Use iCloud Email on Android: Over the days cloud computing has been on a rapid rise. The drench for more and more storage of data and also data manipulation has made the cloud computing companies work on it extensively. Apple, as a part of its services, launched the cloud computing technology just to build an efficient way for its users to store and share data. In this article, we will get to learn how to use iCloud E-mail services of Apple on Android.

Android iCloud
Android iCloud

Apple, as we all know, is a multinational tech company which has offered enormous services to its users. In 2011, Apple launched its first cloud computing service named iCloud which now has more than 900 million users. iCloud has been a great platform for users to store their data over the cloud providing a back source to their data. Instead of the old school hard disk backups this has been a great source to share enormous data which includes photos, music, videos, contacts, and other data. Also, one can simply share their data over their cloud with other iCloud users in a click.

Use iCloud Email on Android

Although the iCloud services have grabbed the attention of tech users around the globe, this service can only be availed if you are an Apple device user. The Apple devices include iPhone, iPAD, iPOD, MAC books, etc. But, if you want to switch onto Android you can still use your iCloud email account. There are different ways to do so. We will get you through some efficient ways one by one below.

In order to setup your iCloud email account on your Android device there are a series of steps you can follow. But before that, we will go through how to use an app specific password which would help you overcome significant errors while you login.

Use an App Specific password

Using an app-specific password is the best way to overcome some error messages which state that your email address or passwords have been wrong. So it is always a safer bet to deal with it by setting up app-specific passwords for setting up iCloud email on Android. Follow the steps illustrated below to add app-specific passwords.

a) Head to the Apple’s official website
Open your web browser and enter the Apple’s official web page where you can get access to your Apple account.

b) Login into your Apple account
Enter your login details to get logged in into your Apple account. Make sure your Apple device is near you so that you can easily complete your two factor authentication.

Sign in to your Apple Account
Sign in to your Apple Account

c) Delve into the Security section
Now look for the security section where you can get access to the app-specific passwords option.

Security Settings Apple
Security Settings Apple

d) Type the password
Click on the App specific passwords option and enter a password of your choice. Then click on create to set an app specific password.

Enter app specific password
Enter app specific password

Hence you have successfully set up an app-specific password by logging into your Apple account. Now you are all set to set up iCloud email on Android. In case if you forgot or want to change your Apple password, you can refer the highlighted link below this text.
How to change Apple ID password

iCloud on Android

To setup your iCloud email on Android you can simply follow the below illustrated steps after completing the above section setup.

a) Open Settings on your Android phone
Unlock your Android device and delve into settings either by dragging down the notification slider or accessing Settings app on the applications menu.

Settings on Android to add iCloud on Android
Settings on Android

b) Navigate to Account Settings
Now, navigate to the Account settings in the settings section.

Account Settings Android to add iCloud account
Account Settings Android

c) Tap on Add account
Scroll down below in the account settings menu and tap on add account to add your iCloud email.

Add account to add iCloud on Android
Add account

d) Tap on Personal IMAP
Scroll down and you will find the Personal IMAP on the bottom with a GMAIL logo beside it.

Tap on IMAP to add iCloud on Android
Tap on IMAP

e) Enter your iCloud Email Address
Now, enter your iCloud email address on the space for email address.

f) Enter your App specific password
Enter the app specific password previously set up and generated by you in the web browser.

g) Tap the Check boxes and click on Next
Tap on the check boxes and then click on next and next. This would ensure that you have added your iCloud email on Android.

Hence, you have successfully added your iCloud email on Android using the relevant steps above. You can get access to your iCloud email on the Gmail application on your Android device.

To conclude: Hence through this article, we have successfully linked an iCloud Email account on Android using relevant methods. For some more interesting info in regard to tech articles visit Morphigo.com and delve into amazing tech content on the web. Comment your views below in the comment section and do share the content if you like it. Cheers!