How to find a lost Android phone using Google (Lock, Erase)

Losing your phone can be a dreadful experience, although not so uncommon. Many users have lost their phones in Public transport, Events and Movie theatres. In some cases, you will find your phone easily if you remember where you lost it. But in most cases, you will have no idea even until you come home.

Android phones are well updated in this matter, so finding the location of your phone will be much easier. These features however, will only help you find an external location of the phone. If you lost it in your home, try to ring it from another device. If you really lost an unconnected Android device, it’s time to buy to new one.

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Finding your Android Phone: Guide

Find my phone

We all know that Android is the operating system owned by Google. So, all its services are tied to Google services as well. Some of these methods will only work if you have your Internet turned ON. Although possible, finding an Android device without an Internet connection could be tough.

You can also change your Gmail password using another device. So, let’s have a look at the most easiest ways you can find your lost Android phone within minutes.

1) Track Location with ‘Find my device’

When you login to your Android phone using a Gmail account, all your phone data is synced with your account. This means contacts, photos as well as location too. ‘Find my device‘ is a security option provided by Google that will allow users to find their current location. You can use this feature from both PC and Mobile. If your device is synced with your PC account, you can directly login and find your device in an instant. Here’s how to find your Android device using Google:

  1. Sign in to Google using your PC or Laptop.
  2. Click on your profile pic settings, and choose ‘Find my device‘.
  3. You will be redirected to map page where you can locate your device.
  4. Find location and use ‘Google maps’ to get directions from your location.
  5. If you have multiple devices, choose the lost device to get accurate location.
Find my phone

Note: In order to track your device, you have keep your Location settings turned ON. This will allow Google to access your device GPS. Turning off location services will not allow you to find the location.

2) Ring your device

Find my phone

Often times, we get busy with our work and forget where we left our phone the last time. This may be in home, at workplace or at your friends house. If you have other people nearby, you can always call back from their phones. But if you are alone, finding your phone can be a hefty task. ‘Find my device’ also has a ringing option which means you can find your phone through sound.

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account using your PC or another device.
  2. Open ‘Find my Device’ services from Account settings page.
  3. Choose your device if your multiple devices synced into one account.
  4. Click on ‘Play Sound’.
  5. Your device will ring for 5 minutes continuously until you manually turn it off.

3) Lock your device

Once you are sure that your mobile isn’t anywhere near you, you will have to lock the device. This is to make sure that no one else can access the device unless you login with your security key. By locking the device, you can prevent Thieves, Phone lifters or strangers from accessing your device. To lock your device remotely:

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account and open ‘Find my device’ services.
  2. Here, select your device and check location of device.
  3. If it’s far away from your current location, click on lock.
  4. Write any ‘Message’ or ‘Phone number’ on the locked screen.
  5. Once you receive your phone, you can unlock it using your Gmail account.

4) Erase your device data

Sadly, sometimes you can lose your device if someone deliberately planned to steal it. This means you also lose all your phone data. If you synced the mobile with Google, this means you already have access to all previous data. But its dangerous if someone else has access to your sensitive data. They can install Android malware or use it for illegal purposes. Google Erase your device is the final solution if you lost your mobile forever. You can also use this option if you are planning to sell your device and want to restore it to factory settings remotely.

  1. Sign to Gmail and access ‘Find my device’.
  2. If you can’t find the location, it probably means you lost the device.
  3. Click ‘Erase’ option to start deleting device data.
  4. Once you erase the data, you will stop seeing the location of the phone.
  5. Use this option to either to sell your device or keep your data secure.

These are 4 options that you can access using Google ‘Find my device’ services. If you don’t have immediate access to a PC, borrow someones phone and sign in to your Gmail account through that device.

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Ensuring quick action to find your device would result in having high probability of locating your device. If someone calls you that they have your phone, this means they can unlock it. You can use the lock feature to keep the phone locked until you get possession of it.

If the stealers remove the SIM from the device and switch it off, you have to keep checking the location again and again. You can also find your mobile using Android IMEI number after complaining in your local police station as a last resort.


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