7 LinkedIn Alternatives for Building Professional Network & Community of 2020

Linkedin Alternatives: In a world full of Professional Networking sites, Linkedin is a special stand out. Linkedin has ensured a great break up of jobs and employment in a cool platform. Being launched in 2003, Linkedin now has more than 610 million users active. Creating a professional network platform is not as simple as it sounds. It is a one-stop place for all the job applicants and employers who are in need of professionals on their side and it also includes options for freelancers, homemakers, and more. Read more about websites for freelancers for your next important deal.

Although Linkedin has been top-notch for Business clients and employers, there are other important platforms too which serve as the best meal for professional networks like messaging services. When we talk about messaging services, WhatsApp is one of the most popular apps, globally, but sometimes, you should keep some alternatives of WhatsApp handy for your clients. Even if they do not contain evident entertaining information like the social platforms do, they are unavoidable. You can access top contacts matching your professional profile and push up your career using these networks. One can also get into great awareness of some top business networks by proper research in these professional networking sites.

Linkedin Alternatives


Like every network has its own flaws or setbacks, Linkedin too had some, which has driven people to look for other alternatives. Some of these include slow reaction time by Linkedin support, Linkedin decides on who reads your posts, building a professional network is a bit time consuming, and also it exposes your identity which might be a bother for some.

So here are some top alternatives for Linkedin available on the net today.



Jobcase is a cool professional networking platform which you can access for free. You can directly go to the site and log in or sign up just like you do for most social networking sites. Here, you can build up your own profile. This includes updating your educational profile, your previous job experiences, your preferred job locations, etc. This goes a bit deeper in displaying your profile than Linkedin so it is a cool option to build up a good professional network.


  • Easy to access all the best jobs in one place.
  • You can showcase what makes you great, including praise from others.
  • Also, gain a community of people who can help and support you.

Official Website: jobcase.com



The Meetup app is another alternative for Linkedin which serves a bit more to be practical too. With the help of meetup, you can meet people with your interests both professionally and personally. When you sign up, you mark your interests and professional pathways which would bring you contacts with interests matching yours. Sounds great? Yes, it does and you can also schedule events using a common platform. It brings people together to explore, teach, and learn the things that help them come back to life.


  • You can create meetups to organize events near your area
  • Easy to find people by organizing meetups by categories
  • Make public or private groups

Official Website: meetup.com



Although Slack has been under the pump with some mixed reviews, it is a cool venture for professional networking. In Slack, you can create communities and join communities where you can message the ones who are in your community. But, also it can be really distracting because every community on this list is browser-based. If interested in finding a Slack community, a quick Google search for “Insert Topic Here + Slack Community” usually turns up several options. It’s also easy and free to create your own Slack community and invite your friends.


Advanced search modifiers let you search documents or messages within a snap.
Use shared channels across workspaces to connect with your community or outside your community
Set reminders to remind you of messages, events or deadlines.

Official Website: slack.com

Facebook Groups


Although Facebook is more inclined and opted as a social profile platform, it serves its purpose as a professional development tool too. You can use the Facebook search tool to get access to different groups on Facebook matching your professional interest. Join those groups, meet with people and get started. Moreover, your mutual friends also help you to explore the professional network which takes you to the next level.


  • Add some text, quote, or a short description of the photo on the uploaded photo. Also, you can choose from 5 different fonts and change the color of the text.
  • You can add a filter, stickers, and more
  • Crop the photo and tag people on them.

Official Website: facebook.com

Twitter Threads


Twitter is not only a microblogging platform which has been useful for sharing views, news, etc but also involves in building up a professional network. All of these networks can be built by the threads on Twitter. Twitter acts as an open forum where one can build up a network, meet up people with similar interests. This can be done with the help of hashtags and keywords through which one can communicate.


  • You can increase the number of impressions
  • Also the amount of engagements of the post increases
  • Possible improvement in traffic and followers

Official Website: twitter.com



Xing is a professional interface similar to LinkedIn, where you can sign up and join groups or community with related professionals to share ideas and build a network. With Xing, you can get the latest news in your industry and identify relevant seminars, tradeshows, or discussions that can benefit you to build you up. Also, you can search or post jobs and research companies. Xing is free to use, but you can also get additional features with a premium membership. People from 200 countries use Xing to build a network withing their preferred community.


  • You can find the right job for your lifestyle and have new offers sent to you automatically.
  • Get daily articles on your industry and find out more and add your prospect.
  • Organize/Discover seminars, conferences, trade shows, and more at the most significant business event platform.

Official Website: xing.com


LunchMeet is a professional tool for people with talent hunters, job seekers, career development professionals, entrepreneurs, and more. With the help of this app, people can now connect with others who seek/offer a free consultation over lunch or drinks. Also, it is quite useful for business school students or anyone interested in establishing and extending their professional network.


  • Set up and manage multiple availability slots
  • Option to announce your availability on your LinkedIn status
  • Send and receive invitations for LunchMeets based on your availability

Official Website: lunchmeet.life


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