Top 10 Most Used Apps in India in 2020

Top Applications in India: The major success in the technological developments in the past and for the upcoming future have definitely been the smartphones. Smartphones have been in great touch only because of the number of applications they have been capable of carrying. Applications are the major sources of data breakdowns. With every year crossing by the number of different applications developed is rapidly on the rise. In this article, we will look into some top 10 applications used in India in 2020.

India has been the warmest welcoming country in terms of technology. The numbers are swiftly increasing day by day when looking into the people with a smartphone in hand. A smartphone in hand basically means that there some sets of basic applications people are into use. Applications are based on different categories namely business, education, entertainment, gaming, social, and much more. Out of all these categories, there are some applications from various categories that have been topping the list each year. Today, we will go through some of the top applications that are in use in India in 2020.

Top 10 Apps used in India in 2020

There are some enormous amount of applications that have been used by people in India this year. Some applications top the list which is very user-friendly and addictive. Here are the top 10 applications that have been under vast use in India in 2020.

1. Facebook

Facebook has been the most used platforms on social media to access people and connect with people. It claims its spots in the top 10 most used apps all over the world and also in India. Though it has faced some critical responses over security issues in the recent past, has managed to strike all the allegations and improved its security enhancements and improvements to a whole new refreshing level. Irrespective of all the drama and controversies, it packed its place in the top 10 of the list.

2. Whatsapp

Whatsapp application undoubtedly tops the list in India’s topmost used applications in 2020. This application falls under the social category of apps. It’s basic criteria and guideline is to share information and also to connect people all across the globe. The main reason why it always stands at the top of the list is just because of its free user-friendly nature, different calling options, and also for the different types of data that can be shared. The other major reason which is not quoted to be the topmost but acts evidently among the success it possesses is that it’s all free of cost in any store. Whether you use a platform which is based on Android or IOS or Blackberry it’s all free and easy to download.

3. UC Browser

It’s been a surprise addition to the list but UC browser has been the most friendly browsers that have been in use in India in both 2019/20. UC browser is at the bottom of the list in 2020, slowly grabbed its spot to the top level in the most number of app downloads in late 2019. Maybe the style and nature that the UC possesses have been the key to its success. UC also has some display enhancements when compared to the normal Chrome or Mozilla browsers. Those are some key points that have played a role in the success of UC browser and thereby it also tops the list in 2020 most used apps.

4. Facebook Messenger

Messenger application is another application from the developers of Facebook. The main criteria of the messenger application are text messaging and also sharing quick stories. The flexibility in texting that this application provides has grabbed the attention of people. The texting flexibility extends to sharing pictures, emoticons, gifs, and a lot more exciting content. The Facebook application does not support texting without the messenger application when you are under the roof of application usage. Thereby, the messenger is the only way you can connect with people on Facebook. Although messenger has been under some poor form in the past years, the developers have ensured great enhancements and wide developments in the application. Therefore it also grabs the spot in the top 10 applications that have been under use in 2020.

5. SHAREit

Share It is a technology company founded in April 2015. The CEO of the company is Michael Qiu. Users can use Share it to transfer files including photos, videos, music, contacts, apps, and any other files. The SHAREit application allows Windows, phone, Android, and IOS devices to transfer files directly.

Share IT application has come into the limelight at the latter end of 2016 in India. The Chinese based smartphone application has extended its wings to PC compatibility also. The main function of this app is sharing media from one device to another without any physical connection. The sharing speed goes very quick around 10MB/sec for normal media. The share IT application shares media by using the systems hot spot connections. The location has also been added to the new updates in order to ensure the location build up technology of where the user is retrieving or transferring data. This adds to the security enhancements altogether. Share IT now is the most used platform for media and application transfer in India.

6. Instagram

Instagram is another most used social media platform for videos and photo sharing. Though initially it was owned by Kevin Systrom and Mark Kreiger, they sold it later to Facebook. So it is another top platform that is owned by Facebook, Inc. Instagram was first launched in October 2010 exclusively for only IOS. Later in 2012, it was launched on the Android platforms and for Windows platforms in 2014. Instagram allows people to share their photos and videos with different amount of filters and tags. It also allows the location sharing option which suits to make up from where you’ve been posting it or where the photo/video has been captured.

Instagram is also a great connection of people from different areas as it allows you to peek into posts of others if they carry a public profile.
People generally tend to post a whole lot of content and pictures about their lifestyle. Instagram has grabbed the attention of such quality and is a memory book platform for many. It thereby grabs a spot in the top 10 list of top 10 used applications in India in 2020.

7. Truecaller

TrueCaller is a mobile application developed that finds mobile number details globally given a telephone number, who are either using this app or their phone book contacts are synced and has an integrated caller ID service to achieve call-blocking functionality and social media integration. This application is developed in 2009. Truecaller is a basic entity of users in India and China. The main reason for the success of the Truecaller app is that it has been that because of the crowdsourcing data it possesses to use. This kind of data enables it to work even if the public data is not available. Therefore it has notably made its mark in the UK and India even if there’s no public data available for access. Therefore, it grabs its spot in the top 10 mobile applications which are vastly used in India in 2020.

8. Hotstar

Hotstar is a public interface application which was launched on 6th February in 2015 in India by Star India. It is a digital mobile and entertainment platform where people can access different categories of media content under one roof. The main categories of Hotstar include Entertainment, Sports, Serials, Shows, and movies, etc. People can also access live channels of Star India from anywhere in India. Hotstar has grabbed its attention for the wide content it possesses in it across various categories. Even if you miss your favorite shows or sports or some other you are free to access it through Hotstar. Therefore, it swiftly grabs the spot in the top 10 applications that are in use in India in 2020.

9. Jio Tv

Jio tv is another public entertaining platform in India. It is a part of the Jio-App suite. Jio has first been the mobile network operator and then extended its wings to music, videos, tv app, etc. These are all part of the Jio app suite. Jio Tv provides users with access to the top Tv shows, contests, live sports, etc. It’s all free if you have a jio network on your phone. Thereby with the increased number of Jio users, the Jio Tv application has also made its marks in the most used apps in India in 2020.

10. Paytm

Paytm is an Indian based e-commerce payment system and digital wallet company. It is available in 10 Indian languages and offers online use-cases like mobile recharges, utility bill payments, travel, movies, and events bookings as well as in-store payments at grocery stores, fruits and vegetable shops, restaurants, parking, tolls, pharmacies and education institutions with the Paytm QR code. Paytm was founded in 2010 August as a prepaid recharge and DTH recharge platform and slowly paced up its wings towards the other above mentioned categories.

This app is now the most used digital payment platform across India having around 7 million merchants as of 2019 who accept payments from their customers digitally into their bank accounts.
This app has set the base for cashless transactions and easy money transfers all throughout India in a single click. Thereby, this app has been one of the top 10 platforms that have been in use in India in 2020.

To conclude:

The above are some of the top 10 applications that have been under use in India in 2020. The order of the list and the apps may tend to change pretty sooner in the arriving months but as of now to beat these applications takes some taking for the other applications.

Top mobile applications trends that will dominate in 2020/21

  • Mobile payment applications
  • Block Chain applications
  • Health applications
  • AR/VR gaming applications
  • Enterprise applications
  • Chatbots and AI

Those are some keen categories that have had their benchmarks in expert analysis. Those categories of apps will definitely lead the path in the future of trending and dominating application usages.

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