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Find routes to your destination with correct directions as well as shortcuts to your destination with the help of these Alternatives to Google Maps, one the best navigating apps like Google Maps.

Alternatives to Google Maps: Maps are as relevant now as they were in the 15th and 16th century when Magellan went out to discover the new world. There is something romantic about a map. It evokes visions of pirates and treasures and drowned ships waiting to be discovered. Maps are magical yet scientific at the same time. A badly plotted map is of no use to anyone.

Today’s maps can be carried on your Smartphone and serve the crucial purpose of taking us places. They are much more precise and interactive. Google Maps, thanks to Google’s dominance is the most used navigation app there is, but it is not the only navigation app. There are quite a few of them out there. Today we have compiled a list of the Best Alternatives to Google Maps.

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Best Alternatives to Google

Google Maps provides comprehensive information about geographical regions and localities around the world. Google Maps offers aerial and satellite view of certain places apart from the conventional road maps. Google Maps comes with various advantages like a route planner depending upon the vehicle, like train, bus, cabs as well as a walker. The API in Google Maps allows the administrators of the sites to embed Google Maps on other websites. Also, Google Street View enables the horizontal and vertical panoramic street-level images of several cities encompassing the globe. Although, Google Maps has its own sets of advantages, here are a few alternatives to Google Maps.

Bing Maps

bing maps

 Bing Maps is a part of Bing suite of search engines and is owned by Microsoft. With a few nifty options, Bing Maps is one of the significant alternatives to Google Maps. It is packed with amazing features, for example, aerial view, road view, venue maps, and 3D maps. It gives you driving, cycling, and travel directions in real-time. You can easily get directions starting with one area then onto the next. It demonstrates traffic reports on your screen in four distinctive color variations (green, yellow, dark and red) from the heaviest traffic to the lightest.


  • It comes with global aerial and satellite imagery
  • Bing Maps provides 360-degrees of panoramic views
  • It has high-resolution 3D models of over 250 cities in 11 countries

Official Website:


Here we go
Here we go

HERE WeGo is five stars rated maps and navigation programming created by HERE Global B.V. It is a dependable GPS navigation that comes with voice direction to make your drive increasingly fun and less of a drag. It supports offline maps for navigation that enables you to get directions to move between different locations. This is especially handy when you don’t have access to an internet connection.  So as to determine the distance to the destination of your choosing, you should simply enter your landmark or address and the product will naturally do the needful. It serves as an excellent example of navigation apps like Google Maps.


  • Get your directions for all the ways to get around while you can compare and choose your desired route.
  • You can also see the cost for public transit tickets and cab fares, find places to park your car, and know about traffic delays for any drive. 
  • It also has offline maps for more than 100 countries where you can download the map and use it on the go.

Official Website:



Waze is the world’s biggest network-based traffic and GPS navigation programming that comes in the list of navigating apps like Google Maps, that gives turn-by-turn navigation data about your desired destination. You can learn the state of the traffic of the street you are going to be on with Waze. It likewise prescribes alternative courses to reach your destination without any inconvenience. This awesome software also alerts you when your companions are right across the street. If you are on Facebook and you and your friends are heading to the same location then you can see how far along they are.


  • Listen to your favorite apps for music or podcasts right from Waze
  • Find the cheapest gas along your route and save your money.
  • Choose from a different category of voices to guide you while driving 

Official Website: is a quick, free and another site that is a Google Maps alternative that gives you turn-by-turn navigation for cycling, strolling and driving across the world. In the event that you’re visiting someplace where the internet could be an issue, then don’t stress offline maps of are there for you. You can save or bookmark your most visited locations and share them with your family in a matter of minutes. You can use to lookup various tourist destinations, cafes, restaurants, hotels, ATM’s and much more. You can share your location in real-time through a text message.


  • You will find directions to points of interest (POI), hiking trails and places that are missing from other maps
  • Millions of OpenStreetMap, open-source contributors update maps, daily
  • Save locations and share them with your friends or family

Official Website:



It is an American free online web mapping service that gives you up to date satellite imagery and live vector maps for driving and strolling. It is a direct and simple approach to find your close-by areas of interests. MapQuest has much more than voice-guided and turn-by-turn GPS navigation to offer you. You can turn to on the road roadside assistance for help in the event that your vehicle breaks down. Truth be told, MapQuest ensures that you are always prepared for the weather and reveals to you when to carry an umbrella. To be sure, MapQuest is a standout Google Maps alternatives.


  • Gives a traffic overlay that shows you where there are light slowdowns or has a heavy traffic
  • Compare transportation options
  • Information about nearby businesses like hotels, food, grocery stores, and more available

Official Website:



CoPilot is one of the trusted navigating apps like Google Maps, with a user database that comprises of 16 million drivers and counting. With CoPilot you will have no doubts regarding your upcoming trip. It is a nifty app that guides drivers with simple, easy to follow directions. It gives offline maps that can be called upon at a moment’s notice. Other features include reliable offline GPS, clear voice directions, powerful route planning, and driver-friendly directions serving as a good Google Maps alternative.


  • Find your best way with a choice of up to 3 routes for car and traffic navigation
  • Driver-friendly non-distracting guidance in the cab
  • Itineraries and directions designed for caravans and motorhomes based on the size of the vehicle

Official Website:



It is live in 39 cities and seeks to make cities usable. It not only provides directions but also buses, trains, ferries, cycles and much more and if you are looking for apps like Google Maps then you might want to consider this app.


  • City Mapper offers a journey planner that combines all transport modes available
  • Live bus times and train times available
  • Automatic updates of your commute on your lock screen

Official Website:

BackCountry Navigator TOPO GPS

backcountry navigator topo gps

This Google Maps alternative makes use of topography to help you get out of a jam. This is marketed towards bikers and hikers. You can enter longitude and latitude and let the app take it from there.


  • Uses numerous openly available map sources as free downloads
  • Includes offline topo maps and GPS on hiking trails without cell service
  • Use as a geocaching navigator by getting a pocket query as GPX

Official Website:

Polaris GPS Navigator

polar gps navigator

With Polar GPS Navigator record trails, find your favorite hunting spot, go geocaching, biking, camping, sailing, and boating. You can do all that thanks to the world’s most powerful GPS. It has been known to work on land and sea. We make no guarantees about air. You won’t get lost with this Google Maps alternative.


  • No limits on the types of maps or on the number of map downloads
  • All maps are displayed with high detail and large, easy to read labels
  • Find hiking trails, camping locations and much more

Official Website: Polaris GPS Navigator

Free GPS Navigation 2019

free gps navigation

Navigate to your desired location by finding routes, locations. It works offline, provides real-time traffic data. It keeps a record of every place you have been to. You can even broadcast your driving live to your loved ones. All in all a great app that is one of topmost priority in the list of apps like Google Maps.


  • Free Navigation, and street view and nearby location
  • Availability of speedometer, and digital compass meter
  • Also, get Weather updates

Official Website: Free GPS Navigation 2019

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