7 Tricks to Confirm IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Booking

Booking taktal (instant) tickets become a headache when you have an immediate plan of going somewhere. And booking tickets for a bunch of people together is another addition to a failed ticket confirmation.

How to confirm IRCTC Tatkal Tickets Booking


Confirming IRCTC tatkal tickets can be hectic and time draining but still not getting what we want. But it’s not always because of the unavailability of tickets. It can also be because of wrong methods you are trying. In this article you will learn how to confirm IRCTC tatkal tickets booking.

Create multiple IDs

Create multiple IDs using all your Yahoo IDs or Gmail, or even of your friends and peers. Also, try logging tatkal reservation from all ids at the same time through different browsers. This is essential because sometimes the server becomes unresponsive and the complete booking process resets. Using multiple ids at the same time keeps other options available when trial even though one id fails. Note that login must be done with different ids on different browsers, for example, on Google Chrome login with one ID, on Safari another, and so on.


All the older entries remain stored in the Chrome browser locally. It usually shows up as auto-suggestion when the first letter of the name, age, id or phone number is typed. Always use the auto-fill as it saves a lot of time while booking. Mistakes may happen while filling up the form, but it is essential to make sure passenger name, age and user details are entered correctly.

Add Abbreviation

If you aren’t using auto-fill/auto-suggestion, avoid entering the full name of passengers. Instead, you can insert‘ N Verma’ for ‘Naveen Verma, or ‘P.K Aryah’ for ‘Praveen Kumar Aryah’, ‘S Rao’ for ‘Dr. Suman Rao’. It is not compulsory to write the name as written in the ID proof. Although it must be similar.

Entering the phone number of a passenger is a responsible way, but it is not always important if you are carrying a paper ticket. Avoid entering the phone number and save a few seconds as you can use it for other purposes.

It is better to get a few confirm tatkal tickets online and a few or wait-list if you are travelling with kids or more than four co-passengers, from platform counter. Note that on 1 PNR you can book a maximum of only four seats and for booking confirm seats for more than four passengers, the same booking process should be repeated which has little chances of getting successful.

Pre-fill entries

You can save a few minutes is by prefilling entries. Most of your time will be spent on filling the entries. So, it’s better to stay handy by pre-filling.
Log in to irctc.co.in using Google Chrome 30 minutes before tatkal timing of 10 am. Start reservation process as usual; enter station names, date, select train and class, enter passenger info – name, age, id type and number, phone number. And just as the payment page comes up, click ‘Refresh’ to go back. Website considers this as an incomplete process and hence when reservation is tried for the next time previous entries fill up automatically.

You can use this if the auto-fill option mentioned above isn’t used. There is no time for double-checking entries and rectifying errors while booking a tatkal ticket. Passengers travelling on tatkal tickets must show the entered id proof in original to TTE or Travelling Ticket Examiner.

Book Advance Tatkal Ticket

Booking ticket two days in advance increases your chances of getting confirmed tickets. There are some trains that allow up to two days of tatkal booking. Trains like Brahmaputra Mail, Mangala Lakshwadeep, Kerala Express and 100 other trains give two days of tatkal booking window. It is because of the schedule of 2 trains getting departed from their central station between 10 am of the current day and midnight of the next day.

A current tatkal rule states ‘Tatkal booking can be made one day in advance’ which means anytime between the tatkal day (after 10 am) and midnight of next day. An extra day gives you another chance of getting tatkal tickets as on the second-day tickets gets booked very slowly. So now you have more than fifteen minutes to give a second try.

Use credit or debit card for payment

Although payment managing through net banking is smooth and comparatively faster, the process getting uninterrupted entirely depends on the net banking portal of the bank which may sometimes get unresponsive. You can choose a better option that is a debit/credit card for making payment. It is faster than any other, and also, it has fewer redirections and third-party dependence.

Login in Advance

For making the tatkal booking, log in at least 10 minutes earlier and get ready for booking entering station names and date. The server is a little lenient at that time. It becomes suffocated around 10 am due to a large number of login requests. After logging, do not leave the page shiftless for more than 2 minutes because inactivity may lead to automatic logout. To kill time, you can check trains, availability or something on the page to show the browser that the page is not idle.

I hope this article helps you in booking your confirmed tickets. For more visit homepage.


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