Block a number: Through the course of time and the development of telecommunication, calling and texting have been the major means of communication. When you communicate through your network, not every call might be genuine. Spammers and intruders are always on the hunt to irritate you. Spam calls have been so extreme. Some may not be harmful but might irritate you along the course of time. In this article, we will get to learn about how to block a number using relevant examples and steps.

Block a number
Block a number

If you ever feel irritated by a spam number or if any stranger has been constantly disturbing you, you can simply use the option of blocking them. This is a cool feature because you can get rid of them and disable them to make a call or text to you in a click. Blocking a number from your list ensures that you are completely away from them. Deleting their contact does not help you because they can still contact you and get in touch with you. So, this feature is the cooler bet for anyone who is in an intention to stay away from spammers.

Block a Number

In order to block a number, there are several ways to do so. We will go through each one of them in detail below. If you block someone from your contact list, they will be automatically be cut off from getting access to you through telecommunication. The Blocking feature has been availed by all of the mobile operating systems. We will go through each of those in depth.

True caller is one of those applications which helps you to identify spam calls and spam numbers. You can install it through the Google Play store. If you are already a true caller user and are in search of changing your Truecaller name, you can visit the link highlighted below.
How to change Truecaller Name


Blocking feature has been enabled on iOS devices. Here are a few steps you can follow to block your iOS contact. Doing so, they will be automatically disabled from contacting your through call, text, and also face time.

a) Open your iOS contacts
Unlock your iOS device and open your phone book in your iOS device.

b) Select the contact you want to block
Scroll through your contacts and then open the contact profile you want to block.

iOS contacts
iOS Contacts

c) Tap on block
At the bottom of the screen you will find the option named block. Tap on it to block that contact.

Block Contact
Block Contact

Therefore you have successfully blocked a contact through an iOS device. If you want to unblock that contact you can do so. There is thereby no need to worry about that.

FOR Android

Similar to the iOS devices, you can block your contact in Android too. The process is the same as that of in the iOS devices. Adding them to the block list/blacklist ensures that you cannot communicate with them through telecommunication.

a) Open your Android contacts
Unlock your phone and open the contacts application on your Android device.

b) Select the contact
Scroll through the contact book and select the contact you are intending to block.

Android Contact Menu

c) Tap on options and block
Once you open the contact profile you can delve into the options icon. You will find an option named block or add to blacklist. Select that option to add that person to the blacklist.

Block Contact

Hence, you have successfully blocked that contact from your Android device. In order to unblock that contact, you can go to the same contact’s profile and unblock or remove them from Blacklist.

To conclude: Hence through this article, we have learned how to block a number/contact through iOS and Android devices. For some more interesting and amazing articles in regard to technology and stuff, you can delve into Morphigo.com. Comment your views below in the comment section and do share the content if you like it. Cheers!