NetFlix Alternatives 2019 – Best Premium Movie Streaming Sites

Netflix aka the disrupter in chief aka the future of television. It has completely upended entertainment industries all over the world. Its strategy of offering content in one go (Netflix releases all episodes at the same time, instead of doing weekly episodes) has proven successful beyond its wildest dreams. It made a bet that users would switch from traditional television to Netflix if they could binge watch their favorite shows in one sitting. And it has worked; Netflix has captured the imagination of not only American viewers but viewers all over the world.

It doesn’t just make American shows, but tailors shows specifically to make inroads in local markets while keeping the Global audience in mind. Now not only western tv shows but Asian, Mexican are all finding a global audience. Case in point Netflix’s Elite and Marie Kondo’s decluttering program have proven popular with global audiences. Then there is its budget, Netflix plans on spending 15 billion on content this year alone.

Netflix’s success has forced its rivals to up their game. Disney and Apple both have their very own streaming services in the pipeline and will unveil them sometime later this year. Time Warner has been acquired by At&T and they are working on their own streaming service, Amazon Prime has upped its game as well and pledged to increase its content budget. Disney has acquired 21st Century Fox in order to beef up its lineup. In this era of Tv wars no matter who wins, the viewer will definitely come out on top.

Best Netflix Alternatives

Here are the best Netflix alternatives



A great Netflix alternative. Its goal is to provide instant streaming of your favorite TV shows. You can find the latest episode of your favorite TV show, a day after they air. It also hosts previous seasons of these shows. It also has its own roster of original programming, though they are nowhere as numerous as Netflix’s. Walt Disney has 30% stake in HULU, 21st century Fox holds another 30%, Comcast also has a 30% stake. If Disney’s acquisition of 21st century Fox comes through then it will own a majority stake in HULU.

Amazon Prime

amazon prime

You can’t go wrong with this Netflix alternative. The closest thing that Netflix has to a rival. Amazon Prime video is bundled with a variety of services provided by Amazon in its yearly Prime subscription which also offers free 2-day shipping, music services etc. Amazon has its own list of original programming with hits like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. It has a wide selection of TV and original programming, but some of its offerings have geographical constraints.

Play station VUE

playstation vue

A reliable Netflix alternative. A cable subscription service by a company that is most certainly not a cable company. Sony’s first attempt to capture the TV market by offering live TV to its customers. For 50 dollars you get Access where you get your basic channels, for 55 dollars you get sports channels with its Core subscription. Pay 10 dollars more and you get Elite which has a lot of niche programs. If you are willing to go as high as 90 dollars you get Ultra which has all the subscription channels. Now we get that Sony’s services are quite pricey. 90 dollars is a lot when you can pay 12 dollars for Netflix but if you don’t have high-speed internet which is a must for Netflix, then with Playstation VUE you actually end up saving money. Instead of paying for individual subscriptions for premium channels, you can have all premium channels in one go.



Another great Netwflix alternative. You get a lot on Netflix but one thing you don’t get is sports. Sports is still the domain of sports channels. Imagine if you are watching the Superbowl on Netflix and your internet breaks down, there goes your evening. Sports is safer to watch on television. But at the same time, cable subscriptions are absurdly high when you factor in the setup box fee and a contract that is several months long, cable seems like a bad bargain. Don’t worry with Sling you have no such hassles. You get a variety of ESPN channels along with some generic ones. It has three types of subscriptions Sling Orange, Sling Blue, Sling Orange+Blue.



A worthy choice for a Netflix alternative. Another Sony Pictures service, this one offers content on a rotating basis. You will have access to Sony’s original programming along with content from other companies. No ads is an additional plus.


hbo now

A Netflix alternative for HBO fans. HBO has always boasted an impressive TV line up. From Sex in the City, The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, True Detective, Westworld. HBO has always lead to quality programming. There are two subscriptions that HBO has to offer HBO Go for cable Tv or satellite and HBO Now for those looking for a subscription-based service. You will find HBO’s signature content on both platforms. Let’s see what happens to HBO after AT&T completes its acquisition of Time Warner, HBO’s parent company.



A netflix alternative for gamers. Looking to learn from gaming masters while they practice their craft and broadcast it live for the whole world to see. Twitch is a service where gamers get to watch fellow gamers while they play. There’s everything from live commentary to gaming talk shows. But as Amazon, Google and Microsoft all develop their cloud-based subscription gaming services, what will happen to twitch. If cloud-based subscription gaming is where the future of gaming lies then will these services give platforms like Twitch access. Only time will tell.



A Netflix alternative for music videos. The Netflix of music videos or the Youtube of music videos. The product of the music industry’s biggest labels Sony and Universal. It is attempting what MTV tried and failed to do in the 2000s. It strives to be the sole repository of all music videos by big-name stars and labels, turning it into a one-stop destination for all music buffs.



An up and coming Netflix alternative. While talking about big markets one cannot possibly ignore India. With India’s digital economy about to explode, corporations are lining up to reap the windfall. Netflix, Amazon Prime have made considerable investments in India. Regional Players are stepping up their game too. Hotstar, a streaming service launched by Star one of India’s biggest media conglomerates. Its annual subscription is priced at 800 rupees whereas Netflix’s monthly subscription is around 800 for its priciest option. It continues to acquire quality programming at astonishing speeds, plus it has all of Stars original shows on its website. Don’t count this one out yet.



A Netflix alternative for anime fans. Anime has become increasingly popular all over the world. Anime series like Dragon ball, Naruto are just as popular as Spiderman or Superman. All streaming services have recognized anime’s budding potential and are racing to acquire streaming rights to the best anime shows. Netflix is even producing quite a few of them. So it’s only fair that we include the premier anime streaming service in our list. Crunchyroll though not available in all countries offers high quality anime with subtitles. With the popularity of anime increasing day by day the company seems poised to conquer newer heights.

Here are the best alternatives to Netflix, though we must ask you why do you want to switch from Netflix, it is relatively cheap with more varied content then you would ever know what to do with. It’s algorithm tracks your watching habits and recommends shows. There are no ads to pester you, all its shows have subtitles especially the regional ones that too in a wide variety of languages. Unless it’s outlandish spending sends it crashing into bankruptcy, Netflix is poised to stay. We recommend you stay with it.

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