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Microsoft is one of the best office software there is. Most of us have grown up using it and the idea of switching to something else would have been unthinkable once upon a time. But Microsoft used to come free with our brand new computers. Now you have to spring for cash if you want to acquire even the home version of Microsoft and let me tell you it isn’t cheap. Plus setting up a new device with Microsoft has been nothing short of nightmarish.

So we started looking for viable Microsoft alternatives, there are a few nice ones out there. Microsoft’s ubiquitous nature has ensured that these alternatives don’t stray too far from Microsoft lest they lose whatever new customers they have acquired to an unfamiliar user interface.

Best Microsoft Office alternatives

Here are the best Microsoft Office alternative

Google Suite

Google suite

A great alternative to Microsoft Office. It’s design has just enough of Microsoft to stop you from feeling nostalgic. This is a great step on Google’s part. It is ubiquitous but when it comes to our office software, Microsoft reigns supreme. So it allows you to work on a platform that is not so different from Microsoft’s own products. Plus you have the option of downloading your work as a .docx file among other things. Any work you do on Google Docs or Sheets automatically gets saved to Google Drive. So you never have to worry about losing your work to unreliable crashing computers.


libre office

Another great Microsoft Office alternative. It is not shy when it comes to its own features of which there are many. All you have to do is install LibreOffice in your computer and let it take care of the rest. It is completely free, you can use it on as many devices as you wish. It’s code is open sourced so security patches aren’t hard to come by.

Office Online

office online

A web based Microsoft Office alternative. It is Microsoft Office except it is online, it can be accessed with your Microsoft Account. It has cloud based versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote. All your work gets automatically saved to OneDrive.

WPS Office

wps office

A standout Microsoft Office alternative. Another office software that reminds you of Microsoft sans the ads of course. Don’t worry the ads won’t get in the way of your work.  WPS has everything from word processor, spreadsheets and presentation making applications. It also has a sync feature that lets you sync your work across all devices.



A Microsoft Office alternative for Apple users. Apples very own office software. It is relatively simple and straightforward. It lacks anything in the way of complex features. You get free with your MAC purchase.



A so and so Microsoft Office alternative. As far as office softwares go, this one doesn’t pack much of a punch. Sure it has some useful features but overall it just OKAY. Neither Good nor bad just OKAY.



An up and coming Microsoft Office alternative. Dropbox was the cloud storing software. Even with the arrival of a bevy of competitors it still hasn’t surrendered the top spot. It makes sense for it to venture into providing office applications, given the number of documents it stores. Still in its initial stages, its office software could prove to be a game changer.

So here’s our list of Microsoft Suite alternatives. Honestly, with the exception of Google Docs, the rest was rather lackluster. Most of them are Microsoft clones looking to make a quick buck. If you are really looking for a Microsoft alternative, we would recommend Google Suite.

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