Showbox Alternatives 2019: 11+ Free Apps like ShowBox

Stream all the latest TV Shows and movies for free with these ShowBox Alternatives.

Showbox Alternative: Movies is the ultimate form of entertainment regardless of its genre. It has become a part of ours and there is hardly anyone who doesn’t have a preference towards a movie.

Being a movie enthusiast, you can’t help but look for apps and sites that can quench the thirst for movies. Therefore, there are apps like Showbox that gives you a variety of options to watch TV shows and movies.

While Netflix is a way to streaming, Showbox has been the all-time favorite app for many, and it is always in demand. But the problem with these applications is that they sometimes crash and it one can’t help but look for their substitute.

Therefore, here we are going to talk about Showbox alternatives in 2019.

Showbox Alternatives

Showbox has been serving for a long time with the latest movie or shows. But its not always necessary that all apps with last forever. Hence this list consists of best Showbox alternatives. Check them out below:


Moviebox Showbox Alternative

Moviebox is a mobile-based streaming service that offers HD Movies and TV Shows for free. This app is available for the popular operating system like Android, iOS, macOS, Windows and also users can use it on Smart TV. The movies or TV shows that you watch are completely free in Moviebox. Also, the best part of it is that users don’t have register to get access to the app and can jump-start watching soon after the installation.


  • Discover movies with the help of recommendation or type it in the search bar
  • Get the latest released movies and trailers
  • Save all your favorite content to Downloads and watch them while you are offline.

Official Website:

Playbox HD

Playbox Showbox Alternative

Playbox HD is a mobile-based streaming service that offers HD Movies and TV Shows for free. This app is available for the popular operating system like Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and also users can use it on Smart TV. The movies or TV shows that you watch are entirely free in Playbox HD. Also, this app comes with the kid mode for kids to watch their favorite shows on the PlayBox HD App.


  • It is a lightweight app, which saves your mobile storage space
  • The interface is exceptional and user-friendly
  • The movies are updated every day which mean you stay updated with the latest movies

Download App: PlayBox

Megabox HD

Showbox Alternative

Watch a wide range of movies and TV shows with Megabox HD, which lets you download them on your devices. This Showbox Alternative comes with various features like filtering results by popularity, latest releases and more. The best part about Megabox is that it lets you select movies from different resolution. So if your data pack is running low but you want to catch up with the latest releases.


  • It is also a lightweight app
  • Download movies and videos
  • Comes with different resolutions to choose from


kodi tv

What a great Showbox alternative. Kodi is open-source cross-platform software which not only streams movies and TV series, but also music videos, songs, etc. Its attractive features even won it an award. It is available for free and it has features and systems you cannot even imagine in a streaming application.  


  • Play all your music including mp3, FLAC, WAV, and WMA formats
  • Import, browse and play your Movie collection with ease
  • The library supports episode and season views with posters or banners

Official Website:

Butter Project

butter project
Butter Project

Have you heard of this Showbox alternative yet? Butter Project is another free media streaming service and downloading software. Butter Project has all the latest movies and TV series for streaming and downloading from the app directly. You can bookmark and manage your library and make a watch list where you can add content to watch later on.   


  • Flexible modular design to be used as a base for any streaming application
  • All the content you get is as free as the source code
  • Open-source

Official Website:



Another solid pick for a Showbox alternative. Stremio is an awesome media streaming service which is available for free. You get all the features that are there in the TeaTV app. Not only that, but you can also track the timeline of what you watched during a month in a calendar format. You can have add-ons for different media sources and enjoy its service there.


  • Discover new content easily
  • Organize your video library the way you want to
  • Keep track of everything you watch



Mobro is another streaming application and a great Showbox alternative which allows streaming of various categories of content on the web. It is a cool app for streaming enthusiasts who are in thirst of comprehensive video content. Mobdro finds you multiple free streaming platforms where you can enjoy them on your Android phone or tablet.


  • Includes the latest content of movies, TV shows, Anime and more
  • The app is a user-friendly and users can search for content easily
  • Allows users to download the media content on their devices

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