic

DeviceMagic is a mobile form solution that dumps all paperwork, automate lead generation procedures, and improve data gathering. Since the apparatus exclusively centers on mobile portable forms, it has various extraordinary advantages over other form builders, such as snappy and precise data gathering, lower activities costs, and less time squandered on administrative work. Another terrific Google Forms alternative.


  • Manage forms, devices, and data in one spot
  • Add devices to your team and start collecting field data, images, signatures and more with digital form user-interface in mobile data collection app, even while offline
  • Lessen complicated steps in processes with forms automation

Official Website:

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