Ookla Speed Test Review, Results | Is it Accurate on Mobile?

Ookla Speed Test: And so the time comes, to review the most commonly used speed tester there is. The Ookla speed test or (as it is supposed to be called) has been a user’s favorite for quite some time now. It is known for its reliability and consistency. It grew in popularity only due to word of mouth.

We ran the many times and consistently gave us the same results. We also made sure to close any other active programs and disable all browser plugins. With these safeguards in place, we created a repeatable testing environment to analyze the speeds reported by We strongly advise you to disconnect all devices connected to the particular internet connection you want to check, but of course, leave the computer you are using on.

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How to use Ookla Speed Test?

Without wasting much time on it, let’s just get started. Follow these few steps:

Go to Ookla Speed Test website by clicking on the link.

ookla speed test

Click on the option GO enclosed in the circle. Within a second, the test will begin regardless of the ads present on the page.

Wait for a while as the test begins. At first, you will see the Ping or Latency coming up.

ookla speed test

And later, the download and upload speed follows.

The results may vary with the plan, but the final speed should approximately be the actual speed. Also, we will discuss the factors causing the fluctuations in speed.

Ookla Test Results

Here are the results of the tests that have been done for a few times:

TestPing/LatencyDownload Speed [Mbps]Upload Speed [Mbps]
Speed Test 13 ms31.39 Mbps39.65 Mbps
Speed Test 23 ms20.95 Mbps39.58 Mbps
Speed Test 33 ms24.11 Mbps39.49 Mbps
Speed Test 43 ms21.91 Mbps38.21 Mbps
Speed Test 53 ms29.87 Mbps35.94 Mbps

While we conducted the speed test for about five times for the same connection and speed provided by our ISP. The download speed saw irregular fluctuations while the ping saw fixed results. The upload speed remained consistent with the decrease in its results.

When you have conducted the test, you can also view the test result history

ookla speed test result history

Ookla Speed Test Review

At first glance, you would notice there are many ads on the screen, and that could definitely make you uneasy. But, considering this speed test’s all-around efficacy, the ads can be neglected as a minor setback.

The design of the interface is spot on, it looks very deep and mysterious. Not only that but among all the speed tests we tested this one looks the best on smartphones. The options available on the screen are very responsive, they light up when you move your cursor over them. On average, the test took 4.3 seconds to load, and the entire test takes around 39.6 seconds to run, which is fairly typical for online speed tests. is very reliable, no other internet speed tester has ever shown this much consistency of accurate results. Another thing most users would love about the Ookla speed test is that there is an abundance of additional information on the screen. It shows things like the speed test jitter, the packet loss, testing location, ISP identity, internal IP, external IP and even the latitude and longitude of the test origin site. offers to store a complete history of your test results on their website. At any time, you can access the results of every test you’ve ever run, with details on time, date, location, and more. Finally, their iOS and Android apps are smartly designed and greatly user-friendly.

Bottomline: This has been the undisputed best of internet speed testers out there and rightfully so. It is safe and convenient to use on pretty much any device.

Pros and Cons of Ookla Speed Test


  • Available for desktop and mobile version
  • Consistency of results
  • Availability of additional information like testing location, ISP identity, internal IP, external IP, the latitude and longitude of the test origin site, and more.
  • You can view the result history of the tests that you have conducted.


  • The website is based on an insecure HTTP protocol
  • The website is cluttered
  • Includes ads.

Why choose Ookla Speed Test?

Speedtest gives high-quality performance and accuracy because of the 8000+ servers around the world hosts their server. This strong network of servers enables users to get the precise reading of speed. It is a straightforward way to test the performance of your internet connection. It doesn’t have much to give trouble for and works precisely without disturbance on the website.

Over ten million users make use of this app on a daily basis. Founded in 2006, it has become one of the most reliable speed tests around the world. claims that more than 25 billion tests have been taken with it. It is trusted by users globally. provides transparency of its performance through Speed test application by enabling users to assess the speed of their individual connection. It also publishes the analysis on the status of global trends and markets to make the usage of internet efficient.

Also, the reliability of Ookla, the company behind Speedtest, is the global leader in fixed broadband and mobile network testing applications, data, and analysis. Ookla has the most comprehensive analytics on worldwide internet performance and accessibility. It transforms these billions of real-world tests into vital research tools.

Why does the speed results differ from the plan?

The Ookla speed test doesn’t measure the speed of your plan, but the speed reaching your device.

Note that the money that you pay for the plan also includes the service. It’s the speed delivered by the ISP’s servers to your Gateway or router that all the devices in your home share. It’s a limited amount, therefore if you add some accessories, then you may need to add more speed to your plan.

How do the results differ in different devices?

As said earlier, Ookla speed test measures the amount of speed available to a particular device at a specific time. The results typically differ in different devices and can show numbers lower than your overall plan speed.

What are the factors the affect the speed results?

Speed results depends on various factors and the following can lead to the difference in results:

  • The device might be limited to the new features
  • WiFi capabilities of your device
  • The number of tools online that are using up speed at the same time
  • Also, the outdated software may lead to wrong results or difference in your plan and results

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