Top 10 Most Used Apps in India in 2019

Even Mukesh Ambani couldn’t have fathomed the forces he was unleashing when he introduced Jio to the world. With dirt poor data prices the data hungry public snapped up Jio Sims like they were free lunches being handed out. The competition like Airtel, Idea and Vodafone were forced to adapt and lower their prices in turn, unleashing a pricing war where the public came out on top. Suddenly data was the cheapest thing you could have. From rickshawalas to simple farmers everyone had access to data. A revolution was underway.

But what bearing do cheap data prices have on apps. Plenty as it turns out. Suddenly everyone had a Facebook account, a Whats App account. Everyone suddenly became aware that there is a thing called Youtube where you can watch videos. In a country of 1 billion imagine if everyone comes online. The results will be phenomenal. Some will say what about China, it too has a billion people. But India and China are poles apart. China’s internet is heavily censored where as India’s is free and open. In China you see what the government wants you to see, in India the Government can no more control the internet than they can control the weather.

A booming app economy is finding its feet in India and everyone from foreign governments to investors are taking notice. With the youngest workforce in the world and poised to become the second or third largest economy by 2050, India’s app market is just beginning to take flight, there is no telling how high it may soar.

Keeping that in mind we bring to you a list of the most used apps in India.

Most Used Apps in India

Here are the most used apps in India



This one is a no brainer, everyone has a Facebook account. Everyone. With 4.3 billion users all over the world, Facebook is a global movement, a Titan, phenomena. Should it come as any surprise that one of its largest user bases and potentially its largest user base in the near future should be India? Going forward India is going to be the linchpin of Facebook’s strategy. Already the number of Facebook users in India number 241 million versus 240 million in the USA. Taking into account America’s 350 million population and some may say that Facebook has already peaked in the US but that it is just getting started in India. It is one of the most used apps in India.

Whats App

whats app

Whats App can boast 200 million users in India. It is how individuals, families, groups communicate. Anyone with a smart phone has a Whats App account. Here you can make calls, chat, and video chat and send messages and all you need is as an internet connection. This app is simplicity itself. Another worthy addition to the list of most used apps in India.



PayTm was a fairly popular app in India but it was strictly limited to urban areas. Then came demonetization, the governments ill fated attempt to curb black money and all hell broke loose. People in frenzy to send and receive payments turned to digital platforms like Paytm. Soon every street vendorshad a Paytm account. Today Paytm is the APP for making online transactions. The legendary investor Warren Buffet himself became a Paytm convert last year when he pledged more than a billion dollars in investment. Given his reluctance to back tech companies owing to the volatility of the tech sector where lean upstarts have been known to dethrone established giants. Nokia anyone? Bufeft must really think highly of Paytm’s prospects. And he is not the only one the Indian public stands with Paytm too. Another app which is one of the most used apps in india.



Sharing data between phones is no easy task. Bluetooth is notoriously slow, no one can figure out direct sharing,emails have a limit on attachments. You cant go rummaging for a laptop everytime you want to tansfer something from your friends phone. That leaves ShareIt, an app where users can exchange large volumes of files through a shared WiFi connection or a hotspot. It is one of the most used apps in the country. ShareIt is also one of the most used apps in India.



Youtube is no longer the playground of foreign influencers like PeewieDeewie, instead it is channels like T-Series, BBk Vines that are fast becoming Youtube giants. As more and more Indians come on Youtube, odds are they want to see local content. This has led to a rise in Youtube personalities and content providers. Every wanna be with a camera phone is seeking to become the next big Youtube sensation. That’s because most of the country has woken up to what an awesome platform youtube is. A stellar addition to the list of most used apps in India.



This is the age of Netflix and Hulu. Even though cable companies in India haven’t taken the drubbing that US cable providers have been taking from online streaming giants, the day of reckoning is not far. For now cable TV remains hugely popular in India. But that doesn’t mean that big channels haven’t sensed which way the wind is blowing. They know that the convenience of watching your favorite TV shows any time any place will one day crush even the most popular of TV shows. Already STAR one of India’s premiere entertainment channels has taken meaningful strides in this direction. It’s online streaming service offers all of its original content online. This doesn’t mean 22 episodes per season but rather hundreds of episodes yearly. That is no mean feat. HotStar with its very cheap 999 rupees plan a year versus Netflix’s 800 per month may just walk away with what promises to be a huge market. A viable addition to the list of most used apps in India.



We have mixed feelings about this app. While undoubtedly popular with India’s younger population, this app is the bane of many parents and authority figures. Most universities have banned this app outright as have a number of cities. Politicians have made this app a rallying cry to woo unhappy parents. Despite all this the app has seen its popularity skyrocket. Whatver your feelings about this appm, there is no changing the fact that it is one of the most used apps in India.



Another app increasingly favored by the younger generation that is one of the most used apps in India. This app lets you share photos and videos to friends and acquaintances. Some individuals might find themselves becoming Instagram celebrities and influencers if they tailor their instagram content just right. Definetly an up and coming app and one of India’s most popular.


uber india

The ride sharing app is one of India’s most popular and is counted among the most used apps in India. It has penetrated even the remotest of India’s markets. No matter which city you go to you will find Uber and why not in a country of 1 billion not everyone will have a vehicle but everyone still has some place they need to go. What to do? Oh well just call an Uber. Autos in India are notoriously unreliable not to mention fickle, rickshaws have vanished for the most part likely due to the fact that they are too slow in today’s age of hustle and bustle.



Buying stuff from the marketplace has become so passé. Even vendors are looking for new markets to sell their wares. And we are not talking about malls or shopping centers but rather online market places. And Amazon is the biggest online market place there is. No vendor no matter how big can afford to skip it. This is the age where convenience trumps everything else, even an Indian’s compulsive need for a good bargain. Shopping used to be about going to the one vendor who knew how your tastes ran. Then came malls and a lot of people shifted to brands, then came Amazon, and now most people prefer to do their shopping online. Bargaining has been replaced by Festive sales where you can buy most items for a pittance. A much better bargain, wouldn’t you agree? The last addition to the list of most used apps in India, but not the least by any standards.

So thus ends the list of most used apps in India. The thing about apps is that they quickly go out of style. They must constantly adapt or face oblivion. Humans are fickle creatures, our tastes are constantly changing. Add to the fact that us Indians prefer cheap prices above most things. If most apps can combine convenience with cheap prices then they have cracked the code to making it in India.

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